Sunday, September 30, 2007


I always hate it when Sunday rolls around because it means that the work week is starting again the very next day. Monday's always such a slow start and it's always so hard to kick-start the old engine to get it moving for the week ahead. The only consolation about Monday is that the coming weekend is one day nearer! :)

Furnishing Your Home

It's never easy looking for the perfect furniture for your house. With so many options out there for Home Furniture, selecting the best Dining Room Furniture or Living Room Furniture can be a really tough decision. Some homeowners prefer to sub that job out to an external interior designer but sometimes the furniture they source may not accurately reflect the taste of the homeowner. That's how some people end up with a king size captain bed when all they wanted was a normal queen sized bed! Whatever it is, it's good to ensure your home reflects your own taste.

Successful Enterpreneurs

I recently got in touch with some old university friends again after a long period of no contact and was surprised to hear that some of them had opted to start something of their own instead of being a corporate slave like I was. What they were doing ranged from direct selling to insurance but one of them tried something different through vendstar, the world’s largest bulk vending machine company. Vendstar produces candy vending machines and have recently produced a new 1” wheel to dispense 1” gumballs and candies. He has managed to get the license to place them at shopping centres all over and is currently making a huge profit from his machines. It’s impressive to see how successful my friends have become on their own. I wish I had the same courage to.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Boiling Saturday

It's a very hot Saturday. I went out for just a while and can already feel the heat rising up from the roads and the glare of the hot sun. Somehow hot weather like that just makes me really sleepy so it's better to just hide in the coolness of the house to avoid the sun. Not only will the sun give me a headache but it'll make me dark as well!

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Tired Out

Am exhausted after a full day so I think it's time I head to bed. It's been a tiring but interesting day which included a trip to some hot springs and lots of great food! What a birthday! :) Too bad it's over and will come only a year from now!

Great Credit Card Options

In this day and age, I think credit cards are one of the best things invented! It allows me to travel across other countries without having to carry large amounts of cash and sometimes I get to use something before I’ve even paid! So with so many credit cards out there, how do you select a good one? Essentially, it comes down to what your needs are. At Co-operative Bank, whatever your needs may be, you’ll find an excellent range of cards for all your needs. They have cards which range from clear to advantage and even a flat rate platinum card where it’s special interest rate of 11.9% remains fixed for the next five years*. With the platinum card, you get an amazing 46 days interest free credit simply by paying your balance in full when the date falls due. Plus, you get a whole host of great offers such as 90 days free Purchase Protection Insurance, emergency cash and card replacement services, 24 hour medical and legal assistance overseas and up to £100,000 free Travel Accident Insurance when purchasing tickets with your platinum card. All this is in addition to the fantastic deals you get with the exclusive Platinum Travelclub. So if you’re looking for a good credit card, get one today with the Co-operative Bank!

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My Birthday

It was my birthday today and whew, I've had a pretty full day! Thanks to some planning that J did which did make the day special. It was really nice of him to take the day off to spend with me. That made it really nice and a great birthday.
Whew, I'm stuffed from all the food and pooped from all the activities!

Profit Sharing on Insurance

I never used to think home insurance was important until I read some recent cases of break-ins and fires where homes and all its possessions were destroyed in just the blink of an eye. This made me seriously reconsider buying home insurance for my home. I took some time to search online and found some great policies offered by CIS which was not only competitive but had a great scheme where profits are actually shared with its customers who are members, not merely shareholders! I found it a pretty interesting concept and decided to read more about what they had to offer. They have some pretty good offers such as a “New for Old” replacement basis and optional policies to extend over your personal possessions too. I found it really good and will be applying for an online quote with them before I decide if I should proceed with their services.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Tough Yoga Night

Whoa, tonight's yoga involved lots of standing positions and very tiring ones as we tried to balance ourselves and get into place! We were all sweating and really tired by the end of the class. I was so tired that I fell asleep during the cool down! :P I find these sessions really good though. It helps me feel much better and sleep much better that night too.

Power Up Your Blog

I didn’t use to think very much about traffic and readership when I first started blogging. However, when I started learning how to monetize my blog, I learnt that higher traffic meant higher Page Rank and hence, better and bigger opportunities! So I was really happy to find BlogRush, a free way to exponentially increase the traffic to my blog which was so easy to sign up and use. So, to all bloggers out there, I have this to say: Have a Blog? Join in and Get Massive Traffic!

Quick Visit to The Gardens

I made a quick half-hour visit to The Gardens just now after my hurried lunch in the pantry. I was longing to check it out and although the place was half-finished, the two main anchor tenants of Isetan and Robinsons were already up in place and running. The Robinsons was a bit disappointing as it wasn't as swanky nor interesting as I thought. However, I kind of liked the Isetan better. It seemed nicer and their Beauty Centre really impressed me!

Can't wait for the funky food court and other stores to open!

Big Move

I recently had dinner with an ex colleague and was really surprised to find that he was moving off to Las Vegas in a few month’s time. Apparently his entire family had migrated to Las Vegas many years ago and he was the only one here which made it really lonely for him during festive seasons and holidays. So, after earning his professional certificate and gaining several years experience, he decided to pack up his life here and move over there for good. He had even gotten his accommodation ready in some nice Las Vegas Apartments and have already started to arrange for some of his stuff to be shipped over. I wished him well and to my delight, he invited me to stay with him whenever I was there!

Sneaky Lunch

My colleague and I just nipped out for a quick moment to pack lunch so we can quickly eat it and run over to check out the newly opened Gardens! :P Actually it makes sense having lunch at 12 as the food courts are emptier, the stalls more free and your food comes a whole lot faster. Plus if you wake up at 7 like me, lunch at 12 sounds like the most sensible option! Too bad my office doesn't agree on that!

Switzerland Ski Holiday

Do you like skiing? I tried it only once in Australia when I was a student and rather enjoyed it! It’s always been one of my dreams to go for Luxury Skiing holidays o the famous slopes of Switzerland and St Anton, Austria. Somehow skiing there has always been associated with the rich and famous staying in luxury ski chalets all over Europe starting with Courchevel, France before they jet off to Meribel, France to truly take full advantage of the wonderful slopes and excellent ski facilities there. One place the rich and famous always stay are the luxury ski chalets in St Anton which are said to be one of the best and most luxurious accommodation one could have there. Hopefully, someday, I’ll get to experience it for myself too.

Onion Smell

I had some murtabak for dinner last night and I suspect it partly caused my strange sleeping habit last night. There was probably too much onion in it which gave me indigestion and air. And I simply can't get rid of the onion smell on my fingers and breath! Argh...the perils of eating murtabak, delicious as it is! :P

Backgammon Tips and Tricks

Recently I heard that Kazakhstan had clamped down on their little casinos all around town and moved them off to a little mountainside town, probably for better control and to discourage gambling. Sometimes I wonder if that would really discourage gambling when there are a whole host of online casinos available at any time of the day. Some of them like provide online backgammon tournaments, strategies, tips and tricks to help experienced players improve their backgammon skills and new players learn to play backgammon. It’s really easy to play, you simply have to go to the site and click on backgammon download to have a free download into your computer. After doing that, you have an option of playing for real money or play money and the software actually allows you to switch between either options.

They even have blackjack available for those who might not be so keen on backgammon and their blackjack feature comes with the same tips and tricks and articles to help you improve at your own game. There’s an extensive FAQ section should you wish to find out more which has extensive information on how to play for real money which could get you a $25 free money bonus as well. So if you’re a fan of these card games and would like to pit yourself online against other like-minded people, do it with!

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Strange Night

I went to bed rather early last night as I was feeling really tired by 9+. So I finally went to bed around 10.30pm and woke up wide awake at 3am! It was so weird! I couldn't go back to sleep so thought that I would wake up to see if I could get any paid posts but there was nothing to get either. So I went back to bed, remained wide awake till about 5 am and finally dozed off around 5.30am. Now, I'm feeling really zombie like. I wonder how I'll survive my yoga session tonight!

