Friday, November 28, 2008

Annual Vacations

Its year end in the department and lots of my colleagues have started planning their annual year end holidays or looking for ways to clear their leave balances. One lucky colleague has decided to make a trip to Las Vegas and was frantically researching any hotel in las vegas before she left as she wanted to do online bookings. I hope she managed to find a great hotel that is close to the attractions she wanted to see!

Bed Sales

Recently, I have been noticing lots of great deals on mattresses and bed frames in the newspapers. Some outlets are offering even up to 90% discounts on their bedframes if you purchase a mattress from them! I'm not sure if this is a result of the recent economic crisis or whether these stores are just trying to sell their old stock. However, it is something that benefits consumers greatly especially if you are looking for beds!

Losing Pregnancy Weight

Nowadays, women have tremendous pressure to remain thin. My colleague who recently gave birth about 6 months ago is now carefully watching her diet to ensure she can get back into her previous clothes. Another friend of mine even went to a slimming centre to lose all her pregnancy weight! As long as they do not resort to dangerous slimming drugs such as Decaslim, it should be alright.

Monday, November 17, 2008

MLM Products

I was recently approached by a Multi level Marketer who was pushing a detox product called Orovo detox. Although it sounded effective and good for health, I do have some reservations about using products from multi level companies simply because I do not know how safe they are and what ingredients they contain. Sometimes, false information can be quickly used just to convince people to buy the product which is often very much more expensive than something similar on the shelves.

Job Offer

My friend's husband recently got a fantastic job offer with a multinational bank. Apparently his package is really good and she is now contemplating leaving the job force. Perhaps I should check with her if he will be looking for marketing resumes anytime soon! Considering the recent economic downturn, he seems to have gotten himself a great job deal!

Losing Weight

A colleague in my office was recently desperately trying to lose weight for her wedding. She was even willing to use cheap diet pills to help her shed those unwanted pounds. Although it may work quickly, it is not the best way to loose weight as the side effects of these pills are still questionable. I hope she realises that and accepts her body for what it is.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How The Rich Live

I recently attended a friend's wedding and was surprised to know that he was actually the son of a prominent business man in town. He was relatively low profile all throughout Uni and none of us had any idea that he came from such a well-heeled family. Throughout their wedding, they showed some photo montages and his home was amazing! They even had their own home theater seating for a big screen TV! It's amazing to know how the rich live!

Effect of Financial Crisis

The full impact of the worldwide financial crisis is yet to hit but I believe many have started cutting back on expensive purchases such as houses or luxury cars. I recently read the even developers are starting to slow down on their housing projects and some of the worst hit are those developing luxury homes with Grohe fittings and Moen faucets. It is a good time to be prudent and save.