Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dieting Naturally

I heard a new diet pill is out on the market which is non harmful and very effective in assisting with weight loss. I am not sure of their medical claims but I think I would prefer trying to lose weight the natural way instead of resorting to chemicals.

CNY Feasting

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Lots of good food and great fun with friends and family! However, it is often a time of overindulgence as people enjoy their festive delicacies. So do watch what you eat instead of resorting to diet pills after that!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wedding Invitation Cards

When planning my wedding, I was surprised to see how expensive wedding invitations can cost. Some places had gorgeous cards but they were going for more then $3 a card which seemed a little ridiculous despite the beauty as most guests would end up throwing it away. In the end, we opted to handmake ours to save costs and was truly happy with the results! Hopefully our guests were too!

Getaway to Branson

I recently read an interesting article about what people are cutting back on during the economic crisis and was surprised to see that many still place importance on their holidays. In fact, a friend is planning a trip to Branson, Missouri in the next few months with her family. I was curious as to why she was going there as I hadn't heard much of this place and was surprised to know that it was a fantastic family getaway. Branson has a theme park available called the Silver Dollar City which is guaranteed to bring much joy to children and adults plus lots of other fun activities such as museums, water rides and the ever popular shopping at its range of factory outlets. There is a whole host of accommodation available ranging from 5-star luxury hotels to comfortable family suites at their many hotels. It definitely sounds like a great place and somewhere I should consider in the future!