Pretty Beds

I’ve always loved having a beautiful bedroom with lovely matching bed linen and used to always be on the lookout for nice bed linen everytime there was a sale. Research has actually shown that we spend the most time of our day in our bed so it’s very important to have pleasant and comfortable sheets to ensure a good night’s rest. While surfing around recently, I found some really gorgeous bed linen at Terry’s Fabrics, an online bedding store that sells bedding at amazingly cheap prices. I really love embroidered bedding and I found some at fantastic prices at Terry’s. Their percale embroidered duvet sets start from as low as £18 which is simply unbelievable for good material such as that!

With Terry’s I know I’ll be able to get high quality sheets for a reasonable price and they ship for absolutely free on orders over £100 within the UK which works well for me as I have friends there whom I can provide a forwarding address to! Yippee…finally, I’ve found gorgeous bed linen sets for my room!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gloomy Weather

After lunch, the sky was storming and it started pouring. So my friend and I had to detour back all the way down only to find that the usual covered passageway between the mall and office buildings were sealed off! So we had to run up again and luckily there was some canopy type covering connecting the two so we managed to stay relatively dry.

The sky's still looking gloomy. Hopefully the weather clears up a little otherwise the roads will be jammed.

Biker Dating Site

Biker dudes always seem so rough and tough but actually deep inside them, I’m sure they too crave companionship and the love from a partner too. I watched Wild Hogs not too long ago and saw how one of the characters, Dudley, fell in love with a lady who was just so different from him but I guess Hollywood love transcends all boundaries. In real life though, it is always easier to date people who have common interests and ideals as you. For bikers, a great biker dating site called biker planet has been established to help this tough looking guys meet the woman of their dreams. They are women who are just as interested in big bikes and enjoy riding off on long road trips. So, if you’re a biker and thought your tough demeanor might scare women off, now you know they won’t if you meet the right women at Biker Planet.

Heavy Lunch

I met up with my ex colleagues after all for lunch and we had a great lunch at Little Penang Cafe. I had my favourite Lam Mee (birthday noodles) which is always such a hefty portion and shared a rojak with a friend. I'm so stuffed now! :P

I don't know why Little Penang Cafe is always so full of people. Well, guaranteed it has pretty decent Penang food but the prices aren't that cheap as lunch for 6 of us came up to about RM103 with drinks and dessert. I guess in KL, prices don't really matter that much!

Alternative to Loan Sharks

I just checked my bank account online and found that my salary was not banked in yet. This is rather surprising as we’re supposed to be paid our salaries on the 26th of every month. Luckily I have savings and not too heavy financial commitments otherwise I’ll probably have to resort to a cash advance from It’s a site recommending other great cash advance sites where you can apply for emergency cash through the internet or at their stores available nationwide for those who might need some spare cash to tide them between paychecks. They provide loans from $100 up to $1,500 and are a great way for those who need cash quickly without them having to liquidate their assets for a lower value. I like how the internet application for cash advances allows complete anonymity and how fast the cash is quickly deposited into your account once things are approved. Some of their recommended sites have various features depending on your needs. There’s even a womens pay day advance which offers you cash for your shopping needs in between paychecks! A bit too dangerous for me! But if you need some money and don’t want to go after loan sharks, try cash advance sites to help to tide you over.

Should I?

Some of my ex-colleagues are here for a meeting. One of them asked me to join them for lunch as another one was buying lunch. I felt a little bad as I didn't want to seem like a free loader by joining them for lunch when someone else was buying. She kept telling me it's okay but I guess I'll see.

Help With Essays with

When I was a student in University, I used to hate getting Essay Writing assignments. Coming from an academic system that didn’t feature too much originality in the essay writing, I found it rather difficult to research lots of academic paraphernalia to churn out a coherent essay. This was so much in contrast with my Australian friends who found essay writing a breeze. It’s just too bad that I didn’t discover then. It’s the leader of the custom writing industry and produces truly unique and high quality academic writing for students or academicians. It’s so popular that it completes an amazing number of essays every year for a wide range of students all over the world. One reason for their popularity, besides their high quality essays, is the regular contact their customer support team keeps with the customer to ensure the customer is kept informed of the progress and happy every step of the way. So if you’re a student, make sure you bookmark! You never know when you might need their services!

My Pay's Not In!

Oh no! I just checked my bank balance and my pay hasn't gone it yet! Luckily I had a scant balance left which was just enough to allow my credit card to clear otherwise I would have been in serious trouble as this was a huge bill. It had my hotel expenses on it when I was in Kazakhstan which was a huge amount and almost caused me to exceed my credit limit.

I hope the pay comes in soon...

Tatoo Dating

People who tattoo themselves are a whole different community. I actually know of lots of people who get tattoos nowadays to look hip or cool but usually they just do one or two little ones. These are quite different from those who tattoo themselves drastically, some going even as far as to tattoo themselves on their faces! I used to wonder how they would find other partners sharing their similar interests until I saw a site that caters just for these tattoo singles people. It provides a great and safe platform for tattoo dating opportunities among like minded people. So if you love tattoos and are looking for a partner who shares just the same interests, hop over to


I always used to love going to Isetan in Lot 10 as I love their supermarket and clothes department. They always carry a higher end of clothing and shoes which look more unique and interesting than the run of the mill stuff most other malls carry. However, I used to be unable to go as their sales would always happen on a weekday.

Now, Isetan is finally opening near where I work! Yippee! I can so forsee where I'll be spending my lunch hours now! :P

Flat Screens

We have a computer in the house that’s quite a dinosaur. It used to be in our old house and we have a conventional screen that takes up lots of space on the table. I told bro that we should start looking for a viewsonic monitor screen instead. There are lots of funky screens around now which take up minimal space on the table and look really good as well! Maybe we should start saving up for a good one so our computer would look much better!


We ended at at Finnegans, a pub serving English style pub food, for dinner last night. I was craving ham steak but somehow by the time I got there, the craving had disappeared. We had a really bad pork knuckle though but I managed to satisfy my craving for french fries! :) Though they weren't the thick cut sort that I was hoping for!

Training A Happy Dog

My aunt used to have several pedigree dogs which she would send for regular training. Some of them like the German Shepherd learnt really fast but some like her pretty little collie could hardly learn anything despite having gone for countless lessons! Perhaps my aunt should have sent her for more professional dog training with Perfect Manners Dog Training.

They have been training dogs for many years already and use a special tried and true method called Flow Training. This method doesn’t simply teach obedience or tricks like what most trainers do. Instead they engage proven strategies and principles based on what they believe are certain traits of the dog based on their genetic make up. It is essential that you, as an owner, attend the training as well as you will be taught too how to correctly communicate with your dog as dogs can’t understand common human language. It is a very Zen sort of training but has had lots of great feedback from many happy owners who found that their dog’s behaviour and happiness improved after training. It also helped the owners appreciate their animal friends much better which provides for a happy household for both man and animal.

Robinsons is Opening!

After much wait, Robinsons is finally opening in KL! It'll be opening at the brand new Gardens, the new wing of MidValley Megamall. I work around here and the construction progress has been going at top speed with the workers scrambling to finish it in time for the opening. However, as at this morning, lots of the areas still looked half done. I guess they'll be continuing it around the other stores who may choose to open first. There will even be an Isetan!

I can't wait to check it out today!

Dating for the Young At Heart

Sometimes seniors tend to get forgotten in the game of love. People always think that seniors don’t need a partner because they may have their family around them and some discourage senior dating as they feel dating is no longer something seniors might be interested in. But some widows, widowers or divorcees have felt loneliness and sadness without a partner to share their lives with. However, today, in the world of the internet and technology, single seniors no longer fret as they have great and safe ways to meet other seniors via senior match, an innovative dating service that caters for seniors. It is safe, secure and a great access to a huge range of single seniors out there who are also looking for love and companionship. So, if someone old is young at heart and lonely, recommend them to They might just find their second soulmate there!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What To Eat

Ah, the ever green question everytime lunchtime comes around. One would think in a mall I would have tonnes of choices. Well, I do but not everything looks great or is easy to pack if I'm intending to come back to my office to eat. Not to mention the cost as most of the stuff in the mall are usually pretty expensive due to the high rental costs.

I usually just pack from the Jusco supermarket. Now I can't wait for Isetan to open in the new wing! Their supermarket section is simply gorgeous!


