Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reading E-Books

My iPad seems to be a bit of a white elephant right now. I use it mainly only to watch downloaded movies although I have been told that downloading of electronic book are really easy as well. I have not tried downloading any yet as nothing beats the feel and smell of a physical book for me. I still enjoy turning the pages and taking my time to enjoy the book. Somehow the digital form of an electronic book just doesn't have that same feel. Do you feel the same?

Gift Business Ideas

I was hunting around for a farewell gift for my boss who is leaving soon and was surprised to see the number of gift types available for every occasion. Today, you can find gifts for just about anything, from just because gifts to someone whom you are thinking of to innovative birthday and farewell gifts. Gifts today are just getting more and more creative and special and is a multi-million business now. Perhaps a business idea to think about!

Advantages of a Small House

One advantage of staying in a small place like I currently do is the ease of cleaning and reaching for stuff. My ceiling is quite low so most of my things are all easily accessible by standing on a stool. I don't even need a two step stool to reach my items in the higher cupboards. Of course it comes with some downside as my ceiling is too low for a ceiling fan so I need to make do with stand fans which naturally don't provide as much wind or cooling effect as I like!

Successful Business

A friend has recently quit the rat race to set up a web hosting company. He now runs a web host for big sites and has amassed quite a fortune as his clients like the stability and reliability his webhosting services offer. That's the amazing thing with the world today...you can make a successful business out of just anything and in any form, whether physical or online.

Proper Web Host

I've been reading of many people having trouble with their webhosting companies. In some cases, some of their blogs disappear! If you are running a website or a blog as part of your income, it is always important to go with a reliable and proper web hosting company to ensure your site is always available to everyone and you do not lost income from downtime. There are many companies around but do ensure you do your homework, research and select the best possible one for your budget.