Friday, August 31, 2007

Online Gambling

I recently went out for dinner with my ex colleagues. During our dinner, they were telling me about how they took half day off to sneak up to the casino in the highlands simply just to have fun! I was amazed because they were willing to drive the one hour up and down again just for a few hours of fun of which some of them lost and others made some money. I should recommend online backgammon to them instead! With BackgammonMasters, they can play backgammon and blackjack online without having to leave their seats!

This site used to only have backgammon online but due to increasing popularity, they’ve now added blackjack to it as well. It is the only free software download available for online backgammon and blackjack that allows its players to play in ten different languages! They have really sophisticated graphics and avatar modes which gives the game a “real-life” feel. Players can even sit in on a game in progress to watch it before deciding to join in.

I’m sure my ex colleagues would love this site which will allow them the comfort of playing in their own home instead of driving up to a casino!

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Super Searcher

Sometimes when I think about how far technology has come, I’m truly amazed at how much I’ve learnt over the internet in the past few years. A few years ago, I didn’t even know how to surf and wasn’t sure what to look for but today, search engines like Google and Yahoo are my best friends and I run to them for almost everything, be it planning for a holiday, looking for reviews on restaurants or hotels and best of all, for reading blogs on everything under the sun! So when I read about how a new search engine called mylivesearch search engine real time was revolutionizing the way internet users search, I couldn’t wait to try it.

Apparently it turns your computer into a super search engine that searches the Web Live so you can be sure to get the latest and most updated information. I was really impressed to know that they can even search invisible pages that conventional search engines usually miss! What a fantastic search engine! With them, I’ll be able to have access to an even wider pool of information! So if you’re still using conventional search engines, it’s time to switch to Mylivesearch!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Balcony Chairs

Our family loves teak furniture. It gives a nice charm to the house and its sturdiness makes it perfect for the outdoors. So when we moved into our new place with a nice sun drenched balcony, my mom decided to get a pair of Teak Chairs for the balcony. We were intending to buy them from the nearby store but I happened to surf by BeFurnished and saw fantastic deals on their teak chairs! They have a huge variety of chairs and designs ranging in various colours and perfect for the outdoors. They even had a cute little Boston Bar design which came with a little bar table and two high bar chairs which would look really nice if we had a bar counter.

Their prices were reasonable too and we were lucky that they were having some items on sale which was quite a large discount from their original prices. Best of all, they offered free shipping on all their orders. This actually saved us quite a bit as even the local shops charged transportation charges. We ended up getting nice pair of chairs and are really happy with the quality of it now. It sits on the balcony and every now and then, it takes only a polish to have it looking new again!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Online Teacher

I met a friend recently who was partially bragging about how well her child was doing in school. I was quite surprised as this was the same friend who had been complaining about her child’s poor results just 3 months ago. Curious, I asked her what caused the turnabout change and her answer was Online Tutoring via TutorVista. According to her, it is the world’s leading online Tutoring programme with great affordable packages from as low as $99.99 a month for as much usage as the student requires.

Her child was struggling a lot with Math and Algebra but within a month of using the TutorVista, her understanding and results in these subjects improved tremendously, to her mother’s delight. Her mother likes the fact that the Tutoring is available 24 hours, 7 days a week so her child has the flexibility of accessing it for Homework Help anytime of the day or week without having to tire herself out by going for fixed time tuition classes.

She and her child both love their online Tutor and would greatly recommend it to anyone having difficulties with their lessons!

Santa's here!

Christmas is less than half a year away now so it’s time to start cracking on your Christmas gifts if you haven’t already bought and stored them away from prying eyes and fingers! If you’re still wondering what to get your family and friends for Christmas, why not hop over to CouponChief to save a little while shopping with their online coupons? If someone in your family loves cooking, get them some bakeware from and save a cool 20% off their selection of Kaiser La Forme Bakeware! You’ll be glad you did when you’re enjoying the results of their baking! Or how about a pair of Puma shoes for the fitness enthusiast in your family and get another 20% off all Puma shoes with your online coupons! Quickly head over to CouponChief to shop and save before the offers disappear!

Flexible Holidays

Vacation rental homes seem to be the trend today over swanky impersonal hotels. I recently saw a site offering great Outer Banks Vacation Homes on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I think people today tend to prefer this as some of them may come with a large family or big group of people and it will work out too expensive to stay in a hotel. Vacation homes also give them the flexibility of having a wide space to hang out in and to even cook their own meals which is something hotels definitely can’t offer. So if you’ll like a comfortable accommodation with lots of flexibility, do consider vacation homes instead.

Evening Dresses

Last year I had heaps of weddings to attend and was at a loss as I don’t have many Formal Dresses. Being female, you can’t turn up at an event too often in the same dress especially when the attendees are the same people! Although men are usually unobservant, women aren’t and so there’s always a lot of pressure to look for a nice and different dress from what I wore to an earlier function.

Luckily I managed to find a little online secret – ElegantMart! They’re a great site that offers designer Formal Dresses at great discounted and affordable prices. They have some really beautiful dresses there that fit me to a T and because they are designer dresses from abroad, I can be quite safely assured that no one else would have the same dress as mine in the function. Nothing worse than seeing someone wearing the same dress as you! Plus they offer free shipping so what’s not to love about them?! So if you’ve been always on the lookout for the perfect Evening Gown, start here! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Sand and Surf

Do you love the beach? I’m not sure if I can call myself a beach lover as the few times I’m on a beach, I’m usually hiding under a huge umbrella, away from the sun! However, I do enjoy the relaxed feeling beach holidays or a beach resort holiday always brings and the fun feeling of waking up in the morning without any deadlines or work to worry about. I’ve never really been to any exotic beach holidays before to faraway beaches like the Bahamas, Cancun or the famous Zanzibar where all the superstars hang out and always used to think they were too expensive and inaccessible.

That was until I heard about Dialaflight and their fantastic Holiday Offers on flights, hotels and travel ideas worldwide. They have great offers so independent packages which cater to a huge range of holiday options ranging from adventure tours, safari holidays, weekend breaks, spa holidays and beach holidays to some of the most exotic destinations in the world! With them, you could be sailing off to the Grenadines or Fiji to enjoy unspoilt beauty and clear blue seas. Or how about Hawaii or the famous Maldives island for a spot of diving and deep-sea fishing?

So if you’re hoping to run away from the cold autumn weather right into tropical holidays out of a picture postcard, give Dialaflight a call today!


Big Lunch Ahead

We're planning to go for a big lunch later for a farewell celebration for a colleague who's leaving. The suggestion was curry fish head which was whole-heartedly agreed by the rest of my colleagues. So we're sneaking out for an early and heavy lunch in just a few more hours!