Tequila! I remember the first time I tasted tequila shots, it was with my friends in University after a long night of partying. We were all a little high and the thrill of trying a new liquor was simply too irresistible to pass up on! Since then, I’ve never tried tequila again. However, I recently came across a new liquor called Voodoo Tiki Tequila which comes in really exciting flavours such as prickly pear, lime and blue kiwi! The tequila even comes in a hand blown glass bottle which is a collectors item in itself. How cool! Perhaps I should get one. It’ll definitely be a conversation piece at parties!

Dinner Plans

I've made plans to meet a friend for dinner tonight. We were both craving thick cut fries, she a steak sandwich and me a ham steak! Problem is, we have absolutely no idea where to go for those! We agreed to decide today but it's already almost lunch and still no decision! This isn't looking very good :P Any suggestions, anyone?

Rock My Guitar

My friend is really musically talented. He can sing beautifully and play the guitar, self-taught! He tried to teach me once but I’m hopeless at anything musical and could barely pluck out a tune on his Guitar Strings! He advised me to visit this great guitar site if I was more interested to learn up more about guitars. It’s got lots of great tips on how to play a guitar and important things to look out for when buying a new guitar. So if you’re a guitar lover, be sure to check it out!

Can't Wait

For Friday! It's my birthday this coming Friday and I simply cannot wait for it because I've taken a day off to spend however way I wish. This is the first time I'm taking a break on my birthday, something I've learnt from sis who does it every year on her birthday. I guess we should take a break. If we don't pamper ourselves on that special day, who else would?!

Hormone Imbalance

Period pains are a real problem to me and I get attacks every month or so. It’s a terribly uncomfortable and painful feeling which a doctor once told me was caused by an imbalance of the progesterone hormones. I don’t know why women have to endure such discomfort every month! So it seems like we’re only normal then 1 week in the month since every other week involves battling some hormones or another!

More Ops Again

I was really glad to read that Payperpost is allowing its Posties to take 3 opportunities a day again. Previously they decreased it down to 2 opportunities which really limited what we could do. It was a bit of a waiting game as sometimes I would deliberate whether to take a cheaper op just in case a bigger one popped by. However, now, they're back up to 3 and summer seems to be over because I'm seeing a few more opportunities compared to the previous 2 months. So let's hope this will be a good month!

Home Loan From Insurance Companies

When we bought a new property, we were looking around for a good home loan interest rate and found it in the form of an alternative financial institution. In recent times, insurance companies have been giving the banks quite a lot of competition as they are able to provide home loans at cheaper rates. We enquired with them and found that all we had to do to get that cheaper rate was to purchase a mortgage life insurance policy with them or to pay for the usual MRTA. In the end, we opted for the MRTA option as it is a one-off payment and less of a burden every month.

Criminal Minds

I was watching one of my favourite crime shows last night on TV, Criminal Minds, and was amazed to see how sick and twisted the human mind can be. It seems like not even animals are capable of hurting their kind out of spite or hate while humans do it all the time. It brought to mind the recent murder of a little girl here who was murdered in the most sick and brutal way. It's scary sometimes what the human mind is capable of.

Asthma Under Control

Asthma can be quite a dangerous thing in both adults and children if not properly kept under control. I recall a schoolmate in school who had severe asthma and had to be occasionally sent to the hospital from school whenever she got one of her attacks. I recall seeing her once with a portable oxygen concentrator too to help her breathe properly and ensure enough oxygen is provided to her body. Health is simply too important to ignore and a healthy baby is truly something precious.

A Simple Dinner

Last night, I got home a little late and didn't feel like eating out. So I whipped out a batch of healthy Japanese soba noodles, topped it off with some tofu, fishcake, egg and seaweed. It was simply lovely drizzled with some nice Japanese soy based sauce which was a little salty but delicious nonetheless. Yum! Now I've found a healthier alternative to instant noodles!

Funky Furniture

I let out my condo to a young wife of a man who was constantly traveled. One several occasions, I had to visit her to help with some repairs or collect some stuff and I was amazed by the furniture she had. She got a nice bar counter put in with some modern bar stools around the kitchen. But the most amazing thing was her bedroom furniture. It was huge and opulent that I had no idea how it managed to fit through the doors. She didn’t have any children so I was also surprised to see one of the bedrooms fitting out with child bedroom furniture in pink. Perhaps the maid used it? I’m not sure but I can’t imagine an adult using kid bedroom furniture!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pork Noodles, Bangsar

I love pork noodles and get a craving for them every now and then. Out of all the noodles, I find them one of those with the most ingredients as each bowl will usually come with slices of pork, minced pork, liver and vegetables. Protein and carbs in one meal!

Sis just met me for lunch and we went to our favourite kopitiam in Bangsar where I indulged in my favourite pork noodles. Eaten with lots of chili padi, it's truly one of my favourite lunches! :) Oops..better watch the tightening waistband! :P

Help with Online Stores

I love online shopping. I love how I can get fantastic brands I can’t find in the stores here and the special deals online shops always have. While recently shopping in one of my favourite online stores, I noticed that they had a new integrated ecommerce shopping cart software feature in their newly updated site. It’s now so much easier to shop on their site as their shopping cart feature are integrated with all major banks, gateways and other processors such as Paypal! Yippee! Finally a chance for me to use some of my Paypal funds! Out of curiosity, I clicked on Ashop to find out more about their software and found that it was a great software facility designed to help online merchants build online stores quickly and effectively. It is really easy to use and merchants can set up a store in mere hours! In fact, they’re trying to reach out to as many merchants as possible by offering a 10 day free trial and a free store design offer. Hmm…now I know where to look when I want to start my own online store!

I'm Starving

It's not even 12 and I'm already starving terribly, even after 2 biscuits! I don't know what's wrong especially when dad made me a nice big bowl of oats for breakfast this morning. I thought oats were supposed to keep you full for a long time! Instead, my stomach started growling barely 2 hours after I got into work.

It's scary especially when I'm trying to lose some weight! :P

Nice Furnishings

When I received keys to my new apartment, I used to enjoy strolling around the floor and the different levels peeping into other units that were in various states of renovation or furnishing. I saw some units with really Living Room Furniture which looked so classy and elegant in their little living room. We were also invited to view two different units which were being outfitted by an interior designer. One of it was for a small family of 3 and had really innovative bedroom furniture. One of the wardrobe doors hid the entrance to the toilet! Another one was being transformed into a home office and the owner had decided to do away with Traditional Office Furniture and outfitted it with swanky furniture home office stuff. I’d really love an office like that if I had the money!

Manic Monday

It's just another Manic Monday. Wish it was Sunday...

Argh, don't we all wish that when we have to crawl out of our warm beds early on a Monday morning, face the morning traffic on our crawl to work and try to kick-start the ol' engine for a new working week? It kills pardon me while I crawl off to attend to 20 emails :(

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Laptops for Students

I’ve been on the lookout for a good laptop recently for my cousin who’s just started University. In our days, we used to be dependent on whatever old machines the University’s computer lab had but nowadays students come with their own swanky laptops and printers! I found a great student laptop online which comes from Dell’s Laptop 17" series. It’s lightweight, stylish yet comes with lots of great features which are perfect for the student who needs to do lots of assignments or presentations. The price was pretty reasonable as well and it fit well into his budget. Hopefully he does lots of work on it too instead of just playing games!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Home Cooked Lunch

Mom's cooking up lunch now. It's been so long since I've had a home cooked lunch that it's something really nice to look forward to! :) It may just be simple but fried fish and rice with vege never sounded any better!

Dell On The Go

When I first started work with this new company, I was given an option between a desktop or a notebook for my work. I chose to have the desktop as I found it much easier to use. However, when I started travelling, I found it difficult as I had to use a pool laptop which wasn’t in a very good condition. In the end, after much complaining to the HR, they finally agreed to get me a Dell laptop from the Dell portables series. I tried it and really liked it as it was light and easy to use which made travelling easy. Thumbs up for Dell!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend's Here

Don't you love Friday nights? I do! I love looking forward to the evening when I'm at work on Friday and how fast the office empties on Friday evenings. I also love the relaxed feel knowing I can sleep in till late on Saturday and have two whole days to myself on the weekend to do exactly whatever I want. I never appreciated weekends so much till I started working!

