Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Diet Pills?

What do you think are the best diet pills on the market at the moment? My colleague recently asked me that and I was unable to answer her as I had no clue! To me, diet pills are not exactly the best way to lose weight as they may come with some dangerous side effects. They are also not cheap and I told her she might be better off exercising instead. Hopefully she takes my advice!

Precious Collections

We tend to throw away things each time we spring-clean our houses. However, did you know that some collections can actually bring you money? I recall a friend whose old uncle used to keep a huge collection of silver coin from all types of countries. When he passed away, the family cleared the house and out of interest decided to send those coins for valuation. They were shocked to know that the coins were actually worth a tidy sum today! Especially since precious metals prices have been on the upward trend! So next time do think carefully before you throw out your collections!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sale But No Sales

Everywhere seems to be screaming sale! I was at training in town for the past 3 days and almost everywhere had banners proclaiming sales of all kinds. However, the stores still seem mostly empty and I believe despite the cheaper prices, people are just buying less to save their money.

Keeping Your Job

In my previous company, I used to have an IT person who would be sleeping most of the day in the dark and air-conditioned server room! He was so incompetent that he couldn't answer most of our questions including how to download cad drawing tools when the engineers had to perform some work. Sometimes I really wonder how people get to keep their jobs in this current competitive economy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Living Healthily

It is a scary world we live in today. There are all kinds of terminal diseases that crop up everywhere nowadays, even in young children. It seems like everything we eat or use now have potential to cause cancer such as mesothelioma or other worse terminal diseases. It does make you wonder how best we can live and have a healthy life.