Thursday, November 24, 2011

Free Standing Tub

Don't you think there's just something about a clawfoot tub that adds romanticism and glamour to a bathroom? I really love freestanding clawfoot tubs and was very excited to see one in the Mauritius resort we stayed in. While it was really fun soaking in the tub, I certainly did not envy the hotel maids who had to clean up the bathroom after that! A clawfoot bath looks good but water usually ends up spilling over the sides which will make it a nightmare to have in our own house! So for now, I'll just enjoy it in the hotels :)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Building A Dream Kitchen

I've been listening to my colleagues talking about house renovation for almost a month already. Two of them have recently bought new houses and are well in the thick of their renovation, including some really tough renovation woes for one. I was just telling them I had never experienced a full blown renovation like what they are doing as we have never started building nor renovating a whole house from scratch. If I could, one of the areas I would love to do up the most is the kitchen. I'd really love an island complete with pretty kitchen spice racks on the walls. A hanging wall spice rack will look really nice as well and once they are filled up with spices, will add a whimsical yet colourful touch to the kitchen. Best of all, these spice racks are useful too in the cooking! Someday, when we have found our house to settle in long term, I'll have my dream spice rack too!