Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cigar Tradition

I'm really adverse to smokers so I never understood the tradition of handing out Black and Mild cigars at the birth of a baby! One would think that a hospital would be the last place which allows you to smoke. I guess the tradition came about as a form of celebration especially since cigars are expensive to start with. Nevertheless, I'm sure there are better and healthier ways to celebrate the joyous occasion a baby's birth brings!

Car Spring Cleaning

When I recently sold my car, I was a little surprised when all my accumulated junk in there only filled up one small paper bag! I didn't realise how empty my car was considering I had been using it for over 3 years already. Luckily I did not fill it up with too many auto accessories or personal stuff otherwise imagine the headache involved in clearing it out and ensuring that everything is removed before it goes to the next owner!

Techie Christmas Gift Ideas

I went to work recently and saw my colleague using a really cute mouse pad. It had a picture of a mouse on it running around on a pad of cheese which was just too cute for words! Just the thing to brighten up a dreary Monday morning. If you're looking for great Christmas ideas, do consider getting one of these custom mouse pads. They'll make a great gift especially for tech-lovers!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Food Galore

When I was down in Singapore I noticed that their newspapers were full of slimming and health advertisements. Every other page featured some company or another offering best weight loss products or treatments to help a weight obsesssed country. Ironically, everywhere you turn, there's always food galore at every street corner. With all those temptations, luckily one needs to walk a lot there. Hopefully it helps to burn off some fat!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Laptop Crashed

My office laptop just crashed! Just when I had tonnes of work to finish off! Worse, most of the work I was doing was saved on my personal disk space which I have no access to when using another laptop. I should have gotten a Corporate usb drive to try to save my work on but its now too late. Hopefully the IT can resolve it quickly on Monday.