Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two Roads

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth.

I've yet again come to another fork in my road. This brought upon partly by my "itchy fingers" and the rest by some strange turn of cosmic events. The clock is ticking for a decision to be made and yet I keep putting it off. Two roads...which will be the better?

A good friend I met over the weekend told me sometimes taking a certain step, like what he did, could change your life forever. In his case, it was for the multiple times better. I see his point but being the Libra I am, the scales are dangerously swinging one way and another like the Viking Boat. Somedays I wake up and somehow "know" what my decision will be and as the day progresses, I become very much less sure.

Sometimes I wish you could just press the "Rewind" button and rectify all the kinks in Life. A bit like those funky adventure books..."Turn to page 47 or 30"...and if page 47 has a ferocious fire-breathing dragon, I merely go back and turn to page 30!

Then again, I guess that'll take the excitement out of Life. So here I am, still standing at those two roads...

There's No Free Lunch

Picture borrowed from Rasa Malaysia

How about almost-free?!

I work near a mall and used to think that lunch would be horrendously expensive. We've had bad memories of paying RM9 for a plate of rice with a vege and chicken dish in the KLCC food court. But lo and behold, a saviour to my purse-strings came in the form of a hidden, albeit a little grubby food court primarily meant for workers of the mall!

Peppered with Malay stalls selling all variations of nasi campur* and snacks, I managed to enjoy a pretty decent lunch for around RM3-RM4. One day, I chanced upon a small nameless stall tucked away into a tiny corner manned by a tiny Indonesian Chinese lady.

My average prices were RM1.00 to RM1.50 for 2 vegetables, small pieces of chicken or fish and some egg with no rice! I believe the trick was the "No Rice" element! Sad to say, after a couple of months, she disappeared and my siblings swear that it was me who caused her downfall!

So while there isn't a free lunch for all, I did enjoy my almost-free lunch days! Now I'm back to looking for my cheap deals! Part of our Trying to Save Money venture!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Express World

"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!"

These famous words from the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland is a pretty good idea of how we live our lives today - in the Express lane!

We drive in the express lane:

We fly express:

We drink express coffee:

And eat express noodles:

We shop express:

Then pay for it in the express lane:

So is it no wonder then that services today are also express?!

On the first day of Chinese New Year, we went to a family friend's open house. Whilst eating, we were greatly excited to hear the "tong tong chiang" of an approaching lion dance lorry and even more pleased cos we had front row seats to watch the lion. The lorry stopped and the workers wheeled out the drums and brought out the lion head with much flourish. Striking up their drums and cymbals, the lion kowtowed 3 times, proceeded to move its head from left to right and THAT WAS IT!

Sis and I stared at each other in aghast! Our lion dance lasted for the grand total of 2 minutes and it probably took them longer to set it up!

It looks like even with the optimistic trend of the economy, some people are still not taking chances and choosing to opt for the "budget" section, or to put it a little more politically correct...the Express Lion Dance Service!

What a great marketing tool for busy businessmen who still want the "tong tong chiang" beats but don't have the time! We can start with this tag-line:

"We dance in no more time than it takes for you to peel your mandarin; don't blink or you might just miss us!"

Thursday, February 22, 2007


*pokes dead blog*

It's alive! Yes, I'm back after a terribly long 7 month hiatus. What happened? I guess I just ran out of food to eat, or rather, food to blog about. I really take my hat off to Boo with her never-failing enthusiasm in blogging a new food post everyday! Do keep it up, Boo! :)

Anyway, I'm back with a twist and hope to be blogging a lot more often now, not just on food but on my many little "blonde" and flakey moments!
See you around!

~When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Or in my case, lemon twists!~