Desktop Computers

My Personal Computer has been really acting up in these past few weeks. The processing speed is terribly slow which makes work very difficult for me as I usually work with large Excel files which just slows down the whole system and sometimes even causes it to crash. Finally, after many weeks of complaining, our IT advisors got in some new Dell Desktops for our company to replace the problematic computers. I personally like Dell for their sleek look and clean lines. Their performance isn’t too bad and their prices are definitely very competitive. I also like the fact that they come with very good after-sales support which is important for a tech idiot like me! Hopefully after this, my computer will be able to process a whole lot faster!


It's been a long week of not enough sleep as I've been spending lots of time online! :P There hasn't been much to watch on TV so usually when I come home, I'll be in front of the laptop with the TV on for background noise. Oh well, earning a little bit of extra income is never easy! Think I'll have an early night.

Best Online Shopping Site

I didn’t use to do much online shopping until I started earning some money from my blogs and had a nice balance in my Paypal account to shop with. I used to shop with eBay and it used to be one of my favourite sites. However, I later found lots of other great shopping sites to shop from such as Mpire is the ultimate shopping site with everything you want under one site! From eBay, Amazon, Target to Macy’s, whatever you want, it’s all at Mpire!

I simply loved how they pulled together offers from all sorts of sites which made my online shopping so much easier. I no longer had to jump across various sites to find the item I wanted or the best price offered. At Mpire, I found gorgeous and fashionable dresses for friends’ weddings which are totally unique as they aren’t sold in stores here. It also made my Christmas shopping incredibly easy as all I had to do was click through the options, right in the comfort of my home or office. I love Mpire! You would to when you’ve seen it!

Food Court Lunch

The only affordable place to eat lunch now without blowing too much money is the enclosed food court on the third floor. It's very popular as its prices are lower than those in the open-air swankier food court. However, eating there usually leaves a lingering smell of food on your clothes and in your hair. Nevertheless, I still eat there simply because I'm not prepared to pay so much for lunch everyday.

Interesting Singapore Trip

I’ve always loved leather chairs. There’s just something very elegant and old-school about them that I really like. Recently I was in Singapore for a business meeting which was conducted in one of the premier clubs there. Our host took us around after the meeting and I was truly impressed with the high quality furnishings there. The rooms were filled with luxurious Brown Leather Chairs arranged in tasteful designs which facilitated easy conversation. The games room was wonderfully equipped and had comfortable Leather Club Chairs for those who might wish to indulge in a game of chess. They even had a Rest and Relax room which had comfortable looking Recliner Leather Chairs for their members to take a short snooze in. I tried a recliner club chair and it was truly comfortable! It definitely was an interesting trip!

Friday Long Lunch

When I first joined this company, we were told that we had 2 hours off for lunch on Friday due to the Friday prayers. I used to think that it was really great and would wait eagerly for long lunch on Fridays to lunch with friends or colleagues or sometimes even try to fit in a short shopping trip. However, after several years of having this privilege, I no longer make use of that 2 hours allocation. Most Friday lunch times see me in my office, using the time to finish up stuff so I can go home earlier.

Funny how priorities change!

Powerful Business Tool

Never underestimate the power of buy lists, A friend who recently set up a home business in direct selling purchased a comprehensive mailing list database from, a leader in the direct marketing business and was able to expand his business very rapidly through the mailing lists. Mailing lists offer a great deal of information and a shrewd businessman will be able to use that to accurately identify his potential customers as their buying patterns, whether active or inactive, impulsive or responsive, will all be reflected in the lists. It’s a very powerful tool which, if used the right way, can direct lots of customers towards your business. So if you’re a business owner, do consider unleashing the power of mailing lists.

Go, Little Blog

I never thought this little blog of mine could turn out to be such a great revenue generator or that it could ever hit more than 500 posts! But look at it! It's hitting above 700 posts and still counting! Woohoo...It hasn't been easy juggling so many things while trying to find the time to blog as well but let's hope I can keep this trend up! :)

Buy Tickets with Viagogo

Gwen Stefani was recently in town but just on a one day concert. The speed the tickets sold out with was phenomenal and since I got to know of it only later, I didn’t manage to get any. However, I may be headed to UK soon for work and decided to check if I would be lucky enough to get tickets to her concert in the UK as I heard she was headed there as part of her World Tour. I did some random searches and was so pleased to find that Concert Tickets to Gwen Stefani’s concerts in Manchester, Birmingham and London were available on Viagogo, a leading ticket hub in Europe! They are an online exchange specially set up for people to buy and sell tickets to major events such as concerts, sports, theatre shows and a whole lot more. Needless to say, with the current football leagues going on in Europe and UK, Sports Tickets are very popular on their site.

When you buy with Viagogo, your ticket and seat guaranteed via their 100% safe and secure system. If you have problems with your ticket or need to change your dates, you can do so with their excellent customer service team which is always available by phone or email seven days a week! It’s a great ticket exchange service and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking to buy or sell tickets.

Nasi Lemak for Breakfast

I had an early dinner last night and a strenuous yoga session after that so I went to bed a little hungry. Not thinking too much about it, I woke up this morning with a starving tummy and slight gastric pains. By the time I got into the office, I had a terrible craving for nasi lemak, unhealthy as it is. So I hopped over to the nearby mamak and despite having to pay RM1.80 for my nasi lemak, I was pleased as punch to tuck into the still-warm pack. I complain of being fat but still warm nasi lemak is hard to resist so to my credit, I didn't finish the rice :P

Law and Order

I’ve always enjoyed watching the US lawyers on TV. They seem so suave and smooth-talking especially when fighting for Criminal cases. In the US, where there are so many lawyers and the legal profession is so competitive, it always pays to be one of the top lawyers, just like Kestenbaum Eisner & Gorin LLP, Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys | California DUI Lawyers | Criminal & DUI Law Specialists. They have over 50 years of legal experience and are one of the few firms where the partners are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for immediate confidential consultation services! Talk about great service! So now you know who to look for when you need help with Criminal and DUI cases!

Hot Yoga

Last night's yoga session was really good! The teacher put us through an arduous pace of poses, up and down. Some of them were really hard and involved so much concentration just to hold it but that didn't stop me quivering all over like jelly :P

The lazy guard didn't want to open the double doors either so we were baking in there with just one door open for ventilation and soon our mats became too slippery with sweat! Nonetheless, it was a fantastic session and I'm looking forward to more sessions like that!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sofa Sets

Furnishing a new home or replacing your furniture is never easy. There are so many choices and options to choose from. Just a simple thing like buying a Sofa can be such a mind-boggling exercise! I was looking at some new Sofas for our new house and came across a site which featured a huge range of sofas. I liked their Leather sofas but maintaining it will be quite tiring as leather tends to crack in our humid weather. They had a really interesting curved sofa but unfortunately our living room was square. Nevertheless, we managed to find something that we liked from their wide range. So if you want lots of choices for your furniture, do check out

What to Eat

It's ironical that although I work in a mall, I never know what to eat. There used to be a great food court in the basement area which catered mainly to the workers here and sold very cheap food. But now it's been closed for renovation which leaves me not much other options but the expensive cafes within the mall.

Ho hum...what shall I eat?

Dining Sets

I was recently blog-hopping and surfing and came across a site promoting their modern dining furniture sets which looked rather nice. Surfing around the site, I saw that they had lots of Dining Room Furniture sets and a really wide range of Dining Furniture, from Formal Dining Room Furniture to simple wooden ones. It did look quite elegant and certainly something I’ll consider for my home.

Bad Night

I had a rather bad night last night. Went to bed only past midnight and halfway through the night, my aircond seemed to go off! I'm not sure whether it was because of the settings it was on or whether my aircond control batteries were weakening. Whatever it was, I ended up having to get the control from the other room before I fell asleep again. It was sheer torture waking up this morning!

Jewish Singles Site

I used to know a Jewish girl when I was in University. Coming from a traditional Jewish family, her parents were very strict in controlling who she could or could not date. They didn’t welcome non-Jewish dates and she used to complain as their local Jewish community was rather small. In our second year, I noticed she was much happier and started going out for dates. Curious to know how she managed to suddenly find so many options outside her usual local Jewish circle, I approached her one day and was surprised to know that she had joined a jewish dating site which brings together Jewish singles.