Hopefully we don't end up sleeping at our desks after that like little pigs! :P

Beat Addiction in Luxury

Drugs are a terrible thing but luckily today there are lots of good rehab programmes for those wishing to seek treatment for their addiction. No longer are rehab programmes conducted in the most Spartan facilities with fierce facilitators bent on whipping addicts into shape. Instead, today, rehab centres like the Rehab in Malibu is a lovely residential drug and alcohol rehab centre which even takes care of those with eating disorders. They have a different drug treatment philosophy that includes detox, therapy for individuals and groups, alternative and holistic medication and depression treatment. All these come together to create a very effective and comprehensive addiction treatment programme with a good success rate.

The centre is located on a sprawling two acres of land and features excellent privacy and beautiful architecture. Clients here are given beautiful bedrooms with plasma TVs and wireless Internet access to help their rehab programme run smoother in a comfortable setting. They have lots of activities for clients to spend their free time which range from hiking to beach walks and even spa treatments for those who seek it. It’s nothing like any rehab programme I’ve ever heard of and treat its clients the same way a luxury hotel would. So if you know of anyone battling a drug or alcohol addiction, refer them to the Cliffside Malibu Rehab Centre. They’ll thank you for it.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One-Stop Information

Sometimes when I do searching online, it’s a pain to see lots of sites and information which may or may not be relevant appearing all over the place. At times like that, I find a good blog directory like the Alive Blog Directory the best place to start for information. It’s a directory created from the Alice Directory resource database and pulls information from all sorts of sites and blogs to provide you with the best place for information on everything which is fantastic for surfers such as me.

It’s also a great way of advertising your site if you’re an owner of a site seeking publicity and links to your site. There are lots of options you can choose to submit your site under through standard or featured listings for an annual or permanent submission basis. There are lots of categories for you to feature your blog or site in with lots of deep link options so you’ll never run out of words to link your site too for publicity! So whether you’re a surfer or a site owner, you’ll both benefit from Alive Blog Directory!

Trustworthy Source

People say you can’t always believe what’s written on the net. It’s a place where you can find information on almost everything but it may not all necessarily be true. This can sometimes be dangerous especially if it involves health products as not all claims you come across may be true. Some of it could be an advertiser’s gimmick just to persuade people to buy or an unscrupulous advertiser providing false claims and false information. So how do you know which work and which don’t? Find out at

Here, you can read honest product reviews from real people who have actually tried the product. It’ll be rated by users and those with the higher rating would naturally be better. So if you’ve been battling hair loss and wondering if you should try Provillus, come to to find out what others think about it. They also have a great section for women. Those who are battling hot flashes from menopause will be able to find excellent and trusted menopause relief products while a friend found a cellulite cream that really worked from their site.

So don’t take a chance with your health, read the reviews and check the ratings before buying!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Earn Marks & Spencers Goodies

When I recently had to go to UK on a working trip, I was really glad I managed to squeeze in some time to visit two of my old friends who had chosen to settle down and work there. One of them was really kind to accompany me to Marks & Spencers to pick up some UK treats for my siblings while waiting for the other to arrive. Alas, when we reached the checkout counter, I found that I had finished all my pound notes on my train ticket to the city. He was nice enough to swipe his Marks & Spencers &More credit card for me to help me pay first.

I was surprised to see that Marks had their own credit card now and according to him, this was the best credit card around as &More points you earn on the card gives you shopping rebates at Marks. They have also teamed up with lots of tour operators to give up to 10% savings on holiday packages which work out really well for him as he’s a huge travel fan. With this card, he managed to buy furniture from Marks to furnish his new flat at 0% interest.

I was really impressed with the fantastic offers attached with the credit card. Too bad I’m not working in the UK otherwise I’ll definitely own one too!

Go Paperless

When I first started work, one of my jobs in that company was to create a webpage for our services across the group companies. I was a fresh accounting graduate right out of University with limited computer skills so imagine how much stress I was under to quickly learn up programming and HTML! Too bad we didn’t have BoxesOS by Epazz then because its content management component would have helped me create webpages without having to learn any HTML.

The BoxesOS Content Management Component is a great nifty tool which allows the creation, management and sharing of content across and organization. This allows the dissemination of information through emails, newsletters, RSS feeds and lots more. As long as the user is connected to the internet, they’ll be able to access all the information they need, hence reducing the need for paper memos and printing costs. It is flexible and can be catered for use in almost every industry. A friend in the construction industry found that it was really useful in allowing engineers to share drawings and plans without the need of a paper filing room and document controller. Even conservative industries like banks and financial institutions are starting to migrate to BoxesOS to create a paperless environment which helps them reduce their costs in the long run.

So if you’re still using paper to disseminate your office information, it’s time to switch to BoxesOS!

Quiet Life

I would think that America is probably the last place I would think of for retirement, what more in Arizona. But an ex-colleague did just that and even bought an Arizona real estate for his retirement home there. He said he enjoyed the quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the city while the vastness of the land allowed him to have a nice big sprawling house unlike his small condominium here in the city. Perhaps he’s right!

Pretty Bling

I used to be a big fan of fashion jewelry and almost every weekend used to be spent with sis trawling the local weekend arts and crafts markets in search of unique designs and great bargains. I amassed quite a big collection but later found it too much trouble to decide what to wear that morning as I usually didn’t have much time to spare in the mornings. So now my jewelry collection is sitting collecting dust! I think it’s time I took them out to be worn again!

Flush Your Body

Recently the weather has been really hot so that when I go out of the cool house into the heat, I often end up with a headache. I normally try to avoid taking any painkillers or aspirin unless it’s unbearable as I’ve read too much about the potential side effects aspirin can have. A friend previously recommended headache treatment methods which are more holistic like taking a nap or drinking lots of water to cool down your body. I’ve tried them and find that the water one really works. Better water than drugs in my body!

Protection for the Unexpected

Have you bought your life insurance? Life without insurance can be scary especially when the unexpected hits. None of us likes to think of morbid thoughts like death or illnesses but these are very real incidences that could put a family in a lot of financial distress if finances and insurances aren’t planned properly.

If you’ve been meaning to buy a life insurance policy but have been too busy or too tired to listen to the sales talk of insurance agents, then hop over to Lifeinsure, the best online source for life insurance. They have a table on their site where with a few clicks, you can input your personal information and have a unique quote tailored just for you from their huge database of insurance companies in your area. With Lifeinsure, you’re assured that they’ll take their time to look for the best insurance policy that fits your unique needs. Learn more about insurance from their education centre so that you’re not blindly misled by unscrupulous insurance agents out to make a quick buck from you.

So if you value your family’s welfare after you’re gone, call Toll Free at 866 691 0100. Your family will love you for it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Today, health is the most important element of people’s lives as the world grows wealthier and more people end up eating processed food. Previously poorer countries such as China used to have very slim and wiry people but in the name of commercialism, China is now fighting a new generation who’s obese due to lack of exercise and overeating of processed fast food such as McDonalds or KFC which are constantly given to the “little emperors” by their doting parents and grandparents. Recently, I met a doctor at a conference who told me that health diseases are on the rise with some people getting heart attacks or strokes from as young as 30 plus, simply due to their unhealthy diets and lack of exercise. Health supplements fly off the shelves everyday and so many people are switching to healthier diets such as organic food or macrobiotic food but is all that enough for us to maintain good health and a trim body?

