Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Perkier Days Ahead

What person doesn’t like a little bit of freebies or perks in their lives? It’s that little thing that keeps us going but for those who think that perks came only with a job, think again! Because now with ePerks, you get your Gigantic Perks every time you choose to buy, sell or even renovate your house or buy and sell a car! It’s that easy and you’ll always end up a winner. What’s there not to love with ePerks when agents there offer fantastic perks like 15.5% cash back when you buy your new home? When car dealers offer you free holidays, Blackberrys, accessories and iPods? When contractors offer you fantastic discounts on any remodeling job done? It’s a great site to check out and if you do that now, you’ll notice that they’re giving away a free Jeep every 2 months! Just enter your name and you could be driving away a brand new Jeep together with your fantastic discounts or free holiday package. So what are you waiting for? Come sell your house or buy a new car with ePerks today!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Little Secret

Psst…let me tell you a little secret I have about blog advertising. It’s Pay U2 Blog, one of the best blog advertising services around! I’ve been using them for about a month already and I’m so in love with them! I love how they assign assignments to their bloggers instead of making us fight it out over limited opportunities like some other advertising companies. So if you haven’t signed up with them yet, what are you waiting for?!

Fashionable Threads

I was recently in the UK for work and what I noticed was how fashionably dressed some of the people are. They really take the effort to dress up well with matching handbags, purses, fashion accessories and top off the final touch with a nice silk scarf which makes them look so elegant. Even the men dress well in designer fashion and their range of men’s clothing there is so much wider than what we find here. When I walked past a stored, a sign they had in their entrance caught my eye - See the news about Belisi Fashions. Peeping in to take a look, I found that they carried lots of great designer wear from the famous Peter Belisi at affordable prices. No wonder their people can dress so well there!

Summer Camping

It’s the summer holidays now and airports all over the world are crazy. A friend staying in the States thought of taking her children back to see her family but due to her delay in booking flights she was unable to secure any tickets for them. So when I last called her, she told me her last resort was to take up a cabin under the Pigeon Forge cabin rental service near the Great Smokies! At least that way they’ll still get a holiday out of it!

Good Estate Brokers

A friend of mine is interested in getting the market price for his house or just looking around for potential sales. Luckily for him, we had just sold ours so I managed to pass him the details of the real estate broker we used which was very good and reliable. Hopefully she does the area that he lives in and manages to give him a good price for his property too cos good estate brokers are hard to find!

No More Smells

I never realized the importance of getting good range hoods for our kitchen until we moved to a condo. The small space of the unit and open kitchen concept meant that we had to get the best range hoods in the market to ensure that our cooking didn’t turn the entire house into a kitchen! Luckily we found a great dealer who was really good with advice and got a fantastic hood that did the job really well for a reasonable price. Now we can even fry fish without the house ending up like a fish and chippery shop!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Spanish Stint

I've always wanted the chance to visit Spain so when I was recently sent to the UK for some work assignment, I quickly took the opportunity to plan my trip to Spain. Airline fares were reasonably cheap but it wasn't easy to find Cheap Hotels in Barcelona. Luckily through Cheaper Than Hotels, I managed to find reasonably priced Hotel Accommodation in Barcelona and Madrid. I had limited time and was quite torn between Barcelona and Madrid as I had enough time to only visit 1 city. In the end, the prices of the Hotel in Barcelona won out over Madrid and I decided to plan my visit to that city. I like this site very much as it allowed me to book my hotels last minute. I found out that their accommodation is available both last minute and all year round which suited my purposes very well! So, hola! I'm off to Spain!

Play Hockey

Do you or your kids love hockey? If they do, then you might want to check this great site out. It's a great hockey site catered to all hockey fans out there. From this site, you'll realise that it's not just a game played at the school level but a serious game which can even be taken to national levels. It's a game that involves strategy, brain work and quick footedness to secure the winning goal. So do check it out and happy hockey-ing!


International Dating

The world's just becoming a global village today and everywhere is a hop, skip and jump away. There are lots of interacial marriages too with people of all races coming together. A friend of mine used to tell me that she wanted to marry a European so she'll have gorgeous children. I teasingly told her to check out this new interacial romance site and hopefully she'll find someone she can marry there!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Coupon Shopping

I used to admire a colleague’s beautiful clothes and jewellery that didn’t look like anything I could find in the stores here. They were very interesting and unique looking items which I knew the mall didn’t carry. When I asked her more about it, she told me that she bought them online most of the time and it often worked out cheaper than retail prices, thanks to great deals she gets from Keep Cash. It’s a great site that provides discount coupons on all your favourite stores. Some of the bargains are really good while some offer free shipping so either way, you always end up saving! She told me that she usually buys her shoes from Payless Shoes and gets such great deals on them with her coupons that she never buys retail anymore! I should definitely try shopping here too! It’ll cut down my shopping bills!


Shopping for Less

Shopping nowadays is made so easy, whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or simple a surprise for your loved one. It’s even better when you can do your shopping at a discount with Webby Planet’s internet coupons. It’s a discount coupon with great savings on all sorts of categories from baby stuff to furnishing. It’s a simple site that loads quickly and allows you to easily search your favourite store’s discount coupons. You can do an alphabetized search, product search or search through all the stores available to find something that you’ll like.

They have a section on the front of the page which highlights the new coupons of the day. I particularly like this section as it details each coupon offered and the deals they have on each one. I was thrilled to find that they had coupons from big brands such as Sony, Toys ‘R Us, Cartoon Network and Figleaves, my favourite lingerie site! If you’re in a hurry, go over to check out their expiring deals and you might find something you’re looking for. You can even purchase gift certificates if you’re stumped for present ideas. Some sites offer free shipping too so do make sure you check those out! Finally, sign up for their RSS feed to be constantly kept in touch of the latest coupon deals! Happy shopping!

Financial Freedom

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing my own thing recently and came across a franchise magazine promoting vendstar, a leading bulk candy vending machine manufacturer in the United States. The Vendstar franchise provides a great opportunity to own your own vending business and giving you financial freedom, free from your boss’ glowering face! The business has grown tremendously since it was first established in 1990 and in 2003, has seen almost 9,000 members signing up for the franchise. It’s a fool-proof business which are 100% cash based which is very hard to find now. It can give you up to 80% profit margins and since the United States is so wide, there’s ample room for growth for every member.

