Friday, April 30, 2010

Gold Investments

I was in Chinatown recently and noticed that the gold shops were full of people rushing to buy gold! I know the Chinese have always had lots of faith in gold and often buy gold bullion piece, gold jewellery and gold bars. Keeping gold instead of stocks or cold hard cash them a whole lot more valuable than keeping cash which is subject to inflation. With the way the recent gold prices have been heading, I can't help but agree with this age old investing wisdom and its just a pity the prices are now too high to consider something like that. I do have some gold jewellery but I find that yellow gold does not suit my skin well and has a tendency to look tarnished after a while. White gold is much nicer but unfortunately does not fetch as much value so it looks like I don't have much choice but to keep my investments in non-gold items! What about you?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slim Challenges

I have a friend who's really skinny even after the birth of her baby. She just can't put on weight in spite of how much she eats and she recently told me that she's so tired of people asking her how she maintains her figure and whether she can recommend any weight loss pills that work! She once got so irritated that she gave the other person a real piece of her mind which I found very surprising as she's usually quite mild-mannered. I never thought that being slim would come with its challenges too!

Traditional Doctor

I'll be following my colleague to a traditional Chinese medical doctor on Friday. The doctor is apparently very good with circulation and female problems. Apparently the queues are really long because she would see her regular patients first before seeing new patients and since its a charity hospital, you can't really jump queue either! Hopefully we won't have to wait too long this Friday. Its going to be an interesting experience as I've never seen a traditional doctor or sinseh before.

Deep Cleansing

The fad for colon cleansing with products such as colonix has died down a little after much hype a few years back. I think what contributed most to the hype was the fact that Princess Diana used to undergo that treatment on a regular basis to detox and remain slim. I'm not sure if it can really help you lose weight in the long term but I certainly do believe that it will help in detoxifying your body of all its toxins. However, I still can't bring myself to try it. Can you?

Flexi Time

The hubs seems to have busy weeks ahead of him. He's going off overseas for work and actually asked if I would like to go along. Its really tempting but I'm not sure if my boss will appreciate me taking leave so often in so short a period. I guess its best not to rock the boat especially since I'm trying to take long leave at the end of the year. These are times when I wish I didn't have to work and had my own flexibiilty!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cosmetic Surgery

There are all kinds of surgery done nowadays as people try their best to look younger than they really are, thinner than they really should be and have tauter skin than they should have. It seems like people are willing to go under the knife for all kinds of surgery from cosmetic to bariatric surgery which sounds absolutely barbaric! Whatever it is, surgery is a major thing and should only be done by a trained and certified surgeon. Don't fall for cheap surgical procedures as you could be playing with your life!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Missing Home

I miss Malaysian food. I used to think that it was fun to find pork everywhere you go whenever I came to Singapore for a visit. But now that I've been here for a month, I find their food a little too uniform and tasteless. Every food court looks the same, right down to the signs and I miss my nasi lemak terribly and keropok! I miss seeing little roadside stalls from which I can buy snacks from. Everything here is nicely tucked away into sanitary food courts or coffee shops. I never thought I'll miss food this much but I do. Am so glad to be going home this weekend!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Unnaturally Thin

I've noticed that people here are all really skinny. Fat or overweight does not seem to be a problem they face at all, perhaps due to their health consciousness or healthy habits since school days. However, the papers are still full of weight loss pills and weight loss programmes promoting thinness and trimness. Maybe their glowing health here isn't entirely natural after all!

Working Both Ways

I had quite a bit planned for tonight but will have to see how things go as I'm quite tired. I wanted to get some clearing and ironing out of the way and make the whole place a little more liveable especially since DH isn't going to be back that early. I can't watch any TV either so might as well make myself useful! Sometimes it feels like work never the office and at home! Is it just because I'm a woman and women are always expected to do work at home too regardless of how hard they've worked in the office? What do you think?

Walking to Work

I had a fair bit of distance to walk to work this morning from the nearest MRT stop, approximately 1 km away. I put on my trusty Fitflops and packed my heels into a bag so I could walk properly without killing myself. If I keep this up, I'm sure I'll be a healthier and trimmer person by the end of this year provided I don't up my intake of food! Who needs natural fat burners?! However, I do find myself getting hungrier and snacking more often which isn't a good sign either! Need to stop keeping snacks at my office desk now!

Fish Soup Favourite

I never thought I'll get tired of pork but I am. Suddenly when you're surrounded by it here in Singapore it doesn't seem as appealing anymore. And I can't seem to find my favourite pork noodles that I used to get in KL. Ironically, I've actually been eating more fish here when I eat out. Maybe because its easy to get nice fish as opposed to the river fish KL hawkers prefer using. Fish soup is currently my absolute favourite and I think I'm going to eat it for dinner again tonight! Small things to look forward to after a long day at work...

Internet Business

Starting an internet business is just as challenging as a physical one. You need to ensure you have the right skills to design a good website, use a good seo tool so your website can be found and know how to market your site to get maximum visitors and traffic. However, the costs of setting up an internet business can be significantly cheaper than doing a physical one. It is also a lot more flexible as you can do it any time and anywhere in the world. Maybe its time to seriously look into an alternative source of income through the web again!

Fitting A Huge TV

When we bought our huge 42 inch TV, we never thought that one day we'll be living in a place that's half or less than half of our previous place in KL! They say you can never plan perfectly and that is exactly what happened for us when we moved down to Singapore and ended up in a flat that's tiny! DH spent most of last Sunday fixing up the wires and TV and finally, we have a huge monster sitting in our tiny living room! Just need to get some antenna wires and I think we're good to go. Now, just to make sure we don't go blind watching such a huge screen from such a close distance!

Expensive Not Always Best

Do you think the best face cream is always measured by how much it costs? Well I certainly do not think so. I was previously once sold by a popular Japanese face cream that was terribly expensive but promised clear and glowing skin. Unfortunately, the cream was too rich for me and broke out my skin! Imagine the pains of having to deal with acne breakouts and having to fork out money for an expensive face cream! Now I tend to approach any best face cream claims with much caution. Would you spend thousands on any face cream?

On The Move

We haven't had a weekend off since one and a half months ago. Every weekend has been spent moving things from one place to another, clearing and cleaning of sorts! We just did our final move last weekend in Singapore, after we moved several things down by bags and by bus from KL! Spent most of Sunday evening clearing up the new place we'll be staying in and setting things in order. Thankfully most of it is almost done and now its just a matter of settling in. Hopefully we can do that this weekend and get to know the area a little bit better.

Not a Pet Lover

Some people I've met are really surprised when I tell them I don't really like pets especially since DH is a vet! I know many have told me that having a pet brings lots of joy into your life, gives you something to come home to and its definitely ego boosting to have something that thinks you are its life! However, I personally do not like mess and cannot imagine having to deal with the mess a pet brings, the maintenance you need to upkeep such as feeding them, cleaning them and any pet beds or toys these pampered pets might have! So while I grouse about the tiny space we're living in now, at least its a good excuse not to have a pet!