Monday, January 18, 2010

Allergy Treatments

My husband's poor niece suffers from bad allergies. She is allergic to most seafood and even milk which means most foods are off-limits for her. Her parents have been trying all kinds of allergy relief to help her live a more normal and comfortable life but it does not seem to be helping her much. Its a little scary how allergies are so common in our everyday life now. It must be all the pollution and food we eat.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Its the New Year once again and as usual lots of New Year resolutions will be made, especially losing weight. However, not many end up keeping their New Year resolutions and more often than not, people end up breaking their resolutions after a few months. If your resolution is to lose some weight, remember that it is always better to get proper diets that work instead of eating diet pills.

Internet Research

Its surprising to know how few people know how to use the internet for information. I was just speaking to a colleague today and learnt that she didn't really know how to use the internet at all, even for looking for things! Honestly, I don't think I can live without the internet! I would much prefer looking for something online than in a physical web directory! I think I've even forgotten how to use a telephone directory! Which do you prefer?

Pesky Salesmen

Recently I've noticed a high number of sales people coming to bug you during your lunch. I was recently disturbed during my lunch by someone selling some nutrisystem products that were supposed to be good for you. He even offered lots of positive nutrisystem reviews from supposed customers. These sales people should know that disturbing people during their lunch hour or while they are enjoying a meal isn't exactly the best way to make some good sales!

Pain Relief

I happened to be driving downtown the other day and was surprised to see a hemorrhoids doctor's clinic promising hemorrhoid pain relief to those who suffer from it. I wasn't aware that any doctors specialised in something so specific as hemorrhoids! However, it is certainly welcome news for hemorrhoid sufferers as it is apparently very painful and in some serious cases could even cause complications. One of the best ways to prevent it is to drink lots of water, ensure you eat lots of high fibre foods and do some light exercises.

Living With Acne Scars

I was unfortunate to have bad skin when I was a teenager which led to many acne scars. I've been recommended many things for the scars from Vitamin E oil to some of the best acne scar cream around. However, my scars still remain although they may have flattened a little. Short of doing some sort of cosmetic or laser surgery, there isn't a real cure for acne scars so I guess I'll just have to live with them!

Selling Cars

I recently sold my car just before my car insurance was due. Although I did not get quite the price I wanted, I was still nevertheless relieved that I now did not have to spend time hunting for the cheapest car insurance rates in town as my car insurance was just falling due the week after I sold it. I'll miss my little car was no luxury car but it served me really well!