Imagine the opportunity to work from home and dictate your own hours! I’m sure that’s a luxury most of us can only dream of. But now we all can with Vendstar.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Gorgeous Girly Underwear

We were in Singapore last weekend and since I didn’t have much time to pack, I ended up with mismatched underwear. When I saw my weird underwear combination in the fitting room, I decided that one of the next things I had to look for was womens underwear!

I found this great online Aussie site called Down Under Girls Gear which carries a fantastic array of gorgeous womens underwear from G-strings to thongs and traditional briefs. I used to be quite reluctant to try G-strings as I was half-convinced that they would be uncomfortable. That was until I ordered a pair from this site and found it so amazingly comfortable I couldn’t understand why I didn’t try it earlier! They have an amazing array of brands available including popular ones like Calvin Klein and Kookai so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice! So if you’re looking for sexy or serviceable underwear, you’ll find it all at Down Under Girls Gear!

Addiction Treatment Available

Drug addiction has always been a social problem everywhere. Young curious people who are at an impressionable age get introduced these deadly pills at nightclubs, bars, parties or simply from friends whom they thought they could trust. And being the young curious people they are they never realise that it only takes one small white pill to send them on the downward spiral of drug addiction.

Nowadays, it’s scary to see that people are getting addicted, not only to designer drugs like Ecstasy or hard-core ones like heroin. They’re even getting addicted to painkillers. The addiction for this one starts off in an even more unassuming way. What could start as a simple tiny aspirin taken to alleviate a headache or pain can lead on to an addiction where bigger and bigger doses are taken just to chase away pain or for a natural high that comes with big doses of drugs. I actually saw that happening with an elderly relative of a friend. He was taking so much morphine for a cancer pain that in the end bigger and bigger doses of morphine had to be given just to alleviate his pain. The same has happened to Chinese people of the past who were reliant on opium and would sit around for hours in a day simply floating in their own little opium-induced world. What these people don’t realise is that those little white pills called painkillers are real drugs and can be fatal and addictive in huge doses.

There haven’t been many drug rehabilitation centers that addressed this addiction as their focus was mainly on hardcore and designer drugs. However, a new free, non-profit site now provides the answer to painkiller addiction treatment. 1800nodrugs acts as a portal for addicts or their friends and family who are looking for a short or long term rehabilitation program for their painkiller addictions. The service they provide is absolutely free and available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So if you know of anyone suffering from a painkiller addiction, help them by directing them to 1800nodrugs. It’ll be the best gift you could give them.


Both Sides of the Story

The environment has become a very sensitive topic recently. Large corporations and multinational companies are constantly under a lot of pressure to conform to environmental laws and to dispose of their factory waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Any small non-conformance is easily blown up by the press as what was recently demonstrated in the case of a BP factory in Whiting, Indiana. BP, recently, has come out with their own statement as they claim that they press release in the Chicago Tribune had grossly misrepresented some important facts. As such, they would like to present all the available facts to allow readers to form their own conclusion.

BP’s Whiting Refinery Fact Sheet states that:

  • Only treated water from their refinery is released into Lake Michigan and not sludge as claimed. Sludge from the refinery is always dealt with in the proper manner and has never nor will be released into Lake Michigan. The refinery’s average ammonia discharge was also well within the new water discharge permit which allowed an increased level of discharge to be released.
  • BP is fully committed to protecting all aquatic and human life under all state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines and will never seek to harm the people or the environment in the course of business. BP is also constantly seeking to improve themselves and has voluntarily reduced total suspended solids in its water discharge by 40% in the past 4 years.
  • A planned total of $150 million will be used to enhance the refinery’s wastewater treatment in the modern Whiting plant and BP constantly works together with all levels of regulations, organizations and committees to remain transparent and to develop comprehensive, environmentally sound plans.
More information can be found on the BP Whiting Refinery Fact Sheet. And so, as readers, it is always important to keep an objective view and to know both sides of the story and gather all relevant facts before forming our conclusions.

Never Too Thin

In a world where women are striving to be constantly thin, all kinds of products have come on the market to help them lose their unwanted pounds. One really effective product that works, however, is hoodia, a new appetite suppressant that helps to curb those snack attack moments and hunger pangs. Best of all, it’s completely natural so you wouldn’t need to worry about dangerous side effects that come from chemical infused weight loss products. After all, a woman can never be too thin or too rich!

Don't Smoke

A colleague in my office used to be a chronic smoker until he was diagnosed with some lung damage and heart problems some time ago. He now carries with him a digit finger pulse oximeter to quickly and accurately check his blood oxygen levels and pulse rate at anytime of the day. It’s quite sad sometimes watching how diligently he has to monitor his health as any drop in his blood oxygen levels could mean there is a problem with his lungs. I guess people don’t realise the perils of smoking until it’s too late.

Beautiful Homes

My aunt is in real estate and when she was recently in town, she was giving us some great tips on which were the best properties to buy. According to her, property prices have been on the upward trend and some people have been making lots of money by simply flipping over their property investments. One of her recommendations was Wilmington NC real estate. However, when I saw how beautiful the property was, I’d much rather live in it than sell it!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Professional Movers

I never knew moving house was so much work until we recently moved from the suburbs into the city. Luckily, I managed to find a great moving company through Top Moving Company’s directory. It’s a great help to people who are moving locally or across the state. They provide all the assistance you need by searching through their database to find you the best moving companies, storage rentals, trucks and a lot more. They even have value-added services of locating realtors, schools, apartments and others for the new place you’re moving to! Their site was easy to use and I was able to find my moving company very easily. Best of all, because I know they have already performed the due diligence check on their advertisers, I can be assured that the movers I get from their site are honest, professional and reliable.

Save with 100 Big Coupons

Although Christmas is half a year to go, I do like to get my Christmas shopping out of the way early. That way it gives me time to think what my recipients would like and try to look for something they might actually enjoy instead of just rushing around madly buying things that they would throw to the back of their cupboards after the gifts have been opened. Nowadays with online shopping, Christmas shopping has never been easier and it’s made even better with online coupons that offer fantastic discounts on lots of sites ranging from children to adults gifts.

100 Big Coupons gives great deals on all kinds of shops and online merchants from famous retailers like GAP and Eddie Bauer to even florists and computers! I like how they have a section on their main page showing the day’s newest coupons and deals. It changes everyday according to the deals that come in and usually last for a month. Sometimes there are some real bargains there such as free shipping on Footwear from Rockport or up to 75% discounts on CollectionsEtc. There’s even a place where you can sign up for the newsletter to be constantly updated on the best deals for all your favourite online merchants. So, do surf over and start your Christmas shopping early!