Not entirely because research has proven that while health supplements and a healthy diet are just part of the equation to good health. The other essential part that so many forget is exercise and training. You need those to improve your circulation, burn those excess calories and to reduce cholestrol and keep heart diseases at bay. Now, there’s revolutionary new way for you to have a Total Body TransFIRMation System with The Firm!

The Firm started off as a studio in North Carolina who discovered that the powerful combination of cardio training plus weight lifting could help people achieve the sculpted and svelte bodies they desired quickly, effectively and safely. The results of their unique training programme was so powerful that they’ve created their own Synergy Training which is their unique Firm training method which promises to help you burn fat and calories while toning and shaping your body in the fastest and most effective way. Why is it so effective? Firstly, it varies in intensity levels throughout the entire programme. This has been proven many times over that this is the most effective way for burning more calories and maintaining your heart rate through different peaks and valleys. Secondly, the FIRM’s programme sequences their exercises between upper and lower body workouts which gives you the most effective workout in the shortest time. Thirdly, through variable resistance, the FIRM method helps you sculpt your muscles with the right weights so you are pushing yourself to your maximum effort.

The FIRM is an all-encompassing exercise programme that encompasses everything so you don’t need to buy anything else! It comes with specially designed FIRM Cardio Weights which come with easily adjustable weights so you can increase your weights to better sculpt your figure as your strength improves. It even comes with music which are perfectly integrated into each cardio move at the right tempo, taking you through the fast and slow movements.

The FIRM is so confident of their method that they guarantee visible results in just 10 workouts! You can now own the Total Body TransFIRMation System which features the uniquely designed Cardio Weights for only 2 payments of $29.95. The FIRM’s affliate programme is also available on the Linkshare method through GoodTimes Entertainment.

So if you want to get serious with exercise and towards building a better body, do it with the TransFIRMation System Multi Pack.

They’re the best in the market with the fastest results! For more information, please view the following video.

You Are Getting Sleepier...

Have you ever seen the power of hypnosis? I’ve heard a lot about how hypnosis can cure bad habits, heal people of their long-standing fears and phobias and improve their brains in just the space of a few minutes! When I first heard about it, I thought it’ll be the perfect opportunity for me to help a friend cure his smoking habits if I could learn hypnosis. Of course, learning something like that would need to be done with the real experts in hypnosis and who better than the great Hypnosis genius, Dr Michael Masterman?! He has been doing seminars every 6 months for the past 10 years in London to only a maximum of 25 students. His courses are so popular that he’s agreed to compile his teachings into an online course which is available RIGHT NOW! So if you’ve always wanted to learn hypnosis but wasn’t sure where, quickly run over to to download your course now!

Lunch Time

After a hard morning of cleaning both cat litter plus helping sis with her house, I'm ready for lunch now! As usual, when the parents are not here, our mealtimes are always a mish-mash of odds and ends we buy or get throughout the week. Last night, we picked up some Japanese food and some gourmet instant noodles from the supermarket so it looks like we'll be having that for lunch today!
Bon appetit! :)

Hide and seek

When I was first new to web-surfing, I used to wonder how some people knew I came by their sites. Little did I know I was leaving a tiny web “footprint” in the form of my IP address each time I visited. I got rather uncomfortable knowing that people could find out my identity simply from my IP address, especially in this information age where nothing seems to be secret anymore. Luckily, I found a great site at which specialises in securing IP addresses.

With this site, I managed to hide IP address while surfing in comfort. This definitely helped when I was surfing on the sly from my office computer. So if you don’t want to leave little web “footprints” everywhere you go, hide your steps with Hide My IP

Short Week Up Ahead

We're having a long weekend next week with Friday off due to the country's national day celebrations. Being a corporate slave, I welcome every public holiday with great glee as it means being able to sleep in and not having to trudge off to a dreary work day. It's an added bonus too that my bosses are going to be away next week which hopefully, leaves me with a bit more time to catch up on my blogging!

Website marketing tips

Some people I know have actually given up their secure jobs in banks and companies to fully concentrate on their website. Although it doesn’t earn them as much as their regular jobs at times, they still find it lucrative enough do their own marketing on their sites plus it gives them the flexibility of working from home without a superior to report to. There are lots of sites offering marketing resources to all these webmasters who make earning off their websites a full time job. Sites like Profitimo provides lots of online marketing articles, videos, free ebooks and a even forum where you can chat with marketing experts and users with interest in marketing.

So if you are a webmaster seeking to increase the marketing potential of your blog, Get Free marketing resources here!


Kitty Weekend

I spent my Saturday and Sunday morning cleaning cat litter for a friend who had to go away for the weekend! While it may not seem like much to a cat lover it was definitely torturous for me who doesn't like cats! And since cats need human contact and touch, I couldn't just run in, do my job and run out again. I had to stroke them, groom them and talk to them after I had fed them.
In just a few times of meeting them, I can already see that each cat has their own personality and feeding habits. One always tries to shoot out of the door the minute its opened, another is like a vacumm cleaner that hovers up all the food while the last cat seems to be really picky about its food.
My friend is coming home tonight and I'll be glad to return the cat duties to him!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Plastic Beauty

It’s a fake world we’re living in today. Everywhere, all over the world, people are succumbing to plastic surgery to help them achieve the perfect flawless look. Plastic surgery has become so common in South Korea that parents actually start saving money from the time their daughters are born so they can afford to give their daughter’s a plastic survery operation when they turn 16. Even in countries like Singapore, I’ve read of how a popular blogger called Dawn Yang was slammed for having gotten her modeling contract after she underwentextensive plastic surgery to correct her looks.Now, she looks like the perfect doe-eyed beauty. Fake as plastic but still beautiful nonetheless. I’ve actually heard of this lady in America who loved her cats so much that she did plastic surgery in a los angeles plastic surgery just to look like her beloved cats. It was scary how she turned out with slanted eyes and a fake orange tan. It’s just totally bizarre how people’s perception of beauty can be so grossly skewed and how they can subject themselves to the knife just to conform to the general perception of beauty.

Someone I know recently went to los angeles tummy tuck clinic just because she wasn’t happy with her figure and felt that two pregnancies had given her a tummy. When I saw her before her surgery, I thought she was looking great and really good for a mother of two. But evidently, she wasn’t happy with her figure and unfortunately, sometimes we can be our worst critic. Her husband actually paid for her procedure simply because he couldn’t take her complaining about her figure. He even sarcastically if she wanted a beverly hills liposuction procedure thrown in together which I thought was a little mean of him. Men sometimes just don’t understand how insecure women can be when they feel they’re no longer as beautiful as before.