I thought this was a fantastic idea as it brought together jewish singles from all over who shared a common faith and lifestyle. This actually could reduce potential issues in the future with religious beliefs and practices. Recently, I heard from a friend that she was finally getting married and truly encouraged her single friends to sign up with this free jewish personals site, JLove.

Yoga Night

Yippee! It's yoga night again tonight! Last week's yoga session was pretty fun as she was kind to us and didn't put us through too arduous poses. Hopefully she's kind again tonight as I haven't been having enough sleep throughout the week. When that happens, I find myself sometimes too tired to even hold the pose during the class. It's great though how easily I sleep after that!

Emotional Memorial of a Beloved Dog

The picture of Buddy's cat urn on the HAL Woodworking website is amazingly life-like. Such high-quality pet urns would make a beautiful resting place for anyone's pet. Gryphon's owners, the Marquardt's had such nice things to say about the urn in their testimonial. Pets are truly a part of the family.

Little Penang Cafe

I met up with my friend for lunch there yesterday. It's a little cafe serving local Penang food and although can be rather pricey, it comes in huge portions. I requested for less noodles in mine and the server told me to just stick with the normal portion since the price would be the same anyway! I told him that my point was so that there wouldn't be any wastage but evidently he was rather green behind the ears! I was stuffed after lunch though! Shouldn't eat such heavy lunches!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Reviews of Online Casino Sites

Have you ever seen serious gamblers in action? I’ve actually seen serious gamblers in the casino gambling away with a feverish expression in their eyes, without even pausing for food or drink. Luckily no one I know has a real gambling problem. However, some of my friends do enjoy the occasional gambling fun and would take a drive up to the highlands casino for an afternoon of fun. Recently they were complaining of being bored in the office. Perhaps I should introduce one of the best online Casinos reference sites to them, available at

Here, at Gamblecraft, gamblers or people who love the occasional thrill of betting can find the best casinos for their online gambling fun. They do fantastic reviews of the various online casino sites for gamblers to pick and choose from. Some of the sites offer really good bonuses and promotion offers to attract more visitors to the site. Gamblecraft offers free software downloads as well and tutorials if you’re new to the game of gambling or would simply like to better your gambling skills. They have the latest news on gambling and the fastest updates on the online casino world so if you’re a gambling fan or enjoy the occasional bet, check out Gamblecraft to see which casino suits you best!

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Chat Over Dinner

I met up with someone after work yesterday for a chat about some new opportunities. I was rather taken in by his accent when I spoke to him initially as he had spent many years abroad in the US and spoke very much like one. He even had the same mannerisms and direct way of talking Americans do. The opportunity sounds quite interesting but he's just "feeling" around now so let's just see how things go. I'm not sure though if I can match up to what he's looking for.

Travel Stories

I love travel but I only like traveling on free and easy packages. I hate guided tours that get you up at 5am and bring you home only at 11pm. While my kind of travel is more fun and relaxing, it does involve quite a bit of planning especially where the accommodation is concerned. I’ve recently been doing quite a bit of travel in Asia as it is cheaper and one of my favourite sites to get hotel stories in Asia or Asia travel news is Asia Hotels Blog. It’s a great site that features tips and tricks from fellow travelers which can sometimes come in incredibly useful.

Before I went to China, I learnt about “Strange Cultural Habits in China” of which some were really hilarious! I’m a terrible shopaholic as well to the “Three Cheapest Cities for Shopaholics” was really useful for me too and I had a great shopping trip with the great tips I got. It’s a great site to get travel stories in Asia and I always visit it before I plan my next holiday!

Influx of Opps

Today was an amazing day. PPP seemed to be flooded with opps for everyone and best of all, a whole host of opps for blogspot blogs. I was getting a bit sad with PPP as I found their blogspot opps reducing drastically but yesterday changed it! Too bad I only have 1 blog approved with them otherwise I could have definitely taken more!

Strictly Ballroom

I was a huge fan of ballroom dancing after I watched Strictly Ballroom. There was just something about the elegance and fluidity of ballroom dance that drew me to it. I loved how easily the dancers moved their bodies with the beat of the music without ever missing a step. I did think of learning it up but unfortunately, I didn't have a partner and have two left feet! So imagine how happy I was to learn that I could now learn it in the comfort and privacy of my own home without being laughed at! Ah...I love the wonders of the internet! :)

Lunch Date

What fun! A friend of mine from my ex company decided to drop by for lunch since she had a meeting here as well. It's a really nice change from having lunch with colleagues whom I may not have much in common with or having to pack my lunch from the supermarket.

She's gone off to do her nails now so hopefully I'll be able to sneak out for an early lunch. I'm starving!

Florida Estate Agents

save our homes

I was doing some online surfing when I came across, a real estate agent specializing in Florida properties. They had some really nice Broward county real estate which looked simply gorgeous, the perfect place to retire in with its wide spaces. is one of the best real estate agents for that area and they provide excellent services to their clients to help them sell or buy the property of their choice with minimum hassle. I’ll definitely seek their help if I’m rich enough to buy a Florida property someday!

Decreasing Opportunities

I've noticed that recently lots of advertisers have been decreasing their opportunities for blogspot and simply in general. I'm not sure if it's due to the quieter summer holidays or whether they're simply started releasing them at times which aren't convenient for me but I'm definitely beginning to feel some drop in my earnings!

Let's hope this month's opportunities continue to keep up!

Furniture Shopping

When sis was shopping for new furniture for her home, we visited lots of showrooms to get interior design ideas. One of the places we visited had novel Storage Beds which when covered doubled up as a bookcase! Talk about space savings! Yet another had a huge Platform Bed in the form of a queen platform bed that looked absolutely out of place in their little bedroom! It didn’t leave much space for anything else, what more a wardrobe! We saw some really gorgeous Leather Dining Chairs as well, which naturally came with an expensive price tag so she decided to consider something cheaper. Buying furniture definitely isn’t cheap but it can be quite fun!

Early Pearly

It was an early start for me this morning. I had to be up by 6am to send Bro to the train station as he needed to catch a flight later this evening. In fact, I find myself waking up early now which is a little ironical as I stay a lot closer to work than I used to. Previously I used to leave the house only at 8am to reach the office on the dot of 9am, after battling the jams on the road. Now I leave my house by 7.30 and am in the office before 8am! How odd!

Easy Faxing

My office was recently in a terrible havoc. Our fax machine was acting up terribly and all my correspondence to outside parties weren’t going through. This was a real headache as we were working on something important and couldn’t afford the inaccessibility of the fax to send our documents. Out of frustration, we told our IT staff to start sourcing for better fax options as we had been putting up with terrible fax service for far too long already. Our IT did their research and found a great Internet fax service being offered by MetroFax.

With MetroFax, we could have the option of faxing documents anywhere in the world via their Internet Based Fax services. All we needed was an internet connection and we were good to go! This was actually very good for my company as our staff usually traveled quite a lot for work to countries where we weren’t always able to reach them via fax easily. With the Internet Fax, important documents that had to reach them could be sent easily without them having to pay exorbitant rates to their hotels to retrieve it. It truly matches what we require and I was happy to read about their high performance and affordability which was just right for our small company. I hope we get Internet Fax installed in our office soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Time to Go Home

It's the fasting month this month and we are actually allowed to go home at 4.30pm, one hour before our usual working hours. This was actually to allow the Malays to return home on time to prepare for their breaking fast time. However, if you were a non-Malay and didn't have too much to do, it meant you could have an early evening too.

Unfortunately, I've been terribly busy at work and unable to use this little privilege. I was going home every evening at close to 8pm. However, today seems to be a quieter day so I'm off soon!

Garlic Chicken

Sis called me to tell me that the mixed rice stall downstairs from her office is having their signature garlic chicken dish! Yippee! It's one of my favourite dishes after she packed it for me once. It's pieces of chicken that have been braised in a garlicky sauce with lots of black fungus and dried lily bulb which makes for a great dish with hot steaming rice.

I got her to pack me a pack for dinner. Can't wait to tuck into it!