*This is a sponsored review*

Get a Mentor

Are you tired of your day job and would love to try your hand at something new? Well, a new high-profile networking opportunity would give you just that chance! Get A Mentor provides broadcasting mentorship for interested individuals. You’ll train with working professionals in your choice of a production company, recording studio or radio station within your area for very affordable fees plus you get to keep your day job while you train! So it’s hardly any risk at all! Their program is affordable, flexible, effective, individualized and supportive so you can be assured that you’ll be getting the best training from the experts themselves! Go give it a try today, you might be surprised at your results!


Yoga Night

Last night was my usual yoga session. I rushed back, had a quick dinner and went straight for yoga. That wasn't a very good idea as I started feeling queasy when the class started. Everyone knows that you shouldn't exercise immediately after eating but when the class is on at night after work, sometimes I don't have much choice.

She put us through a punishing routine last night with lots of standing poses. However, I was surprised to learn that I was actually quite flexible and able to do some of the poses she got us to do. The only thing was that I couldn't stop trembling when my poorly used muscles had to hold a pose! I really should be more hardworking and practise during the week too!

Electronics Supplier

I used to have a good friend who was studying Electronics and I remember being very surprised when he told me what a short lifespan they had. When I bought my computer, he told me that the computer I just bought probably already had obsolete electronic components in it! But according to him, replacing these parts in the event of any problem wasn’t difficult now because of great companies like 4 Star Electronics, the best obsolete electronics supplier around.

They’re the leading distributor of Obsolete Semiconductors, electronic components, military components, obsolete integrated circuits, transistors & capacitors. They have the amazing expertise resources to locate and deliver any obsolete electronic components in the world, regardless of how hard it is to find! With a database of over 15 million components, looking for your replacement is so easy. Just enter the manufacturer’s part number and their unique obsolete search engine will search their entire database to find your part. Their sales consultant will then contact you with the quote and estimated delivery time. Best of all, this unique service of theirs is free and available 24-7!

In fact, 4 Star Electronics has been in the list of the top 100 fastest-growing new companies in the US for 4 years running! With such an experienced team of staff and an exhaustive database of parts, I’ll never need to worry about replacement parts for my computer anymore!


Singapore Trip

I was supposed to go down to Singapore this evening. I'd bought my bus ticket but last night, as I was gathering my stuff, I found that I didn't bring my bank card to my sis' place. Without that bank card, I will not be able to draw money from my account while in Singapore and would have to opt to change money from here which works out to quite a bit.

My brother offered to come back during lunch to pick me up to collect it again. Hm...I'll see if the trip is one that's worth taking since I don't really have much to get there.

Hawaiian Holiday

My friend is really lucky! She had a lovely wedding and for her honeymoon, her husband planned a nice getaway to Kona, Hawaii for 2 whole weeks! Imagine 2 weeks of lying on soft powdery beaches, snorkeling and diving in the deep blue seas and indulging in the freshest seafood around. It definitely sounds like paradise! She’s a real planner when it comes to holidays, just like me, and was recently asking me to help her find things to do in Kona.

I surfed around a bit and found an excellent site called Things to do in Kona. It summarises every kind of activity you can indulge in on this paradise island. They suggest to start by exploring the main street called Ali’i Drive where the Ali’i Gardens Marketplace offers the best Hawaiian arts and crafts, the famous Kona coffee and delicious fresh produce for your sampling pleasure. Her husband enjoys fishing and he can rent a boat at Kailua Pier for angling or try his hand at the International Billfish Competition which happens every summer.

There are lots of walking tours all around as well and sometimes the best way to see a place is to explore it on foot. Since they’re divers, they might want to check out Kamakahonu Beach and dive in their crystal clear waters or simply snorkel in the calm waters. Finally, if she just wishes to bum on the beach, Kona is simply made for that with their shallow waters and soft sand. Just bring some sunscreen, a towel and some sunglasses and they could snooze the afternoon away!

It sounds like she’s going to have heaps to do on her honeymoon! I hope she has a great time and brings me back a Kahuna! ;)


The Rains are Back

The weather has been really cranky recently. First we had really heavy downpours that turned the entire city into a little Venice. Then, after that, we had a spell of dry weather and hints of haze coming from our dear neighbours. And now, the rains seem to be back!

We were having dinner last night at the nearby stalls when we noticed the clouds getting heavy and black. In no time at all, really heavy rain started to pour down mercilessly without even any hint of a drizzle before that! It pounded the roof so tremendously we were quite scared that the zinc roof might give way under the onslaught of the rain! We also got drenched by the rain that came in from all sides. Then strangely, just as suddenly as it had arrived, it stopped which allowed us to run back to our car.

It's really crazy weather and maybe we should all blame ourselves for it!

Daily Dose of Veggies

Are you a mom whose kids simply hate vegetables? I recently met a friend’s little niece who hated vegetables so much that she would not touch any dish that had any form of green or vegetable in it! Her parents were in great despair as they were so worried that their little one wasn’t getting enough fibre, vitamins and minerals or enzymes. Recently, however, when I met the family, both the child and her parents were looking a lot less stressed. The mother whispered to me that things had improved greatly since they tried this new product called My Daily Veggies.

It’s a daily dietary supplement that provides an alternative vegetable supplement to those who dislike eating vegetables or are on the go. Just one box gives you 60 full servings of your daily vegetables requirement and promotes healthy living. My Daily Veggies contain no salt, no sugar and no preservatives which make it an excellent choice for those who have healthy living principles. It’s perfect for camping enthusiasts, sports people and organic food lovers as it provides an excellent camping food and on the go food as well as a great organic food alternative. The advantages it brings are tremendous. You not only get your daily vegetables requirements in a delicious snack that you can either eat from the pack, add to water or add to food but it is only 35 calories for zero guilt snacking! Each pack is not only power-packed with great red, green and yellow orange vegetables to provide all the healthy carotenoids but is also fortified with vegetable nutrient extracts for even higher Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.