Would I subject myself to such procedures? I don’t think I can bring myself to endure the pain of one!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yo Momma Ads

Ok, so I know that you're probably already familiar with Wilmer Valderrama's show on MTV, "Yo Momma," but what you might not know is that MTV just recently started an online part to the show - it's basically an enormous online bank of yo momma jokes and slams. Check it out at and you can start battling other users around the world, or come check out their yomomma myspace page to meet other people that are just as interested in Yo Momma as you are.

Car Insurance You can Afford

Finding the right car insurance can be frustrating at best, but thanks to Insurance Doctor you can get the auto insurance that's right for you. Thanks to their great rates, you can be sure to get the best rates on Virginia car insurance as well as North Carolina auto insurance. They'll file all the forms you need and make sure that you're covered by quality car insurance when you're out on the road. Fill out their online form and see why I think Insurance Doctor is a great way to get car insurance that you can afford.


I used to love watching the poker sessions on Desperate Housewives where the women share their woes and joys over cards. I recently found out that a friend of mine who’s a real-life bored housewife sometimes indulges in little bingo games too. However, she always complains that it’s so hard for her to get partners to play with since her bingo buddies are sometimes busy whenever she wants to play. I told her to play bingo online instead with BingoHouse! With online bingo, she doesn’t need to wait around for her buddies to be free and can play it anytime she wants.

BingoHouse offers free and paid bingo for their target market of women aged between 35 and 54. They have one of the best bingo bonus in the market and bingo cards can be purchased very cheaply, sometimes as low as 10 cents a card! Their chat rooms are equally popular amongst the players as that’s where they gather to discuss the latest tips or how to make the most from their bingo game!

I really shouldn’t be encouraging her to gamble and I doubt her husband will be very pleased! But that was much better than hearing her complain about how bored she was! :P

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Save on Ink Cartridges

My office in the UK is housed in a serviced office suite which provides most of their needs. However, when we were recently there, I was shocked to see how much they were paying for consumables like printer ink cartridges and paper. I did some research online and found that instead of paying so much through the serviced office suppliers, we could actually get our own cheap UK printer ink cartridges online.

It supplies original and brand name compatible printer ink and inkjet cartridges for a wide variety of brands ranging from Brother, HP, Compaq and Canon. The original ones cost slightly more than the brand name compatible ones. Their prices were cheaper than what I’ve seen in the stores and definitely much cheaper than what the serviced office suppliers were charging us. Best of all, they offer free delivery to all UK locations for orders exceeding £100 or more. We tried using this service a few months back and my boss is really pleased to see how much more we’re now saving on office consumables compared to before. So if you’ve been spending a lot on inkjet cartridges, save by buying them online with

Jeans Galore

I was surfing around online, looking for a nice pair of new jeans when I came across a site called showcasing a really nice brand of jeans called Hudson Jeans. They’re really stylish in the latest jeans fashions and apparently have been flying off the shelves since they’re so popular! Best of all, they’re on discounted prices so I’ve finally found a great place to use some money I’ve accumulated in my Paypal!


My Lucky Star is Shining

I’ve recently accumulated quite a bit of money in my Paypal. Since I can’t withdraw them here, I decided to splurge out a bit and go shopping online since I was getting very tired of my present wardrobe. I’ve been meaning to buy new jeans for a while already as my present pairs were really old. While surfing around for jeans, I stumbled across a nice site,, selling all kinds of jeans, shirts, handbags and even perfume under their Lucky brand.

They had the latest fashion in jeans including a pair of really nice pair of cropped jeans that I liked. I used to have a pair of cropped jeans but somehow it mysteriously got lost whilst we were moving house and what better time than now to get a new pair?! It looked really soft and comfortable too and was on sale from its original price. I also found some nice men’s shirts which would make great gifts for my brother who has been looking for funky shirts when he goes out on his party nights.

It’s a great site and I like how some of their items had the added offers of free shipping thrown in. Definitely a nice way to spend my hard earned Paypal money! ;)

Thoof Me!

Are you tired of flipping through pages of news to find something that interests you? Do you sometimes wish that you had news that was specially catered just for your needs and interests? Well, then you’ll love the latest in personalized news, Thoof! It’s a cutely named little site that brings together news from all over specially chosen to suit your reading interests. You choose the categories you want to receive news on when you sign up but don’t worry, you wouldn’t be assigned those for life! You are still allowed to change them anytime you want. What I liked about Thoof was how they put everything on an endless one page which makes reading it so much easier instead of having to scroll between pages.

I used to wonder why they called it Thoof. I wonder which creative person came up with that cute little name that sounds just like the sound you make when you sit on a poofy cushion and it releases air in a “Thoof” sound! Heh…perhaps this was how it came about! The creators must have been sitting around on poofy chairs trying to think of a name when one of them sat on one with a cute little “Thoof” sound and voila, Thoof was born! So, do you Thoof? If you don’t, it’s time you started!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Designer Faucets

I recently visited a showroom near my house and fell totally in love with the kitchen faucets they used. It was really nice designer faucets which sparkled with a nice chrome finish. It gave such an elegant touch to the bathroom and some of them were really uniquely designed. They were sparkling nicely in the showroom but I’m not sure cleaning them and getting them to sparkle in the house with lots of wear and tear would be as much fun!

Book Warehouse Sales

Do you love reading? I do but sadly I haven’t been able to do my nightly reading before I go to bed. I don’t understand why books here have to be so expensive though. I’m not willing to spend a fortune on books so I get very excited whenever I see a book warehouse sale on. It allows me to stock up my reading material for much less! So do let me know if you hear of one!

Book Warehouse Sales

Do you love reading? I do but sadly I haven’t been able to do my nightly reading before I go to bed. I don’t understand why books here have to be so expensive though. I’m not willing to spend a fortune on books so I get very excited whenever I see a book warehouse sale on. It allows me to stock up my reading material for much less! So do let me know if you hear of one!

Too Short Notice

I was doing a lot of travel for work recently. Because I left each time with very short notice, I always forgot to pack my nurtitional supplements in my bag. Those left me with a cold and sore throat from my last trip which took me several days to get over. Sometimes I do wish my company would give us a bit more advance notice to plan or pack for our trips. My shortest notice period was only 6 hours to pack for a week!

Help for Drug Abusers

Recently I heard over the news about how an inmate who ran away from his drug rehab programme was found dead from hunger and fatigue in trying to flee. It was quite sad as he still didn’t realise that what the rehab programme was trying to do was to help him overcome his addiction problems. He probably felt what he had to go through there was akin to abuse and the lure of drugs probably was just too strong for him to resist after a while. It’s always sad to see people fall into the trap of drugs but it’s sadder to see them resisting efforts to help them.

Good Quality Furniture

I recently paid a visit to Ikea. They have lots of really nice office furniture there. However, when I checked the price, I found that their prices were rather steep unlike some other office desks I found online the other day. Their quality too didn’t seem as good as those I found. The place was still swarming with people who seemed to be buying lots of their stuff. I guess it’s just the thrill of owing a “branded” furniture item!