Flat Screens

We really can’t keep up with technology! A few years ago, big 29 inch screen TVs were the norm and that was everyone’s dream TV. Now, flat panel televisions are the new buzzword and thanks to technology, have gotten very affordable as all kinds of brands jump onto the bandwagon to market their flat panels. The price range between a lesser brand and a more reliable brand can be huge, sometimes differing by up to a thousand. However, I always believe in buying a more reliable brand. That way, I’ll probably have less problems in the future.

Tuesday Nights

When I was staying in USJ, Tuesday nights used to mean being able to drop by the night market nearby to pick up my weekly supply of cheap fruits. The market always had a whole range of cheap and fresh fruit. However, since we've moved, it's become a lot harder to buy fresh fruit now as our area doesn't have as much choice as the old area.

I wonder where to get my supply of fruits now!

Help for Drug Abusers

Drug addiction is one of the worst addictions. It spoils not only the addict’s life but all those loved ones around him as they watch helpless, unable to help him get out of the dark web of drug abuse. Rehab is always one solution but it is very important to look for a good rehab centre to ensure a good success rate. Otherwise, some addicts simply slide back into their comfort zone of drugs despite having gone through rehab countless times. If you know of someone or have a loved one fighting drug addiction, ensure that you do thorough research on all rehab centres available to find one that will cater for them in the best possible way. One great centre with high success rates is the Drug Rehab in Malibu.

It is a residential rehab centre situated on the cliffsides of Malibu, offering breathtaking views of the ocean. It is staffed and outfitted with some of the best counselors, doctors, therapists and professionals whose aim is to help these drug abusers return to a life of normalcy without drugs. A whole range of treatments are available but the therapist will design an individualized program which caters best to the individual’s needs. When not undergoing their therapy programs, clients there have a wide range of support recovery activities to choose from, from yoga to outdoor activities. Internet access, gourmet meals and laundry services are also provided so the customer can fully focus on fighting the addiction and getting back on the right track. So do always choose your rehab programme carefully as that is a very crucial factor in helping the addict fight the habit.

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September Already

Isn't it amazing how fast the year is flying by? It seemed not too long ago when we were just enjoying the start of the year and it's already the last quarter of the year now. I always look forward to the end of the year. Maybe it's the festive feel as most celebrations happen towards the end of the year or just the feeling of a year coming to an end.

Time flies when you're busy!

Treatment for Alcoholics

Alcohol is a great way to relax and to get the party going. However, when used in copious amounts to the extent that someone gets dependent on it, it can be quite a scary experience for both the individual and their families. Things like alcohol addiction are often hushed up in public and ironically, some of the most distinguished people in society could be silently battling a losing battle with alcohol. I remember how whispers used to go around town about a prominent person in the town who was having much difficulty in kicking this bad habit. He apparently used to get violent whenever he had too much to drink, at the danger of his wife and family. These people who are fighting alcohol abuse should sign themselves up in a good alcohol rebab centre such as the Cliffside Malibu Alcohol Rehab in Malibu.

Cliffside Malibu is a lovely rehab centre situated on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It’s a large residential centre that treats all kinds of adults for alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders and all sorts of other addictions or disorders. They are staffed by some of the best counselors, medical staff and therapists in the country to ensure a well-balanced and well-coordinated program designed to have a high success rate. Patients there undergo many philosophies of treatment to see which suits them best and is most effective in helping them fight their abuses. It’s a comfortable, secure and luxurious environment and with their great professional care and facilities, many patients have reported high success rates with the treatment. So if you know of anyone suffering from disorders or abuses, recommend them to Cliffside Malibu today. You might just save their lives.

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Painful Massage

I went for a massage last weekend at a masseur who was supposed to be really good. She specialised in body treatment massage and was said to be excellent in healing aches and pains. All I can say was that it was terribly painful! She said my body had lots of "wind" and proceeded to try to massage them out.

It left me with a painful neck and shoulders which felt really tender and swollen. However, I can't deny that my shoulders do feel better now. They used to feel really hard and stiff from all the computer work I do. Maybe I should go back again and it would be less painful then.

Community Sites

I’m going to London next March so I was really happy to find a great site that has all the best places to eat, drink and hangout in London. It has recently undergone some changes and is now spanking new and so easy to navigate and use! I love how they had some really great recommendations on London restaurants posted by people who have actually tried the place and given it their honest review. Some restaurants there have already caught my eye and I’ll be sure to give it a try when I’m there!

Monday Marathon

I rushed home last night cos it's my Monday Marathon night! It starts off with CSI NY which I normally miss as I'm taking my shower or coming home from dinner. After that's my absolute favourite, Criminal Minds, which can be terribly disturbing at times like last night's episode. I can't for my life understand how some people can commit such heinous crimes while thinking that they're doing the right thing!

There's usually a break after that before CSI Miami and Las Vegas comes on. Usually by then, I'm off to bed unless I'm up getting paid posts! :P

Gorgeous Skin

Good skin is a true asset. I’ve always admired people with flawless skin who hardly need any form of foundation or make up to accentuate it. I recently met an ex-colleague who used to have quite bad skin but when I met her, her skin looked like it had undergone some tremendous changes as it was glowing with a much more even skintone. When I pressed her for her secret, she told me that she was going for regular facials, using lots of sunscreen to prevent further skin damage and eating a newly discovered dietary supplement called R.G. Skin Revitalizer.

It’s made from the extract of a new superfruit called Gâc (Momordia Cochinchinemis Spreng) which is typically found in Vietnam. It’s a bright-red fruit which is approximately the size of a cantaloupe and filled with antioxidants which are so important for our health and skin. It has always traditionally been grown in home gardens and valued by the Asians for its medicinal properties until scientists recently unlocked its secret and health values, to the benefit of everyone else! It actually encourages cellular rejuvenation processes so the skin gets firmer, clearer and healthier over time which is simply incredible! Just like an age reversal process! I can’t wait to try this revitalizer juice now! Ah, the vanity of women!


I went out for dinner last night with bro. The area we went to was a bit suspect as there are usually a lot of drug addicts and prostitutes around that area. Unfortunately though, it does offer good and cheap food so we parked and headed off for dinner.

When I came back to my car, I saw a guy leaning against it with greasy hair and ruemmy eyes. I started feeling a bit scared and wasn't sure what to do. Luckily he moved away as we approached the car but lifted out his hand, asking for money. Just at that moment, a police car drove past, much to our relief, and we quickly hopped into the car and drove off.

What a scary experience!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Additions for Your Home

It seems like whenever people buy a home today, the rarely stick to the original design. So many people I’ve known end up doing lots of improvements to the original designs of their houses, whether putting in specially designed windows, doors or new kitchen designs. When I was studying abroad, I began to appreciate the fact that the owner of my rented property had the kindness of installing double glazing windows. It made a big difference in keeping the cold and wind out and helping us save on our heating bills.

We were quite surprised at his rent when we got the place from him as he gave us all these little extras for a cheap rent. When we asked him, we learnt that he was able to do that as he got his Home Improvements from Anglian, a renowned place amongst UK homeowners for their high quality home improvement stuff and reasonable prices. According to him, they had a wide range of all kinds of home improvement ideas which would suit any home owner. They’re so confident of their quality that they promise a 10 year guarantee on their products. I’ll definitely go to Anglian if I was staying abroad too!

KL/UK Time Zones

One of the pains about having an overseas office is the need to correspond your time zones. More often than not, the KL office ends up at the losing end having to stay back to accommodate the UK office times for conference calls or meetings. I don't really mind it as much if they allow us to come in a little later but the HR here is so particular that everyone who comes in just a minute later after 9am has to fill out late comer forms.

At the rate I've been going, I've been putting in more than 12 hour days in the office just to accommodate two different time zones!

Perfect Pens

In my previous job, we used to organize quite a number of events and I was always at a loss at what sort of souvenirs to get to commemorate the event. We used to give out little key chains, caps and mouse pads printed with the event details. One event we organized was mainly for the CEOs and Managing Directors of the group companies. My boss was very particular about the nature of the gifts for the participants and insisted that we look for high quality and impressionable gifts. After much deliberation, we decided to give out Cross Pens for the participants.