It definitely sounds delicious and something I’m even eager to try! What a fast, easy and delicious way for me to get my daily vegetables! I simply need to just Drink My Daily Veggies and I’m good to go! They're giving away thousands of free samples so go give My Daily Veggies a try today!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dream Bathroom

When I first got the keys to my condo, I was rather disappointed that the bathroom vanities were not included as part of the condo. I was hoping for a nice wide mirror right across the wall like how they do in the hotels. I asked around and found that the quote to do such a mirror was pretty steep if I were to get a contractor in to do it. So the plan is scrapped for now. Hopefully if I manage to save some money, I’ll be able to do up some nice modern looking bathroom vanities and have my dream bathroom.

Pain Relief

It’s tough being a woman sometimes. We have to put up with pregnancies, childbirth but worst of all, monthly period pains! Sometimes guys just don’t understand why we’re doubled up in pain every month or cranky. How not to be when we’re in pain every month? I used to have a friend who had it so bad that she had to be confined to her bed on the first day of her periods and her gynecologist told her that it can only be cured by having a baby! I guess the labour pains probably nullify whatever period pains there are!

The last time I got bad period pains, I went to the doctor and he prescribed Nurofen Plus for me. I found that it gave me almost instant pain relief and I was able to go about my day normally. I found out that it is actually a strong pain relief that combines ibuprofen and codeine. Because of its codeine content, I try not to take it too often and only when the pain is unbearable. I’ve also resorted to taking Evening Primrose Oil to help my pains by using herbs. Hopefully it does work.

Hot Latin Lovers

I haven’t met an old school friend for some time already so I was rather surprised to see her with a hot Latin guy the last time we met for dinner. It turned out that they had met on a latin dating site and countless of emails and calls later, he decided to come pay her a visit. I know she had always drooled over the hot Latin guys on the countless Mexican and Spanish soap operas we get but I never thought that she’ll end up with a hot Latin lover herself! Well, I do wish her all the best and hope her long-distance relationship works out for the best!


I'm tired from travel. Have been traveling for work in the past two weeks and am so glad I came back home for the weekend. Slept like a pig this morning and couldn't wake up till noon. We did a red-eye trip to Beijing over the week and luckily managed to come home for the weekend. Time at home never felt so good!

Simplify your Database

A previous company I worked for used to rely heavily on telemarketing services to market their products. My boss found that it was one of the best ways to reach our clients and to get more business from them. Part of our jobs was to compile huge and long mailing lists in Microsoft Excel of our clients which could be a rather arduous task and sometimes our spreadsheets would run into the hundreds which made retrieving data quite confusing. Not only that, it took some time to train new colleagues who came in and there was always a chance of error in updating names, addresses or personal details.

Thank goodness help came in the form of a ground breaking Mailing List database created by Martin Worldwide. They are one of the largest and most successful mailing list providers in the US and even service Fortune 1000 clients. Currently, they have compiled a database of over 290 million customers over 13 million US business and will guarantee their data integrity in writing. I must say that our work definitely got much easier with the introduction of Martin Worldwide!

Moving Without Hassle

My relatives recently moved to New Zealand and while they were packing, I went over to my aunt’s house to help her pack her stuff. To my surprise, she told me that we didn’t need to do anything as the professional relocation specialists on Relocation.com she found had taken charge of everything and would do all the packing and labeling.

Relocation.com is a great site dedicated to helping people who are moving, whether across the country or across the world. They have very useful guides to help you uproot from your old place and settle down into your new plPublish Postace. Some of the extensive information they provide for people undertaking that important upheaval in their lives includes information on real estate, mortgage and their recommended list of international movers and auto shipping for your vehicles. They even have links to insurance you should buy for your home, storage guide and even a home improvement guide which my uncle loved. One of their tips which my aunt found most useful was their moving guide which provided valuable information on how to pick movers, how to prepare for your move on a week to week countdown and how to pack all your fragile and bulky stuff.

It’s a truly great one-stop site for people who will be moving soon and are not sure where to turn to for information or resources.

Fit and Dating

When I used to be a gym bunny, I found that the gym time usually took out whatever remaining time I had to meet up with people or friends. However, when I recently went to the gym again after a long hiatus, I was quite amused to see some fitness personals stuck up on the gym board. It looked like the gym was turning into a dating game too! However, I think it works well as people who meet at the gym would at least have the like-minded view of keeping fit and will be able to encourage each other on their routines and training. I just never thought the gym could be a potential meeting place when you’re all sweaty and panting though!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Play Poker!

Are you a poker fan and a Mac user? A couple of my friends are just that and recently they told me about how excited they were to discover a new site called Mac Poker. It’s a safe and secure online poker site that’s especially designed for Mac users. It’s a platform that brings together some of the best online poker sites for their members to pick and choose from. One of the highly recommended sites is Pacific Poker, owned and operated by one of the largest online gambling networks in the world. The site utilizes Java so there’s no need for any download and infectious viruses or spyware that might come with it.

With Mac Poker, you can play for free or play for real with a high level security so you wouldn’t have to worry about your funds. In fact, some of the sites such as offer a fantastic Poker Bonus whenever you place a deposit with them. You could even get up to $600 in bonuses when you play! So if you’re a Mac user and a poker player, why not test yourself against other online players? You might find yourself learning more tips and tricks of the trade!

Goth Dating

Goth girls never fail to interest me. I’m always intrigued at how they can dress up in such dark and strange fashions complete with their black lipstick and kohl ringed eyes. One of my favourite crime series, NCIS featured a Goth girl, Abby who although was a bit strange, had a really nice character.

I used to wonder how Goth girls found their respective partners since you never ever see them going out with normal guys. That was until I cam across a Goth dating site which featured gothic guys. So this was probably where they met their other Goth partner! Well, I guess it takes a Goth guy to understand his Goth girl!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Swap your Stuff

I was asked to review this new social media trading website called SwitchPlanet.com which is a platform for members to switch DVDs, CDs, games and books with other members for free. I tried accessing the site but it seemed to be down as several attempts to access it only resulted in a failure page. Nonetheless, I have heard some pretty good things about it from other bloggers and hence will be basing my review on their opinions.

When I first heard of the concept, I thought it was a brilliant idea. It was such a fantastic way to maximize your DVDs and books and to catch a wider range of movies or reads for the mere cost of postage. It’s definitely a win-win situation for all! I have piles of books sitting around and some of which have only been read once. Imagine the amount of mileage I’ll be able to get out of a book by sharing it on SwitchPlanet! Ditto for some DVDs and CDs I have collecting dust in my house.