Cleanse to Glow

One blogger’s site that I visit at times runs a business in colon cleansing. I’ve read about colon cleanse procedures before and how it’s supposed to work miracles in clearing the body of toxins and poisons but somehow I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve read that even the late Lady Di used to do it to maintain her glowing good looks. For now, I think I’ll just stick to supplements!

Cruise the Alaska

My parents have always talked about taking a cruise so when my sis and I started working, we set aside some money for them to go on an Alaska cruise vacation. We found a really great deal in the papers which included all airfares, hotels and transfers from Vancouver to the cruise ship. Why Alaska and not the Mediterranean? Well, cruises to Alaska were much cheaper under this deal and none of us had ever been to Alaska before!

I’ve read so much about how beautiful Alaska is with some of the cruises coming near enough for tourists to see the gigantic glaciers up close or step on floating ice floes to see seals basking on the ice. I’ve also heard that if you go to Alaska at the right time of the year, you might be lucky enough to catch the mysterious Aurora Borealis as it streaks across the night sky with its myriad of colours and sounds. Someday, I hope to cruise the waters of the Alaska too!

Velvety Soft

I didn’t use to do much internet shopping until I got a really high-speed network connection installed in my office. Now, sometimes when I’m bored, I browse tonnes of shopping sites simply to see what catches my fancy or what’s hot in the fashion world. Recently a really fashion conscious cousin called me up to ask if I’ve checked out one of the best online shopping sites, It had one of her favourite brands, Velvet. She studies in the US and used to tell me about how lovely and fashionable Velvet clothing was. She brought back a few items for me once and I couldn’t help but agree in the comfortable yet hip apparel. And now, fans of Velvet apparel can buy them online at!

Velvet clothes are made of soft and sensuous knit wear that cling beautifully to your curves. It’s so versatile that it can take you from the office straight to that hip new club in town without breaking any fashion rules! Some of their dresses are really sweet while I particularly liked their tops which had interesting designs to keep each top looking fresh and fashionable. Apparently it’s a great favourite with celebrities so if you want to dress like the stars, do hurry to before they run out of sizes!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Working From Home The Smart Way

Are you getting tired of the rat race? Well, I am and every other day I’m wondering how I can make enough doing something I enjoy so I can retire early! My answer came in the form of an internet marketing site by Ty Coughlin. He promises to teach the secret of his “Reverse Funnel System” which will put anywhere between $3,000 to $10,000 in your pockets every week! Isn’t that amazing?!

I’ve heard of many things from direct sales to network marketing but not one of them has made such bold claims such as this. It certainly is worth thinking about and provides all the more incentive to start building a home business. It can start as a passive income on the side until you feel secure enough about it to quit your job. It certainly piqued my interest and I can’t wait to know more on how I can work from home and earn lots from it. Who knows, I might be able to retire faster than I originally thought!

Forum for Domain Names

When I was contemplating getting my own domain, I was lucky I had sis to help me out with it. Otherwise I had no clue of how to even begin. I had a domain name in mind already so it wasn’t too difficult. However, while in the process of getting my domain name and getting my site set up, I came across a great Domain Name Forum that caters specially for all domain name holders and those who are eager to learn more about the domain industry.

You have to join as a member and sign in to get access to all their boards. However, you will still have limited access to their forum as a guest viewer without posting any comments or questions. I particularly liked their section for Beginners and Newbies which had a tremendous amount of information on domains! It was my answer to understanding the complexities of the domain world and domain speak! There were lots of great tips and tricks I learnt from the forum and it continues to remain the first place I run to for answers when I encounter problems with my site. So if you’ve been contemplating buying your own domain name, read the Domain Name Forum first!

Game Tables Galore

A friend of mine is crazy about pool. It’s his favourite hobby and often outings with him will always include a game of pool at his favourite pool centre. When he recently got his own bachelor pad, I wasn’t surprised to see a pool table reigning centre stage in the middle of his living room! I thought Bumper Pool tables such as that were pretty expensive but he told me that he got it at quite a reasonable price from Dazadi, a site that specializes in Game Tables.

Another friend who was at his house-warming party too was very interested to hear about Game Tables as he loves all sorts of board table games too, especially Shuffle Board. So when he heard that he could now get Shuffle Board tables at a reasonable price from Dazadi, he was really pleased and couldn’t wait to get online to order one from them, especially since they had a summer sale ongoing now with great discounts on all their game tables. He found that they provide free ground shipping which made buying his Shuffle Board table a lot more affordable. Now, he can’t wait to get it delivered to his house too. So I guess we’ll now be having lots of pool and shuffle board games at these friends’ houses!

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Getting Healthy the Organic Way

Health is one of our biggest concerns today especially with the rise of terminal and infectious diseases. Some wish to safely lose weight too through healthy weight loss supplements that do not contain dangerous products. If you’ve been looking for a good natural and organic supplement, hope over to KTG Labs, the company that offers a multitude of the best natural and organic supplements at a very affordable price. They are so confident of the quality of their products that they provide a 100% Money back guarantee for all their supplements.

KTG Labs has a wide range of products that cater to all kinds of people. Some of the best sellers include weight loss supplements such as SuperSlim and SuperSlim Thermogenic, liver supplements called NuLiver and an excellent multivitamin called Organic Health. I liked how Organic Health provides all the requirements our body needs but in a safe and organic way. One day’s supply is equivalent to eating 2lbs of fresh vegetables! It comes in an easily dissolvable capsule which encourages maximum absorption of nutrients. With KTG Labs, I can now get my supplements the healthy and organic way. No more synthetic chemicals or substances for me now! Give them a try today!

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Furnish in Style

We were recently renovating part of our office to accommodate a new department that had just been set up. Since we were a little on the quiet end where projects were concerned, my colleague and I decided to help with the decorating and renovating. One of our grouses was our office chairs as we often found it hard and uncomfortable. Mine also used tended to be at a wrong angle to my computer which often gave me a sore shoulder from operating the mouse at the end of the day. So since the office was doing some renovation, we quickly took the opportunity to source for some nice office furniture to replace our existing crappy ones.

We found lots of nice office furniture sites all over the net. Some with quality finishing and some with really flimsy looking stuff. However, we were all sold by the high quality and reasonably priced furniture from They had nice swanky and comfortable leather chairs and lovely ergonomic desks which promise less strain when using the computer. The leather chairs didn’t fall within our entitlement allowance but some other nice fabric ones did which we opted for. Can’t wait for my new chair to arrive!


Hairy Experts

There’s a hair restoration specialist a few doors down from my office. Everyday when I pass it, I always look at their advertisements and promises and wonder whether it actually works as I’ve never really seen anyone walking in before. I guess growing bald is a real concern both men and women have as they age. However, like any other plastic surgery, I always think that people looking for remedies should do sufficient research before embarking into it. A friend who was concerned about his thinning hair asked me for any good sites to research on before considering treatment. I directed him to a great Hair Restoration site I once found while surfing.

