Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spoilt LAN Line

Did you know that your network cable can actually spoil quite easily if you always take it in and out? I didn't and used to think that the culprit was my home internet modem whenever I had connection problems. It turned out that my network cable was getting spoilt because I constantly changed it from the desktop to my laptop. So, if you use a network cable or a LAN line, try to use it only for one device and not swap it around too often.

Giving Gifts During Business Dealings

In my old job, I had the chance to do some work with a Japanese businessman. I had heard so much about their hospitality and I certainly was impressed at our first meeting. The businessman came with a beautifully wrapped box of Japanese biscuits that I'm sure must have cost a bomb in Japan! He even took the trouble to look for suitable Men's Business & Office Gifts for my male colleague to ensure it will be something useful for him. Very impressive and it certainly goes a long way in ensuring a good business relationship. The Westerners have a lot to learn.

Retiring At An Early Age

A friend has a brother in law who lives in a nice luxury condo in KL, drives a comfortable Volvo, invests in the top range audio equipment for his home and doesn't need to work a single day for all these! How is that possible, you wonder? Well, I don't know if you would consider it lucky or unlucky but he got into some industrial accident while working in the oil and gas sector and was given a big social security disability payout as a result. Hence, his retirement is pretty much covered for life! That's the benefit of buying social security to protect you at your workplace.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yoga class

I kinda miss my yoga sessions. I enjoyed them very much as my teacher had a small group and was really passionate about yoga. So she would spend time correcting our poses and ensuring we did everything correctly. Now, my yoga mats are just languishing in a corner of the room and my body has terrible muscle tone. Maybe I should just join a class here though I dislike the thought of big classes and lower attention. Either that or a pilates class.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Keep Investments Well

The world economy is in a bit of turmoil right now. I recently read that world food prices are expected to shoot through the roof in the next few years as the major agricultural countries of the world battle natural disasters and drought. Whatever it is, I hope we will all never fall to a level so low where we need to resort to Selling Gold Jewelry to survive. At the rate the gold prices are hitting the sky, it is always best to continue to keep it for investment purposes.