SwitchPlanet is not only a great way to swap your media or entertainment paraphernalia to get access to any books or movies you might have been wanting to see but not willing to spend the money on. It is also a good way to meet people through their groups and forums. Who knows, while swapping a book or DVD, you might end up making a new friend!

*This is a sponsored review*

Save on Printer Refills

We’ve been doing a lot of heavy duty colour printing in my office recently for various projects and presentations. Our colour cartridge refills were diminishing at a scary rate and it was getting rather expensive to keep replacing them. Luckily a colleague of mine came across an article in his computer magazine that did Atlantic Reviews on Atlantic Inkjets which promised to save up to 75% over expensive brands such as Epson or HP which we were using.

With Atlantic inkjet, we could easily purchase our ink cartridges online at a heavily discounted price compared to what our supplier was giving us. Their site offers a wide range of common cartridge and printer brands ranging from HP to Brother which made our cartridge selection so easy. They had extensive categories of cartridges we could choose from too including recycled and compatible cartridges which were a much cheaper option. They are so confident of their products that they attach a 100% guarantee on all the products they sell and promise that every cartridge and refill kit they have meets the highest quality industry standards. And since we were a corporate buyer interested in large volume sales, we managed to qualify for their corporate sales promotion which gave great discounts for large volume orders. Best of all, they offered free shipping in the US and Canada on their supplies for purchases totaling US$45 and $50 CAN respectively!

So if you’ve been spending lots of money on your printer refills, don’t! Come over to Atlantic Inkjets instead to save!

*This is a sponsored review*

Always Cover Your Boat

A friend’s uncle owns a fishing boat together with some friends and they would go out to sea during the weekends to indulge in one of their favourite hobbies, fishing. He asked us to join him several times but as we were busy, we were not able to join them until a few weekends ago. We managed to squeeze out a weekend to join him and his friends on an overnight fishing trip around the nearby islands. That was my first time on a fishing boat and it was a really new experience! It took me some time to get accustomed to be sea legs and some time to overcome the seasickness.

The boat was a small little boat but with enough space for everyone and adequately equipped for those who might wish to have a rest in between fishing. While chatting to some of them, I learnt that one of the most important things fishermen or boat owners are always most reluctant to buy is boat insurance. According to them, this is the most important thing to buy when you get your boat as out in the open sea; you and your boat are vulnerable to all elements of nature. At least with the insurance, any damage to the boat can be easily repaired without having to fork out a lot of money.

It was a truly fun trip and we did end up with a fantastic haul of fish and I came away with a good lesson on buying boats!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Beautiful Bathrooms

When we were bought our new condo, we decided to do some changes to the master and second bathrooms. My mom decided that she wanted a minimalist look to the place without too much clutter and too many things. We found a gorgeous rain shower head and a nice glass shower enclosure. We were quite spoilt for choice when it came to taps but some beautiful high quality Minimalist Taps we came across on Taps4less.com, an online tap shop, bought us over. They had such a huge range of bathroom accessories that we were really at a loss as to what to choose for our bathroom.

Everything they had was high quality stuff to cater to your preference, whether minimalist, modern or traditional. They even had some very uniquely designed showers and taps which came from a wide range of established brands including Mira, Hudson Reed and Amber. When it was done, we were truly impressed with how beautiful the bathrooms looked and so were any guests to our house. Now, every bath time is truly an enjoyable time!

Remedies for Hair Loss

Balding seems to be a common problem today and it seems to affect both women and men! Whether it is because of our diet, stress or lifestyles, it is something that can’t be ignored and it can really affect the self esteem of the sufferer. However, if you’ve always worried about your thinning pate, don’t worry anymore because there is now help available with Dr. Larry Shapiro!

Dr Larry Shapiro is a very experienced dermatologist who has performed over 10,000 micro-mini graft procedures since 1989. He was the very first doctor to do a “strip incision” and the first doctor in the Southern US to specialize in “micro-mini grafts”. He’s so confident of his success factor that he even provides testimonials from his previous patients and allows his potential customers to contact them to find out more. He’s very happy to answer any questions any hair loss sufferer might have and provide them the best professional advice. Best of all, his services are reasonably priced and approved by the FDA so you’ll know that you’re not falling victim to a scam. So if you’ve been embarrassed by your hair problem for a while, do give Dr Shapiro a call now!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weight Loss Pills

Recently weight loss seems to be the new health buzz in town. Lots of people are resorting to weight loss pills to shed their unwanted pounds. However, it is consume diet pills only from safe sources and those that have been registered with the relevant ministries of health. One of those that have sold successfully over the internet is Tenuate pills which have been found to help dieters safely and successfully lose weight. So do your research before buying diet pills.

Silly Mistake

I recently sent off for some of my business cards to be printed. I had unwittingly taken a colleague’s card to be used as an example and forgot to change the fax number on it. So when my new set of cards came back, it was printed with the fax number of his floor instead of mine. I had to keep manually changing the number which made the card less professional looking. In the end, I got new ones printed. An expensive and silly mistake!

Memory Upgrade

Do you use a Dell laptop? I used to use one and at one point I noticed that my laptop used to slow down whenever I had several programs open. It got so irritating at one point that I brought it back to Dell for a check up. The technician advised me to increase my Dell Memory to get it in tip top condition again. I took his advice and got it upgraded and now it’s working at full speed!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fantastic Online Deals!

I never used to be much of an online shopper. My sis used to buy a few things online and when I saw what a wide range of brands and products there were online, my interest got piqued and soon, I was surfing for all kinds of things on all kinds of sites too! What I like about online shopping is their great deals which are sometimes much better than any discounts we get on the same item in the stores. There are also lots of great sites around such a s100BigCoupons.com that provide discount coupons that can be used in your favourite online store. They cover all the top retailers from every kind of shopping category I could think of! With their coupons, I could buy my pet food at a discount; get great offers on cakes and really good deals on bags, shoes and clothes! Even flowers have great deals so if you’re quite broke but still wanting to give someone a romantic gift, this is your ideal site!

Their site is updated everyday with the latest deals and coupons of the day which can range from computers to home accessories and electronic items. So, if you’re planning an online shopping trip, do make sure to check 100BigCoupons.com for any great deals before you do! You definitely will not regret it!