It’s a site dedicated to provide people on the latest information, resources and options for hair restoration. This hugely informative site walks people through the fundamentals of hair transplant in an easy to understand manner which suits lay people who are not so well-versed with medical terms. It even provides hair transplant photos and videos which viewers can watch to ally their fears before actually signing up for a hair transplant procedure. Best of all, it’s interactive and allows people to ask questions they might have or simply to share a success or horror story. Viewers can be assured that their questions will be accurately answered as the people behind this site are members of The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. So if you have a thinning pate and are considering hair restoration procedures, do get advice from the experts before you do.

Modern Kitchen Deco

Do you have a dream kitchen? Well, I used to have one until I grew up and saw many other options available from kitchen showrooms. That changed my idea of a dream kitchen as I swayed wildly from idea to idea. However, one of my favourite kitchen designs still remain – the island preparation block surrounded by kitchen stools. I’ve always loved the idea of a wooden island sitting on a floor covered with rich rust-coloured terracotta tiles. It should be a wide kitchen with ample space for a shiny sink, prep area and a nice wooden chopping block yet small enough so that it doesn’t take up the entire kitchen space.

The stools also have to be a nice wood colour to match the island and high enough for someone sitting on it to rest their elbows on the island top or eat a sandwich off the counter. Alas, I guess dreams will have to remain dreams! To have a kitchen island of that sort would mean having a big kitchen to accommodate it and an even bigger house to fit the kitchen! So while it’s nice dreaming, perhaps it’s time I look for smaller kitchen deco ideas to fit my present apartment!


Pre-owned Quality

Finding the best in quality Missouri used cars just got easy thanks to the guys down at Conklin Fangman. This Missouri car dealer has the best selection of pre-owned and new cars from all the top manufacturers. The only thing that impressed me more than their selection of pre-owned vehicles was their service. They're committed to finding the right car for you at a great price. The next time you're looking for a car, whether it's brand new or seen a bit of the road, check out Conklin Fangman – the Kansas City, Missouri used cars experts.

View Your Property

Property prices in the UK have been soaring through the roof. I recently read in the paper about how someone paid close to £200,000 for a tiny little windowless room under the staircase, simply because it was located in the swanky Kensington area! With the rising property prices, it’s no surprise that many British are opting for emerging property markets in other parts of Europe such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy or Portugal and even Dubai.

For a mere subsidized price of £49 per person, Property Viewing Tours will be conducted at prospective homes. Include the cheap airline tickets out of UK and this is set to take off in a big way. The properties offered are not run-of-the-mill properties but breathtaking villas and apartments with sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea, whichever you prefer! With these tours, you get to inspect and experience for yourself the country and the properties up for sale with absolutely no obligation. So if you have always dreamed of owning a holiday home but the price of one in UK was out of reach, dream again….you could be buying one in the sunny Mediterranean or swanky Dubai!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Funky Furniture

I recently attended a friend’s house warming party for his new apartment. He had a nice little place which he had furnished up beautifully with modern furniture. His furniture with its clean lines, combined with his minimalist deco idea gave his place a very calming and Zen-like atmosphere which seemed the best thing to come home to after a hard day’s work. I also peeped into his bedroom to look at his furniture and just like the rest of the house, his room was fitted with a nice modern bedroom set which looked really comfortable and stylish.

I thought his furniture must have cost him a lot and was surprised to hear that he got them all for a pretty good deal at Since the stock was all in NJ, his delivery was done very fast and they allowed him to pick up the smaller items from their warehouse directly. They also offered a flat-fee shipping cost which saved him a lot as delivery charges can sometimes grossly inflate the costs. I came away from his party with lots of great interior design ideas for my own home some day and you can be sure that I’ll get my furniture from too!

Funky Furniture

I recently attended a friend’s house warming party for his new apartment. He had a nice little place which he had furnished up beautifully with modern furniture. His furniture with its clean lines, combined with his minimalist deco idea gave his place a very calming and Zen-like atmosphere which seemed the best thing to come home to after a hard day’s work. I also peeped into his bedroom to look at his furniture and just like the rest of the house, his room was fitted with a nice modern bedroom set which looked really comfortable and stylish.

I thought his furniture must have cost him a lot and was surprised to hear that he got them all for a pretty good deal at Since the stock was all in NJ, his delivery was done very fast and they allowed him to pick up the smaller items from their warehouse directly. They also offered a flat-fee shipping cost which saved him a lot as delivery charges can sometimes grossly inflate the costs. I came away from his party with lots of great interior design ideas for my own home some day and you can be sure that I’ll get my furniture from too!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Online Tutoring

Sometimes when I look at school children today, I do feel sorry for them. They are constantly pushed to excel in school and pushed into tuition for every subject by their competitive parents. I felt a little sad when I was talking to my neighbour’s little girl one evening and asked if she would like to go out for a run in the park nearby. She sadly told me she couldn’t as her mom had signed her up for a new Home Work Help programme by TutorVista. It’s a one-on-one tutoring programme to help students of all age groups excel in their schools, colleges or competitive exams.

The tutors featured on this programme are qualified with graduate degrees and have to pass a strict certification process before they are allowed to tutor on TutorVista. Reading up on it, I found that they currently have a great promotion available now for only $24.99 in the first month for all subjects. That was probably why my neighbour signed her daughter up for it now! However, since the tutors are available every hour of the day, 7 days a week, perhaps she could spare her daughter some playtime!

Garage Lighting

Many people don’t really like florescent lights in their houses and prefer using warm yellow lights for a nice glow and ambience. However in places like garages or storerooms, fluorescent lighting is definitely a must to help you find that illusive object without bumping your head! So do choose your lights wisely so you don’t end up groping in the dark!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Boxing Match Not To Be Missed

My friend is a huge fan of heavyweight boxing tournaments and always tries to catch every match that is played. So when I read online that the famous and undefeated heavyweight boxer Roman Greenburg was going to battle veteran boxer Damon Reed in New York’s Madison Square Gardens, I simply had to tell him not to miss it.

I was quite impressed with the background of Roman Greenburg and did some reading up on him. He has a really interesting history of having been born in Russia, raised in Israel and now training in the UK. I’m sure the tough life he must have had growing up in Israel would well prepare him for any match he faces especially against a tough veteran like Reed. The coming match between these two giants is so popular that it is the headlining event on the pay-per-view channels.

I also found out that has been sponsored by a backgammon online site called Backgammon Masters since the early days of his career. The company must have had a really good eye for Greenburg’s talent to have spotted such a gem in his younger days and to have invested so much money in his training and matches. I was impressed that a backgammon online site would invest in a sport which is totally unrelated to their business. I’m sure, however, the rewards they have received from helping a fledging boxer rise to the fame and popularity has far outweighed the money they have spent on him.