Cross pens are a high quality pen which fit both the need for form and function. Their sleek beautiful design complements every occasion perfectly, whether a social function or a high-powered business meeting. Most importantly, it writes as beautifully as it looks with world class writing technology and the distinctive Cross pen writing signature style. Its stylish shiny body made it perfect for personalization with our event logo and best of all, every purchase came with free engraving so we managed to save quite a bit on the engraving cost. It’s a great gift idea and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion, be it a graduation, wedding or retirement present.

Monday Mornings

Ah, the work week starts yet again! I had a really rough week last week and I really hope this week will be kinder with me being able to head home earlier. I know some people stay back till 8-9 pm but that's not really for me anymore. Why do it just to look hardworking when you can finish up everything within the normal workday?!

Dance Craze

Dance lovers, take note! The aventura bachata dance moves are hitting Latino clubs everywhere as everyone gyrates to the pulsing beat of this new salsa dance! If you have two left feet like me and can't gyrate your hips to save your life, don't worry because you can now learn step by step in the privacy of your own home with the 3 volume Bachata Dance Mastery Set.

So take out those dancing shoes and start swinging to the beat! Ole!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Expensive Fish

We just had dinner which comprised a very expensive fish Bro brought back from East Malaysia. It's sold for a much cheaper price there compared to here or other places. It's interestingly called the "sea chicken" and we guess it's because the flesh is quite firm compared to some other kind of fish. We couldn't decide what kind of family it came from but I thought that it rather resembled the grouper or snapper family.
It was a pretty good fish but a bit too small for our fish loving family!

Pretty Party Favors

I’ve attended several weddings over the past two years and found that each couple tries to outdo each other in their wedding favors. Each wedding tries to have the most memorable favors ranging from special chopsticks or even a Polaroid camera with photo frames at one for guests to take pictures of each other and their table! When a friend recently got married, she sought my help in looking for unique favors for her wedding dinner. I did some searches online and found a great range of favors at, a lovely site that does favors for every special moment and occasion in your life. They had favors for anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, bridal showers and weddings. They had a wide range of favors to choose from such as Asian themed favors, wine and even edible favors which would be great for a birthday party!

I particularly liked a beautiful Tiffany blue box favor which even came tied up with a pretty white bow, just like Tiffanys! It comes empty with five little white almonds or white hearts which add a very sweet touch to your wedding party. Best of all, it was on sale at only $2.75 from the original price of $3! My friend really loved the favor and so did all her guests. I’ll definitely be back at this site to look for more favors for my own occasions!

Sunday Morning

Isn't it amazing how fast the weekend has flown? It's already Sunday and all too soon, the hectic work week will start again. I've had a rather tiring weekend, partly due to lack of sleep during the week. So I finally managed to sleep in this Sunday morning which was just what my body needed.
So now I'm up and watching Sunday morning cartoons! :) I love weekends!

E for Entertainment

I recently met a friend for dinner and we adjourned to her house for coffee after that. It was the first time I’d been to her house and was truly curious to see what her house looked like as her husband was a famous architect who had designed many show rooms and show units for luxury apartments. As expected, her house was beautifully and stylishly designed with minimalist modern lines and lots of glass. Even her bathroom walls were glass! What caught my eye, however, was an elegant entertainment center which stood reign in her living room. It was made of dark walnut solid wood which gave an elegant albeit masculine touch to the room. A sliding panel hid an expensive flat screen Plasma TV while shelves below housed the AV and DVD sets. I like how the furniture was designed to have slim shelves by the side of the TV which was perfect for DVDs or videos. Little recesses also made it perfect for displaying family photographs and little knick knacks. It was a really nice house and I’d love to have a house just like that someday! First, I’ll need to save up hard for it though otherwise a house like that will live only in my dreams!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dead Tired

I'm terribly tired. Thought of staying up tonight to do up some paid posts but I can't keep away anymore. It's been a rough week at work with lots of work piling up all around my ears. So I think I'd better go sleep soon as tomorrow's going to be another hectic day.
Despite it being a Saturday, it seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye and tomorrow will already be Sunday! Just one more day and I'll be back to the grind of the workplace. Boohoo...with the weekend wouldn't end!

Gifts for NFL Fans

Is your son an NFL fan? If he is, he’ll love the huge range of NFL Merchandise available at It’s a great site that carries the latest uniforms for all the major league football teams, depending on which state you come from or which state your son affiliates himself most to! The uniform set comes with team logo helmet with good foam padding and a face mask with an adjustable chin strap so it will fit children heads of any sizes. The double knit polyester team jersey and pants are comfortable for children to wear and come with elastic waistband and cuffs which makes wearing them easy. It also comes with a complete set of 0-9 jersey numbers which can be easily ironed on depending on your child’s favourite jersey number!

The jerseys come with a flat shipping fee of $5 per order, big or small, for ground shipping and will be shipped out within 3 business days via UPS. If you’re rushing it out for a special occasion or gift, you’ll be able to get it within 1-2 business days by paying a $30 standard shipping charge. It’s a really great gift for a little fan of NFL or for a Halloween costume party! So if you’ve been looking for a perfect gift for a little football fan, check out for great gifts!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vegetarian Lunch

I went with a colleague for a vegetarian lunch today in Annalakshmi. It's a realy interesting Indian vegetarian restaurant where you pay whatever you wish to pay. It's partly run on charity and any money from it is supposed to go back to charity. I was surprised to see how popular it was and it was almost full of people for lunch. They had a simple buffet spread which although was all vegetarian was really filling.
It was a nice change of venue and food for lunch. It was pretty interesting and I wouldn't mind going there again.

London at a Discount!

London is a very expensive place to visit so people can’t understand why we love going back there so often when it’s so costly. I can’t explain why either! Perhaps it was my healthy diet of Enid Blyton books as a kid or my mom’s love for all things English that has rubbed off onto me as well. What lots of people don’t know is that a holiday to London doesn’t have to be all that expensive. Not when you have the internet at your disposal and all kinds of promotions and offers catered for tourists. We’re planning a trip to London again next March and while surfing around for attractions, I found a great saving card available for tourists called the London Sightseeing Pass.

It’s a card which offers free entries to 56 of the best charging attractions in and around London just for a one-off fee! I checked their list of attractions and was really thrilled to see that it encompassed a huge range which would be suitable for people of all ages and interests. Some of those I’ve always wanted to see are the London Aquarium, London Zoo, Kensington Palace, Shakespeare’s Globe and the Museum of London! And now I can see them with the London Pass! I was also really happy to see that it offered fantastic discounts for dining, shopping and plays! All my favourites! Imagine getting two meals for the price of one at the famous Wagamama or getting fantastic seats for a discounted price to watch Les Miserables!

I can’t wait for our coming trip and the chance to enjoy my special discounts and privileges with the London Sightseeing Pass!

Fasting Starts

Today marks the start of the fasting month, Ramadhan for the Muslims. What does it mean for us non-Muslims then? Lots! ;)

It means having your official working hours shortened by an hour to 4.30pm (Not as if I get to go home early) and lots of pasar Ramadhans to go to! These are markets set up by all kinds of traders for the people who are breaking fast. They sell a whole host of gastronomic goodies from local cakes, local dishes to exotic fare which one usually gets only during fasting month.

It's ironical to see just as many non-Muslims joining their Muslim friends in buying up food from the markets!

Shake That Booty!

Can you shake your booty? I, unfortunately was born with two left feet and can’t dance to save my life! I once tried a salsa class in the gym and was probably one of the stiffest around there! I couldn’t get it when he asked to shake your hips and my hips remained firmly still! :P However, now thanks to the internet, I can now embarrass myself in the privacy of my own home with the Learn to Dance Online website. It teaches the hot and sexy salsa steps in a simple instruction and promise to even help those with two left feet learn to dance! Hmm…let’s see if they manage to teach this hopeless dancer! Ole!

Indonesian Earthquake

I woke up this morning to the news that an 8.4 Richter Scale earthquake had yet again hit Sumatera. This is yet another of a series of earthquakes that have been been plaguing the poor nation since the massive one that wrecked it in 2004 and caused the deadly tsunami.