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Florida Real Estate

A friend who had recently moved to Florida was very happy to find the real estate search there so easy. She managed to get a place, not long after she moved there, and was thrilled to find that it was within walking distance to the main city and her workplace. I was curious to know how she managed to get her place so quickly as the process here always takes so much longer. She said she was recommended to look up properties with the Florida Real Estate Directory which was probably one of the best things that happened to her when she moved! She even included a Press Release about the directory in her email to me:

Florida Realtors, mortgage lenders, builders, brokers and other real estate professionals now have a new way to promote their website at no charge.

FloridaForSale.Com offers statewide web links to businesses in the real estate industry Basic posting with a reciprocal web link is free of charge. Upgraded listings are available at a nominal charge.

To add a website, simply visit FloridaForSale.Com and browse to the appropriate category. Then click on the “Add Url” link at the top of the page to add a website to the directory.

FloridaForSale.Com is the latest website offered by USA4SALE Networks, Inc. The Florida-based web publisher operates several classified sites in central Florida, including Tampa4sale.com, Orlando4sale.com and Gainesville4sale.com. Ocala4sale.com, launched in 1998, is ranked among the nation’s Top Ten classified sites by Ranking.com.

Michael Warren, Publisher
USA4SALE Networks, Inc.
Phone: 800-528-1170
Fax: 352-629-1767

Online Media Kit:
I'm really glad for her and waiting for the right time to visit her :)


Body Bling

I used to have a rather radical friend in Uni. She would go through strange phases of colouring her hair pink or dressing in some really Goth fashion. Just when we thought we’d seen it all, she turned up for dinner one night with a short little tee, designed to show off her brand new Gold Body jewelry! She was a really nice girl though underneath all those and the last I heard, she had given up her wild ways and was now a straight-laced lawyer! Amazing how people can change!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bridging Your Paychecks

In my previous job, there were quite a number of clerks in my department. I never thought much about pay day as I didn’t have many financial commitments then but for them who had families to support on a meager pay check, any delays in the payroll was a big deal. I remember when it happened once, just before the festive holidays, many of the clerks resorted to asking for a cash advance from the company. It’s not easy to humble yourself to borrow cash to tide yourself over a difficult period so it’s great that there is now a cash advance site called Cashadvance-fast.com. This site offers pay day loans from the region of $100 to $1,500 which are short-term bridging alternatives in between pay checks to help you cover your commitments or emergencies. As it is over the internet, all applications and transactions can be done anonymously in a secure environment and once approved, the loan amount will be sent overnight, straight into your checking or savings account. They do not even need a credit check unlike banks which can be quite strict with your credit background. They simply base their loan approval criteria on other basic factors which most employed people will meet anyway. The site also had several good links to other cash advance marketing sites of which some are specially tailored to women! These people definitely know how much women love shopping! So if you have some trouble making ends meet but don’t want to resort to borrowing from friends or family, hop over to Cashadvance-fast.com and your financial troubles will be solved!

Study Fair

A further education fair was recently held in town. There were heaps of people from universities all over the world. One booth that caught my attention was the team from capella university. They had come all the way from the US to promote their university which was a fully online university offering 89 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 16 certificate programs. They’re based in Minneapolis but are fully online and provide excellent support in the form of professional and very learned staff to help their 19,000 students who range from 56 countries all over the world. I noticed a lot of people approaching them to find out more. I guess in the technology age, any online study which allows the student to do a program from the comfort of their home would be very attractive indeed!

Crappy Movies

Recently the TV station has been showing a terrible collection of local dramas. It's basically filler shows and I can't understand who would want to watch them except for those in the villages! It's quite strange sometimes to see what the local culture and practices are. I can't wait for my usual movie nights on Monday! Now that my Desperate Housewives series has finished, I wonder what's left for me to watch on Tuesdays!

Indonesian Movies

I've recently seen several good Indonesian movies showing at the cinema. While I didn't use to be a fan, I recently watched a few and really enjoyed them! Although it's in Indonesian, I guess I can still understand most of it because of the similarities to Malay although I usually have to rely on the English subtitles. I also never cease to be amazed at how beautiful and talented their actresses are compared to ours. Hope to catch the latest one "Love is Cinta" now!

Disney Magic

I’ve never been to Disneyland and I think the kid in me has been raring to go for some time already. So when I heard that I might have a business trip to Orlando coming up, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to try to fit in a day trip to Disneyland. I’ve always heard that tickets there cost quite a lot. However, while I was researching Disneyland, I came across a fantastic site offering the lower prices on all discount Disney Tickets and guarantees the lowest prices! Their great deals were really good as they had discounts for the theme parks and all dinner shows! Hurrah! I can’t wait to see Mickey Mouse now!

Crazy Travel for Work

I've recently had a few travel trips lined up for work. We had a crazy red-eye trip to the UK last week and now I've got a trip coming up to Beijing next week. I hope it'll just be for a night and hopefully, I'll still get my wekeends. The thought of missing my weekend is really depressing as I really value them! I hope the boss will be understanding enough in this aspect.

Missing Yoga

I've been missing my yoga lessons which is a pain. I love my yoga and I paid for 10 classes already but now I've only attended 1! I don't know how the teacher is going to work out the class. Maybe I can opt to pay on a per class basis as opposed to a 10 session one. I do hope I won't miss my next yoga session! I seriously need the exercise!

Financing for my Business

I’ve been contemplating setting up something of my own for some time already. I guess I’m quite tired of seeing my career being quite stagnant. I wasn’t quite sure what to venture into but was thinking along the lines of a doughnut franchise from the US. Part of my plan was to come up with a business plan for discussion with banks and the franchise owner and naturally, one of my biggest concerns was financing. Luckily there are now many banks offering personal loans of all types and nature with different interest rates and payback periods. So I hope financing my ideas shouldn’t be too much of a trouble. Wish me luck!


Online Degrees

It’s a technology age now and almost everything can now be done online, from shopping to even studying! Yes, if you’ve always thought of doing a degree or simply pursuing some further studies but don’t have the opportunity to do a full-time course, you can now get a fully accredited degree from a great US university, capella university. It’s a fully online university with 19,000 students in more than 56 countries, including all 50 states of the US. Capella University provides excellent and professional help to all their students via their online programs and is committed to providing high-caliber academic excellence. So if you’ve always wanted to do a postgraduate program, don’t hesitate and start now with capella university.