*This is a sponsored review*

Innovative Gifts

I have a friend who’s a budding amateur geologist. He loves going on little nature trips every weekend and picking up interesting rocks and stones he sees. He sometimes then turns his little finds into very interesting craft items such as paperweights or bookends. I once asked how he got them so nice and shiny and it turns out that he uses rock tumblers to polish his little stones to a fine finish. They make really pretty gifts and he was really nice to give some of them to me as souvenirs.

Mailbox Invasion

When we were staying in our old house, we used to receive a lot of junk mail everyday. Every evening, the mailbox will be crowded with flyers and catalogs from all sorts of shops, from furniture to restaurants. Although we threw most away, I did enjoy looking through them, especially any online furniture catalog that came in. It was always interesting to see the designs and offers they have. Some of them looked really ghastly and I used to wonder who would buy them but I guess there’s always a market for everything!

Stopping Leaks

One of my friends volunteers in an old folks home. When she first started volunteering there, she was sad to find that the home was using cheap adult incontinence diapers which were giving the residents a lot of rash and sores. So did some research online and recommended tranquility diapers to the staff which are said to be much better and more comfortable for the users. Thanks to her concern and proactiveness, the residents of the home are much happier with their incontinence diapers.

Work in Edinburgh

I used to work with a Project Engineer in my previous company. When I left the company after that, I was surprised to receive a call from him informing everyone that he was leaving for Edinburgh. I asked him what he intended to do there and learnt that he had been looking for jobs in Edinburgh for some time already. He had several friends in Edinburgh who had encouraged him to go there for work as there were many openings for Edinburgh jobs. Apparently, it was really easy to get full time or part-time jobs which paid rather well.

That piqued my interest as I have been thinking of getting some overseas experience for a while already. He recommended that I try looking in some good and reliable online sites such as Edinburgh Gumtree which has lots of information on all kinds of jobs across all professions and nature. Perhaps this could be the wave of change I’ve been waiting for!

Good Health Naturally

I’ve been traveling a lot recently and that has taken a toll on my health. I came home from my last trip down with the flu and a cough. However, for once, instead of seeing the doctor, I opted to try natural health products for a change. I’ve been reading a lot about how some doctors are discouraging the use of antibiotics for every little ailment as it suppresses the body’s natural immune system. This could actually be detrimental especially when we age as stronger and stronger antibiotics will be required to fight major diseases we may have in the future.

Many health practitioners now are advocating the use of natural health products instead. They can be used for every aspect of your life, from the sunscreen you use to the supplements you eat. All these are geared towards providing nutrition and nourishment for your body just the way Mother Nature intended, naturally. Some doctors also promote natural health supplements which are prepared in an organic manner from natural preventive plants and herbs. Some of these have been shown to keep diseases such as cancer at bay or prevent any relapse of cancer or tumours. So for a start towards natural health, I’ve tried reducing the amount of antibiotics I’m introducing to my body. That’s my first step towards natural health.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Credit Cards Comparison

Don't you sometimes find applying for a credit card a pain? It used to be that a credit card was something exclusive that only people of a certain payroll got but now it seems like everyone is shoving credit cards at you with all kinds of deals and offers tied to it. So how to you decide what card to go for?

Well, compare credit cards for a start to see what deals and offers one might have over the other. You might be surprised to find that most of them are essentially the same. Then, once you have decided, stick to that card provider. The relationship you build with them is useful especially when it comes to little things like waiving late interest charges or credit increases.

So, do choose wisely before you commit to your card!


Going Home

I'm finally coming home tomorrow! We were initially a bit worried we might have to extend our trip here till next week to tie up loose ends. Our biggest concern with extending were the flights as the transfers are so difficult back to KL. But thankfully, we've wrapped up what we had to do here and although there's still a lot of work waiting for us back in KL, I can safely say that we're all very glad to get on that plane tomorrow!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Snowmobile Fun!

It’s the thick of summer and a heatwave is hitting the US. However, that shouldn’t stop us from dreaming of cold winter months ahead! And if you can’t wait for winter, then check out this new Snowmobile site! It’s a TV show and forum dedicated to lovers of this fun wintery sport. It has just everything you need to prepare yourself for a season of winter fun ahead when the cold months come around again! So bring on those snow gear and wax your skis and snowboard! Who knows, you might pick up some great tips from SledTV to show off on the snowy slopes come this winter!



I've been battling a sore throat which seems to have come about due to my crazy travel schedule. It's a real pain that's been bugging me and I'm trying to keep it at bay. Hopefully my next week will be a lot less hectic and I can get the rest I need!

Smart Stocks

I’m always interested in ways to make my money work harder for me and while some say unit trusts are good, I sometimes prefer to purchase stocks from the market directly to save on the transaction and administration costs. Because I have limited knowledge of the stock market, I find blogs such as The Wizetrade Blog a great tool in helping me choose the right investment stocks. It is a powerful stock trading software and provides great information in helping me analyse the stocks I’m interested in. So if you’re interested in aggressively growing your income or simply learning more about the stock market, hop over to Wizetrade! The information they have is truly enriching.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let Your Car Help

Recently, while surfing, I came across a novel way to donate to the favourite charity of your choice. I’m sure many of us, while eager to help the less fortunate, have been put off by the pushy people asking for donations or scam companies purporting to be charitable organizations. Sometimes, trying to help others seem so difficult when you’re not sure if your charitable money would even reach them or whether it would go towards lining the pockets of some fat bureaucrat along the way.

Well, now you don’t have to worry with Car Angel. This innovative site allows you to make used Car Donations in Los Angeles. Imagine, your used car could actually help orphans, widows, single mothers, homeless and others when you drop it off at the L.A. Car Donation. Don’t fret if you wish to donate your car but have trouble getting to the collection point because towing is provided for all Southern California, free of charge! You’ll receive a tax receipt for the full market value of your car, can cancel your insurance on the same day and keep your license plates. It’s a wonderful programme that is a win-win for all. The car seller gets to sell his car for a fair market value and receive free towing charges while knowing that his old car is going towards helping someone get a better chance at life. Choose your favourite charity or leave it to Car Angel to decide, the choice is yours! So if you have an old car in your garage, rusting away, do call Car Angel. I know I’ll definitely Donate My Car in Los Angeles too when it’s on its last legs!

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SuperCars Galore!

The bf is a great fan of fast cars and lucky him has actually gotten the chance to ride in a Ferrari before. So when I came across this fantastic site offering Supercar wallpapers, I simply had to send it on to him! I know he’ll definitely adorn his laptop and office computer with these super quality fast cars wallpaper. This site, called VCars, is a UK site offering a great search engine if you’re looking for good Used Cars to buy. All you need to do is to type in your dream car make, price range and location and it’ll search through its extensive database to bring you the top choices for your car.

