Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy Kids

Every mother has high hopes for their children. Some hope for their children to grow up to be brilliant doctors who discover the cure for Mesothelioma cancer or an engineer to build the biggest and highest bridges in the world. Someday if I have a kid of my own, I think I'll probably be as ambitious as all these mothers! No mother ever really wants her child to fail in life but yet they want them to be happy. I wonder if such a balance can be struck.

Diet Pills At Slimming Centres

I recently went for a free trial at a slimming centre and had to endure the worst insults in their attempt to get me to sign up for a slimming package with them! During my experience there, I was surprised to see them prescribing a fat burner pill to a client. I thought that slimming centres relied mostly on machines to help you lose your unwanted pounds not medication! It was truly an eye-opener!

Trying Diet Pills

Sometimes you get the strangest comments on blogs. Someone contacted me via my blog last week to ask if I would write about phenphedrine reviews if they sent me a sample. I was a little hesitant as I am rather wary about eating diet pills, having heard too much about their side effects. A famous Singapore actress actually had to have a liver transplant due to poisoning caused by slimming pills! Would you dare try it out?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Buying Shoes

I love shoes but recently I have been on a bit of a shopping ban in an attempt to save some money. So it did not help at all when my colleague told me about this really nice pair of Dansko shoes she saw on sale! And it has to happen in a month where I'm sadly dry and where my shoes are falling apart too! Should I or should I not?

Wet Camera

I went for a little excursion today and unfortunately I forgot that my camera isn't waterproof! It actually got dipped in the water and now I'm worried it can't work well anymore. My latest attempt to take a photo using it just resulted in some blurry images! :( I wonder if it's time to start saving up for a new camera, preferably one with compact flash memory and built in additional memory. Anyone got any good brands to recommend?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Time Off Needed

I've been feeling terribly swamped at work and am down with the flu. Its funny but my recent leave in April, just 2 months ago already seems to be light years ago! Isn't it a terrible feeling when you just need some Vegas vacations and time away from work but can't have it due to work commitments? It really sucks!