Heavy Lunch

Dad recently found this great little Indian stall nearby and that's where we sometimes go for our quick fix of Indian rice. It's a tiny little shack catering mainly to locals and the market sellers. As a result of that, they sell the food very cheaply which works to our advantage! We've always had heaping meals there for less than RM5 per person plus drinks, free papadam and free rasam! Excellent but very sleep inducing!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Perfect for Pet-Lovers

I’ve been cracking my head for several months trying to think of a suitable gift for my friend who’s crazy about animals, especially dogs. She’s so crazy about animals that she’s somehow managed to keep 2 cats and 2 little dogs in her tiny apartment! I’m still amazed that the management hasn’t hauled her up or that her neighbours haven’t complained!

Recently, while I was surfing, I came across a really cute site which I instantly knew would make the greatest gift for her! It’s a site selling all kinds of Dog breed specific shirts and other merchandise. featuring works of art by the renowned Pet Photographer Vincent Strangio. They have all kinds of cute stuff from T-shirts to mousepads which can be printed with the dog picture of your choice! Their printing is high quality state of the art printing which ensures that the picture will not peel or crack even with countless washing or cleaning. They’re so confident of their high quality products that they even offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love their products!

I found an adorable picture of a little silky terrier that looked exactly like her pet terrier and will definitely be getting it printed onto a nice T-shirt for her! So if you’re a pet-lover or is looking for a perfect gift for a pet-lover, do come take a look at what Vincent Strangio has to offer you. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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Inside the Pentagon

I used to wonder how the special agents in the Pentagon are trained. The US Intelligence and Pentagon seem so highly secretive that I’m sure their training programs must be equally high level and secretive. Recently, I saw an Inside Online Education podcast from capella university featuring an interview with one of their PhD students about her work as Program Manager for the Joint Staff Training Program at the Pentagon. Listening to the rigorous training they go through, it’s no wonder at all that the US intelligence system is so top-notch!

I was equally amazed at how she managed to dedicate her time to studying her PhD while working. Some people are truly dedicated and disciplined! If you're interested in listening to more podcasts, you can do so from the Capella University website at capella.edu or capellacommons.com. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the podcast RSS feed at capellacommons.com/rss/ or get them via subscription from iTunes.

Say Bye to Balding

A friend of mine was recently undergoing a lot of stress at his workplace. He was in a high powered position that placed a lot of pressure on his performance and ability to meet the tight deadlines set. He was so stressed that his hair started dropping which even made things worse as he was someone who was very particular about his looks.

However, when I met him not too long ago, I noticed that he was sporting a nice full head of hair again. Surprised, I asked if he had changed jobs to something less demanding. He said he was still with the high-pressured job but had recently gone on a much-needed holiday to Florida. While holidaying in the sun, he had come across Dr Larry Shapiro’s clinic and learnt that he was one of the top experts on hair loss in florida. He has more than 17 years of experience in hair transplant with over 10,000 cases performed and he’ll even arrange for any potential clients to speak to his past clients about their experience. His website and clinic provides lots of information on the risks and procedures of getting a hair transplant and client experiences so the potential client will be fully informed to make their decision. It didn’t take long to convince my friend to proceed with the hair transplant procedure and he said he was very happy with the results. He said it was the holiday with the best results he had ever taken! He managed to relax and get his hair problem solved! Well, I’m very happy for him!

Keep Your Jewels Safe

I used to travel for my previous job quite frequently. One problem I had while traveling was organizing my make-up case. I didn’t have a very good make-up case so most of time, by the time I arrived at my destination, my make-up will all be messed up inside my cosmetic case. The same happened for my jewellery. In fact, I wasn’t able to bring any jewellery as my necklaces and earrings would have probably gotten all mixed up and entangled up in each other.

On one of my trips, however, I noticed a colleague’s unique Jewelery Storage case in which she had brought a whole range of necklaces and earrings for her to match with her clothes during her trip. It was a very innovative storage case which was elegant with the necessary compartments for her different kinds of jewellery. Best of all, it had see-through panels which allowed her to peek at what she brought while deciding what to wear. She was very happy to share where she got it from and told me to check on Yazzii.com where I’ll be sure to find something I like. Well, she was right! I’m now loving my new make-up case and jewellery storage case from Yazzii!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Savvy Spending

I’ve been reading a lot of articles in the news recently about people who have trouble controlling their spending. They apply for many Credit Cards since most companies nowadays offer zero annual fee promotions and use one card to cover the debt on another. At the end of the day, they’re left with escalating credit card debts due to the high interest rate imposed on their unpaid balances. It’s not easy to control your spending when there are so many lovely things out there that are so tempting. Some financial experts recommend cutting up your credit cards, leaving only one for your emergency use. Others suggest leaving them at home when you go out for a shopping trip. To me, all it needs is some common sense and very strong self-discipline to realise what you can and cannot afford.

Scanner for My Office

Our office scanner was recently giving a lot of trouble. The documents that we scanned turned out spotty and blur which gave our overseas partners great difficulty in trying to make out what the documents said. In this IT and technological age, it was quite an embarrassing situation and my colleague and I were asked to look for a good scanner to replace the old one.

While I was surfing for scanners, I came across a high-speed portable Duplex scanner called Scanshell 3000DN. It promised simultaneous high image quality for both sides of a document. That was simply fantastic for our purposes as it saved us the trouble and time of having to flip documents over to scan the other side. It comes with a high speed USB 2.0 standard interface which makes connection to our laptops and computers so easy, especially since it requires no external power supply. What we liked best was that it was very light at only 475g and came with very simple connection so we could take it everywhere for our presentations or business trips. We ordered several for our office and our colleagues were really happy with the crystal clear scanning quality and its compactness. Finally, we’re able to send high quality scanned documents all around the world without any qualms!


Tuesday Nights

Hurrah, it's Tuesday! Tuesday's one of my favourite nights because my favourite drama series, Desperate Housewives is aired at 9.30. I never fail to make sure I'm back in time to plop myself on the sofa to catch up with the latest happenings on Wisteria Lane. It's quite dramatic sometimes what those women go through but I think, deep inside, we probably can all related to them, albeit on a smaller scale. It examines the complicated nature of women and I think sometimes we don't even really know ourselves! I was once asked why women had to be so complicated and I had no answer for it! Can you?

Medical Card Scanner

A friend set up his own medical practice several years ago. When he first started out, it was a small practice and he was able to cope with the patients and administrative work with some help from his assistants. However, as his popularity increased, so did his patients and soon something simple as recording his patient’s medical insurance got him and his assistants snowed under as they struggled to cope.