What’s unique about them is the range of cars they offer. Where most sites offer common serviceable cars like the typical Audi, Toyota or Honda, VCars goes one step further to offer the best cars in the world as well. Here, you’ll find supercars such as Ferraris, Rolls-Royce, TVRs and so much more! They present the latest car updates too in their Motoring News section. It’s a site made for both die-hard fans of supercars and those looking for their dream used car, be it a Ferrari or a common Toyota! So come over to VCars to take a look. You’ll love what you see!

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Do You Thoof?

I’m always on the lookout for interesting sites when I’m surfing away so I was pleased to stumble upon Thoof. I was partly attracted by the cute name and when I went in to take a look, I liked what I saw. It’s basically a personalized news that brings together news and information from all over cyberspace. The beauty of Thoof is that you no longer have to sift through loads of useless information or stuff that don’t concern you anymore. You can now personalize the news and information you wish to receive based on your unique likes and preferences. You can tailor it right from the very first visit. It also improves the quality and accuracy of the news items displayed so you can be sure that the information you’re receiving is of high quality and not mere gossip or rumours.

I liked how they categorized the stories by colour into those you might have read, seen or haven’t seen or read yet. They organize their stories in a “pageless” manner where stories get added on to the bottom of the page as you scroll down which is an almost infinite page to read your stories on! I could even have the option of submitting my own story! Hey, what a great way to drive traffic to my blogs too! *wink* So, have you Thoof-ed? Cos I have and I’m loving it!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Help the Children

Sometimes when I see lots of bad things happening in the world from murders to rape and all kinds of gross injustice humans inflict upon others, I wonder what the world is turning into. Then every now and then, a ray of hope appears in the form of wonderful individuals such as Navtej Kohli, a philanthropist business owner who has committed his time and money to helping others less fortunate than him via the Tej Kohli Foundation – Five Years of Philanthropy. He has several online profiles which he uses to spread his charity ideas and philanthropist policies.

One of the charities in his Tej Kohli Foundation I found particularly beneficial to the world was the Feed the Children charity. If we don’t start at trying to give the young generation a chance at life or food in their stomachs, then I think we’re looking at a bleak future ahead. I was shocked to see that this charity’s expenses run into over $800 million just in one fiscal year! Which is why it’s so important for all of us to dig deep into our pockets and help the children of the world. Tej Kohli did just that recently when he added more than $150,000 of his own funds to the Tej Kohli Foundation to help children break free from their poverty cycles and have a stab at a chance for a better life.

Do help the children of the world. It’ll make this world a much better place and give humanity a chance to redeem ourselves.

*sponsored by Navtej Kohli*

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Beat Acne

My brother has been battling acne for a while and although he tried all kinds of remedies, from traditional to modern treatments, he still couldn’t clear up his skin. He was recently recommended a new acne treatment called TriClear by a dermatologist. It is a new specially formulated 3-step acne treatment system that does its job quickly while maintaining the moisture of your skin. It helps to clear up the skin without drying it. It doesn’t even leave scars so the skin will recover without any scarring. It comes with 3 products specially designed for acne skin. You start with the Purifying Cleanser, followed by the Repairing Gel and Revitalizing Cream. It is so good that it has been proven to reduce the appearance of acne, blemishes and redness within 7 days or less!

It’s a great treatment and my brother was very happy as it didn’t make his skin flakey and dry. Within a week, he found a tremendous change in the clarity and redness of his face. He’s very happy with the results!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Health Care Schools Site

My cousin is going to sit for her high school exams soon and has been asked by her parents to start thinking of what careers she might want to consider after her schooling years are over. I was rather surprised when she told me that she would like to consider nursing as a career. In fact, she was so interested in nursing that she had done some preliminary research on some nursing schools which she forwarded to me to take a look.

The site she forwarded to me was a really great site for people looking for options on nursing or other health care schools. It provided a great comprehensive list of all available schools in the different states of America. It even listed online universities which students can consider. I liked how they had a drop down list of states to choose from which made it really easy to search for schools. They also gave a small write up on the types of other health care degrees potential students could consider for each University. It is a really good site and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to research further on potential health care schools. I hope she achieves her dream to be a nurse as it really suits her character.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Moving Pictures

I paid a visit to my friend’s house last weekend and saw a really cool and novel way she had of displaying her photographs. I love the fact that digital cameras allowed me to retake my photos again and again if I wasn’t happy with the result but I used to wonder how much I’ll need to spend on developing costs just to display them. However, when I saw how my friend displayed them using a digital photo frame, I realized that was the exact thing I needed!

All I had to do was to get one of these great frames and hook it up to my camera or computer. I could then choose which photo I wish to display on its LCD type screen or even set it on scroll so I can display several in a moving montage. It’s a truly great way invention and simply perfect for the digital camera age! I can’t wait to get mine and start putting up my photos all over the house!

Gold Assets

Recently the price of gold has been reaching an all time high. People are saying that it’s better to invest your money in hard assets such as gold bullion that do not depreciate or get eroded by inflation such as cash. I guess it’s a wise decision to do so. However the price of gold has become too high for me to consider investment in it at this point. I’ll have to monitor the gold market to see when might be the best time to do so. It’s a nice thought, though, to imagine my money sitting in the form of gold bars!

I need a watch

I’ve recently been traveling a lot for work. While it might sound glamorous, I’m beginning to realize that it isn’t. Especially since I don’t even have any time to check out the local shopping scene as we’re too busy working and running in between meetings during our crazy overnight stopover trips. So most times, whatever window and real shopping I can do is limited to the duty free shops in the airport if I have enough time after the lengthy check in procedures.

On my last trip to Heathrow, the check in was horrendously long and I didn’t even get any time to look at the duty free shops. This got me quite upset as a nice display case with lots of nice Seiko Watches on sale with great prices caught my eye. Unfortunately, before I could even stop to take a look, my flight was already calling for boarding. There goes my chance to replace my old watch!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Boat for a Good Cause

Have you always wanted to help with an established charitable organization which reaches out to people from all over the world by doing more than just simply donating your old office furniture? Well, now you can with Boat Angel. Boat Angel is a non-profit boat and car donation charity organization. They receive Boat Donations from people everywhere who may be trying to get rid of their old boats when they upgrade to bigger and better ones or those who have simply stopped sailing their boats for good.

Boat Angel then sells these boats so the funds can be used to service the many charity projects they undertake. One of their popular charity projects is their hospital ship program in connection with Mercy Ships. This reaches out to people in need of medical aid who are living in places inaccessible by land or air. They also distribute free educational dvds nationwide to all preschoolers free of charge to upgrade the educational opportunities for preschoolers everywhere. All their funds are raised 100% from the sale of donated cars or boats so any gift of a donated item will definitely help to fund their many projects and help to make an impact on the lives of millions all over the world. If I had an old boat I was no longer using, I’ll definitely Donate my Boat to Boat Angel!

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