Thursday, November 24, 2011

Free Standing Tub

Don't you think there's just something about a clawfoot tub that adds romanticism and glamour to a bathroom? I really love freestanding clawfoot tubs and was very excited to see one in the Mauritius resort we stayed in. While it was really fun soaking in the tub, I certainly did not envy the hotel maids who had to clean up the bathroom after that! A clawfoot bath looks good but water usually ends up spilling over the sides which will make it a nightmare to have in our own house! So for now, I'll just enjoy it in the hotels :)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Building A Dream Kitchen

I've been listening to my colleagues talking about house renovation for almost a month already. Two of them have recently bought new houses and are well in the thick of their renovation, including some really tough renovation woes for one. I was just telling them I had never experienced a full blown renovation like what they are doing as we have never started building nor renovating a whole house from scratch. If I could, one of the areas I would love to do up the most is the kitchen. I'd really love an island complete with pretty kitchen spice racks on the walls. A hanging wall spice rack will look really nice as well and once they are filled up with spices, will add a whimsical yet colourful touch to the kitchen. Best of all, these spice racks are useful too in the cooking! Someday, when we have found our house to settle in long term, I'll have my dream spice rack too!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reading E-Books

My iPad seems to be a bit of a white elephant right now. I use it mainly only to watch downloaded movies although I have been told that downloading of electronic book are really easy as well. I have not tried downloading any yet as nothing beats the feel and smell of a physical book for me. I still enjoy turning the pages and taking my time to enjoy the book. Somehow the digital form of an electronic book just doesn't have that same feel. Do you feel the same?

Gift Business Ideas

I was hunting around for a farewell gift for my boss who is leaving soon and was surprised to see the number of gift types available for every occasion. Today, you can find gifts for just about anything, from just because gifts to someone whom you are thinking of to innovative birthday and farewell gifts. Gifts today are just getting more and more creative and special and is a multi-million business now. Perhaps a business idea to think about!

Advantages of a Small House

One advantage of staying in a small place like I currently do is the ease of cleaning and reaching for stuff. My ceiling is quite low so most of my things are all easily accessible by standing on a stool. I don't even need a two step stool to reach my items in the higher cupboards. Of course it comes with some downside as my ceiling is too low for a ceiling fan so I need to make do with stand fans which naturally don't provide as much wind or cooling effect as I like!

Successful Business

A friend has recently quit the rat race to set up a web hosting company. He now runs a web host for big sites and has amassed quite a fortune as his clients like the stability and reliability his webhosting services offer. That's the amazing thing with the world can make a successful business out of just anything and in any form, whether physical or online.

Proper Web Host

I've been reading of many people having trouble with their webhosting companies. In some cases, some of their blogs disappear! If you are running a website or a blog as part of your income, it is always important to go with a reliable and proper web hosting company to ensure your site is always available to everyone and you do not lost income from downtime. There are many companies around but do ensure you do your homework, research and select the best possible one for your budget.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Keeping The Place Clean

I don't really like mess around my work area so I was pretty pleased when my new laptop came with a set of cable covers to hide all the unsightly wires away from view. My IT set it up last week and finally, I have a clean desk now to work off! Funny how particular I can be about loose wires lying around when my house is so messy with letters and envelopes.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Christmas Shopping Made Easy

I read in the papers yesterday that Britain had started a Christmas in July sale to capture the summer shoppers and people were actually buying their decorations and gifts early! If you are one of those who tend to leave your Christmas shopping too late, fret not, because you can now find gifts for everyone from gifting solutions for all occasions! Imagine finding the perfect gift for your old grandaunt or young niece! They simply have everything covered so Christmas shopping can no longer be a headache!

Technological Leaps

One really can't keep up with technology. I just had the chance to see someone's Galaxy Tab yesterday and was really impressed with the sharpness and photo quality for something so small. I also played with a friend's Kindle and have to say I was very impressed by how easy it made reading. Next thing will probably be funky gadgets such as Epson TM-T88V or new roll-up TVs. The world is moving at such a fast pace you'll get left behind if you don't keep up!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Learning Mandarin

I'm currently taking Mandarin classes and am honestly finding it quite a challenge as it is a very difficult language to learn. I've asked around and it seems like there is no easier way to learn Mandarin short of memorizing! Perhaps I should start looking at franklin speaking language master tools or guides to help me improve my Mandarin. Hopefully, after a few more months of pain, I will be able to hold a decent conversation and recognise more characters!

Insurance Coverage

A friend has started dabbling in insurance and has been calling me up to go over some buy sell agreements and suggested insurance plans with her. While I would like to support her new career, I do have quite a number of insurance policies already and with my financial status a little uncertain in the long run, I would prefer not to commit to a long-term expenditure such as large annual premiums. However, if you do not have insurance yet, you definitely should consider purchasing a minimal plan to prepare for all unforeseen circumstances.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spoilt LAN Line

Did you know that your network cable can actually spoil quite easily if you always take it in and out? I didn't and used to think that the culprit was my home internet modem whenever I had connection problems. It turned out that my network cable was getting spoilt because I constantly changed it from the desktop to my laptop. So, if you use a network cable or a LAN line, try to use it only for one device and not swap it around too often.

Giving Gifts During Business Dealings

In my old job, I had the chance to do some work with a Japanese businessman. I had heard so much about their hospitality and I certainly was impressed at our first meeting. The businessman came with a beautifully wrapped box of Japanese biscuits that I'm sure must have cost a bomb in Japan! He even took the trouble to look for suitable Men's Business & Office Gifts for my male colleague to ensure it will be something useful for him. Very impressive and it certainly goes a long way in ensuring a good business relationship. The Westerners have a lot to learn.

Retiring At An Early Age

A friend has a brother in law who lives in a nice luxury condo in KL, drives a comfortable Volvo, invests in the top range audio equipment for his home and doesn't need to work a single day for all these! How is that possible, you wonder? Well, I don't know if you would consider it lucky or unlucky but he got into some industrial accident while working in the oil and gas sector and was given a big social security disability payout as a result. Hence, his retirement is pretty much covered for life! That's the benefit of buying social security to protect you at your workplace.