I'm not sure why it constantly hits the island of Sumatera when the people there are already so poor and have barely recovered from the 2004 quake. It could be that they're sitting on a fault line that has suddenly become alive and I guess since the last massive quake, that whole plate is just really unstable and constantly moving.

Having never been through a quake, I can but imagine what these people are having to go through and pray there wouldn't be another repeat.

Looking for a Job in Retail?

If you are looking for a new retail job, either part-time or full-time, hourly or salaried, you may want to check out RetailFit, an online job board that focuses exclusively on retail jobs. RetailFit has thousands of management, hourly and part time positions from national retailers and local businesses all over the country. The job opportunities on RetailFit range from corporate positions to store management jobs to part-time and seasonal opportunities. RetailFit also offers advice on how to handle the retail job interview and how to determine which retail job is right for you.

Breakfast on The Go

Do you normally eat breakfast? I am one of those who have to eat breakfast unlike sis and bro who can go without it. Without breakfast, I usually end up with my day spoilt as I'll have lots of air and indigestion in my tummy.

Usually there's nothing much to eat at home though unless I get some bread or buns the night before. I love how Dad makes us hot oats when he's in KL but when he's gone home, Bro and I are usually reduced to sad stuff we just grab and go!

How ironical huh? We should be the ones making him breakfast!

Virgina Holiday

If you're looking for a great place to vacation that has a view that can't be beat, then I can't think of any place better than Massanutten. Massanutten Virginia lodging is second to none, offering top quality amenities at every level, a great selection of indoor and outdoor activities to make your vacation fun and relaxing, and views that can't be found anywhere else. Whether you prefer horseback riding, golf, skiing, hiking, or mountain biking, you can be sure that Massanutten condo rentals will offer everything you're looking for, and when you're done having fun, you can relax in style in your personal condo with all the features of home and a great view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There's no reason not to check them out. See what's available today and I promise that you'll be staying there on your next Virginia vacation.


I was suddenly stricken by a painful tummyache while surfing earlier! I wonder what happened or whether it was the food I ate. I have some gastric problems so I usually have to make sure I eat at regular mealtimes otherwise I'll end up with a very painful bout of gastric. And strangely enough, just as sudden as it came, it disappeared!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Car Insurance 101

I hadn’t checked my mail in many months and had a full mailbox to clear. Nothing like being an adult and having bills to pay! One of the many bills was a letter from my car insurer telling me that my car insurance was due soon, in a couple months time. It was a hefty sum since I had just bought a new car late last year and hence, it was insured for almost the whole amount. Honestly, as a female, looking at scary things like insurance payments and things like that are mind-boggling enough for me! This is not even taking account the effort to compare and contrast auto insurance rates across different companies and different policies!

I used to always wish for a site I could go to where all my insurance questions and woes will be answered. Well, guess what, my wish came true with They’re a great site that has everything I need to know on auto insurance! They have a fantastic user-friendly and idiot proof car insurance glossary where I could compare different policies at a glance without having to try to understand scary jargon. They also had lots of great articles to read which helped me understand the car insurance world a lot better and what I should be looking out for in an insurance policy. Thank goodness for great sites like these! I feel less fluffy now!

*This is a sponsored review*

Nothing on Telly

It's a boring Wednesday night. There's nothing on telly but silly Malay shows or Mandarin shows. What happened to English programmes?! I think it's because Wednesday nights are usually cheap movie nights which means most people hit the cinemas and don't stay at home in front of the idiot box.

But the stations should cater for those who don't have the luxury of watching movies every Wednesday!

Closet Space

When we moved to our new place, I was downgraded from a nice big 5-door closet cabinet to a small 2-door one! Imagine how freaked out I was as it could barely fit half my clothes and bags! Despite a spring-cleaning exercise, I still wasn't able to fit all my clothes in and resorted having to split them between two rooms! So now I flit between both rooms each time I need to take clothes, whether formal or informal!

Panda Eyes

I had a bad night last night. Had to wake up really early for an early morning meeting which was difficult to get to due to bad traffic. I set my alarm for 6am but got paranoid before I slept so I kept waking up throughout the night just in case I overslept. And oversleep I did! I must have subconsciously turned off the alarm because the next time I woke up it was 6.50am! Luckily I live near the office now and traffic wasn't that bad so I made it on time but gosh, I'm really tired today now! And have huge panda eyes!

Poker Fun

I’ve always wondered why they call it a poker face. When I was later taught that game by my cousins, I began to understand the need to keep a straight face when you have a fantastic hand of cards so your opponent will not know! But with online poker nowadays, you’re free to have your face read like an open book since your opponents will not be able to see you, unless you have a webcam on!

Online poker is really fun and if you’re new to the game,, the world’s only free poker statistics site. Here, they provide reviews on all the best poker sites, latest news and hottest tables. One of the sites I always visit is PokerStars, the world’s number one online poker room. It’s got fantastic graphics and allows players to upload their own images as avatars which makes for a hilarious poker game at times! They have one of the best ranges of special tournaments too and its Sunday Million is now the biggest weekly tournament on the web! Another great poker site is Pacific Poker which advertises extensively. There are always lots of new players and multiple tables to play at which makes it a great place for building up your bank account! The third site I enjoy watching is Paradise Poker which is one of the longest serving poker sites. I like how trustworthy and reliable it is, which is very important to me, especially since my money is at stake. Like PokerStars, they too run fantastic specials and their most-awaited event is The Paradise Masters, a nine day championship with nine events and a guaranteed prize pool of over $3 million!

So if you’re looking for a great place to learn the tips and tricks of poker, come over to!

Fed Up

Am getting very stressed out at work. I hate it when people don't pull their weight around or start passing the buck. Worse, minions like us end up getting scolded for things which are not really in our jurisdiction or things which we thought would require a more senior approval or decision made.

I mean, something's seriously wrong if a minion who's paid barely the equivalent of US$2,000 can do the job of someone else who's paid ten times that amount, isn't it?!

Join the Hunt

I used to watch lots of Disney cartoons when I was a child and one of my particular favourite was one where Donald used to hunt geese and bears in the snowy mountainside with lots of mishaps, as usual! Hunting used to be a very popular sport. The royal family of England still indulges in their hunting activities despite the constant protests from environmentalists. People in Scotland, too still hunt for wild salmon although they are now more curtailed through tighter laws and license requirements. Recently, I read too about how snow geese hunting is now fast becoming a sport across Missouri as well.

Snow geese hunting is one of the finest wing shooting the Midwest of America offers. The hunting season is carried out every year in late February and early March when the snow geese from the Northwest corner of the state commence their migration paths further north to their breeding grounds. Companies like Show Me Show Geese have private hunting lands in northwest and southeast Missouri which they conduct quality hunting trips on. They provide hunts for all kinds of show geese and waterfowl at reasonable prices. All hunters will be accompanied by their highly motivated personnel with over forty years of hunting experience and with their quality decoys, lands and equipment, I’m sure you will not end up empty-handed at the end of the day!

So if you’ll like to try your hand at a new sport, why not try hunting snow geese with Show Me Snow Geese?

J Card Day

Yesterday was J Card members day here and gosh! What a mess it was! I came in to work around 8am and already I had no parking left! All these kiasu shoppers had taken up all the car lots, even all the way to the office parking lots!

It was madness everywhere and when I left late that evening, I was frustrated to find myself stuck in the carpark for more than half an hour just trying to exit. The roads outside and inside the carpark were full of people who were either trying to get in or get out! Terrible!

Thank goodness it's only once or twice a year.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a new buzz word in today’s world of technology and wireless information transfer. It’s an amazingly wide-reaching and powerful tool which if used the right way can help you reach an amazing number of people and potential customers in a very quick time.

If you own an internet business and have always wanted to know more about marketing over the internet, you now can with which will be organizing a one day event in London on 8 November 2007 at HMS President to discuss and debate the future and power of online marketing. They have a whole host of esteemed speakers lined up for the event, from Kate Burns who was the former MD of Google UK and Mike Butcher who has been described as “One of the top 100 Innovators of the UK Internet Decade”. These are the gurus of the Internet and have very successfully built their businesses around the power of online marketing. So if you’ve always been looking for a competitive edge over your competitors and a new way to succeed with your online business, do not miss this special event! You wouldn’t regret it!