Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Diet Pills

I noticed that the pharmacies seem to be selling less diet pills ever since the Health Ministry clamped down on the sale of these pills. Some of these medications do not have proper tests conducted on them and can even be harmful to the health. It could be good that these medications are now controlled to protect the health of consumers.

Furniture Sales

It is sale season in Malaysia right now. Last weekend I went to a shopping centre and saw lots of discount furniture on sale with discounts up to 70% off! We saw a mattress there that was quite nice and going at up to 25% off. I'm still wondering if we should get it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Legal Aid

Nowadays, a lawyer seems to be required for everything. Buying a house, selling a house, getting into an accident and even for pre-nuptials in some cases! If you are ever in need of a good lawyer, why not call on a Mesothelioma lawyer? They will be able to get the job done in the time you require!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have always dreamed of a beautiful pair of Manolo Blahniks. The very name itself whispers of style and sophistication and never fails to put the image of stylish New York City, glamorous women and Sex And The City to my mind! Unfortunately it costs the earth and isn't something that is within my budget! :(

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Planning a Home

A friend of mine has been talking about getting a house for a while already. She has been looking for her dream home and been unable to find one that she likes on the market. She was telling me that she wishes she had the money to buy a piece of land and construct the house from scratch especially since her husband is an architect who is used to drawing House Plans for the rich and famous. Apparently he travels all over to prepare Country House Plans and log home floor plans for the well heeled members of our society who own grand homes overseas. They have been said to be rather difficult to draw the homes for as they can be really fickle and can never decide on a certain agreed design! I don’t think it is a position I envy but I would really love to see her house someday when she gets around to building it. I’m sure it will be something absolutely beautiful!

House Planning

I admit that I used to be an avid reader of romance story books when I was younger. I particularly used to like reading about heroines who get swept away to lovely mountainside homes by their heroes and it was always my dream to visit a lovely rustic country home someday. Well, it looks like my dreams might someday come true as I heard that a previous boss of mine had invested in a lovely country home in France and invited me there should I ever be in that part of the world. He was quite amazing as he supervised all the House Plans from here long distance and entirely trusted his architect there in France to prepare and work on the comprehensive Country House Plans that had been finalized. I guess he must have gotten a really good architect and contractor to be able to trust them from so far. He said that these same people had helped his family member with some log home floor plans in Switzerland previously and he knew the quality of their work.

What fun to own a country house!

Buying Books

The MPH sale was recently on and my sis was hunting high and low for her favourite Terry Pratchett books. She was quite upset that some of the stores didn't carry the particular publisher she wanted as she was trying to build a collection of similar publisher books. Perhaps she should try Amazon books. I hear they have good offers every now and then.

New Laptop

The bf has been looking for a laptop as his current one is really old and he's worried it may give up on him anytime. It's also really heavy which makes it difficult each time he travels as it adds on a lot of extra weight. Recently, there was a computer fair in town. We went to take a look and he fell in love with the Toshiba Satellite! Now he's wondering if his boss will approve his purchase.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Trade Show Vendors

The bf travels a lot for work and his schedule has been really tight this year where he has been away at trade shows almost every month! In fact, he was planning a a trade show in KL not too long ago and was getting really stressed out about looking for suitable vendors for his booth. Being in a competitive environment, it is important that their trade show displays are eye-catching to the visitors to the show.

Whilst researching for suitable vendors, he was really glad to find a great company specialising in banner stands and presentation display needs. They were affordable and had beautiful display stand designs. He was particularly attracted to their truss display design and decided to pick them for his stand. His boss was also really happy with the design and thanks to their innovative stnads, their trade show was a success!
I hope to use the same whenever we have our events here!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Moving In

I'll be moving into my new place soon and as much as I would love to start shopping for modern furniture for my new place, I'm unable to as my silly tenant still hasn't moved out! I've given her the requisite notice and I hope she vacates the place soon. She's a really strange tenant. She doesn't seem to understand the general rules of rental and moved in with huge Modern Bedroom Furniture and other Modern Furniture in her living room and dining area. There's going to be a lot of work to be done in the place!