He was looking really haggard when I met him and when I heard about his troubles, I told him to look up medicscan, a great package which allows doctors to easily scan the image of their patient’s medical insurance cards. Another doctor friend had used it before and she was truly impressed with the fully automatic scanning and image processing process. All her staff had to do was to insert the card into the scanner for the image to be processed. The image can then be stored locally on the PC or server or exported through email or other applications. She found that it drastically reduced the paper work for the staff and hence human errors in filling out information. Also, because it was so fast, the patients could get their information recorded quickly which vastly improved customer service and productivity amongst the staff.

When I saw him a few months after that, he was looking much happier and well-rested. He was very happy to tell me that he had tried implementing the system in his clinic and it worked like a charm! I’m very glad he’s a lot less stressed now!


Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

We made a quick weekend trip to Penang last weekend. It was quite a rushed trip so I didn't manage to eat all my favourites. We didn't even manage to go to Gurney Drive as where we stayed was rather far away from the town. We stayed near a new mall called Queensbay Mall and I was amazed at how many cars there were! People were parked all along the road leading into the mall and some even on the highway! The ironical thing was that there was parking available inside the mall for a mere RM1 per entry but these people preferred to risk their cars getting damaged, walk in the hot sun and across busy roads just to save RM1! I can't understand it!

Online Romance

Life can sometimes be lonely without the right companion to spend it with. On that premise, lots of internet dating and speed dating companies have taken off successfully in match-making hopeful singles looking for someone compatible and good. One such site is bbw romance . With BBW, you can join for free in a few minutes, post up your photo and profile and before you realise it, have lots of messages or flirts from others interested to know you better. If you’re not prepared to put up your picture yet, you can browse their members or search a member by their nickname to send them a message or simply a flirt to let them know you’re interested in them. However, like all internet dating companies, it always pays to be safe and careful.

Better Opportunities with Capella

My colleague’s been thinking of doing further study to improve his job opportunities. He feels like he’s stuck in a rut and that a graduate degree or professional course might be the best solution. When he asked me for advice, I told him about an accredited online university called capella university I had recently read about. It’s a fully online university with its headquarters in Minneapolis. However, it serves more than 17,900 students across 56 countries in 82 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 16 certificate programs. They are fully committed to providing academic excellence and pursuing balanced business growth via their team of committed, learned and professional staff. He did further research and decided that this was probably the best program for him with his busy schedule and family life. I wish him all the best!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Gwen Stefani's Coming!

Gwen Stefani is coming to town and I was thinking of getting her concert tickets as a birthday gift for a friend who really loves music and Gwen Stefani. However, foreign artistes come here so rarely that her tickets were all snapped up by the time I managed to get through to make my booking. I don’t know why the authorities here don’t want to allow more artistes to come or have them hold concerts for a longer time. That way, more fans would be able to catch their favourite artistes!

Home Theater Room

When I was in school, I used to have a friend who came from a very wealthy family. We used to love having parties in her house as she had a whole room dedicated to their home theater system. It was filled with a cool projector TV, plush home theater seating, Laser Disc players and karaoke players. We once had a birthday sleepover in her house and had the time of our lives singing our hearts out in the room. Best of all, it was sound-proofed so we didn’t have to disturb the rest of her family. That’ll be a pretty cool thing to have if I had a huge mansion! Unfortunately, I live in a condo so the only TV I’ll be watching is my flat screen!

Big Challenges Ahead

I recently decided to move on from my present job into a rather different and more demanding one. Change is never easy and for someone like me who has grown comfortable in my present place, this change was rather hard to make. A friend recommended that I read this book called Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change authored by Sara Orem, a faculty PhD member at capella university. This book inspires the reader to an appreciative and empowering view of themselves and their future and is targeted at individual coaches of managers, executives and, as to quote her, “those who do one-on-one work with people who can influence and create change in their organizations.” Reading this book made me feel much better about taking the new job and new challenges on. I hope it’ll work out well!

Mind Your Language

I’m quite a bad Chinese who was educated in Malay and English so my first language is English and I can barely speak or understand Chinese. I realized my handicap, however, when I had to go to Beijing last year for a conference. Looking Chinese, everyone automatically spoke to my in Chinese and I felt rather embarrassed when I couldn’t reply to them or understand them. China too is coming up as a very strong economic power and many of my friends who can speak Chinese have moved there for fantastic job opportunities with very high earning power. That inspired me to try to learn Chinese again through the Pimsleur Language Audio Books. I like how simple they were and how effective they were in helping me learn Chinese. Within a month of using them I was able to string a basic sentence together and understand quite a number of words. Hopefully I’ll be able to speak good Chinese by the time I finish the course!


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Host Your Site

My company recently created our own website after some time and was looking for a suitable webhosting company to host it on. We found a great deal at Host 208, a fantastic site that provides lots of hosting services for a very reasonable fee. Their webhosting packages are perfectly suited for all, from novices like us to the technical experts. The package we opted for, Host208 - Webhosting Services was an all-inclusive package comprising fast and stable servers (Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz E6600 with 4MB Cache; 4 GB RAM; 2x500 GB SATA in RAID1 configuration.), a user-friendly web hosting Control Panel, dedicated 24 x 7 customer support (via the phone or ticket), and last but not least, a few useful FREE bonuses such as the SiteStudio (a web design tool) and the Elefante Installer (management, e-commerce, etc. tools). So if you’re building a site and looking for a great yet reasonable webhost, do check out Host 208.


Friday, July 06, 2007

Study Options

Students nowadays have so much more options compared to when I was a student. In my time, undergraduate study was limited to either our local universities which many had trouble getting into for their preferred course or overseas universities which were substantially more expensive. Today, however, students have a wide range of twinning programs and online universities to choose from. One such program is capella university, an online university which offers undergraduate, graduate and professional courses to students from all over the world. Presently they serve almost 18,000 students from all 50 states in the USA and 56 countries all over the world. Although they cover such a wide range of students, they still hold true to their commitment of providing high-caliber academic excellence and are backed by a great team of professional staff to ensure that they keep to their commitment. Do visit their site or call 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552) to find out more.

Will you cheat?

An article on an online women’s site recently caught my eye. It said that partners cheated on each other all the time, sometimes without even realizing it or meaning to. Telling your partner you’re busy at work when you’re actually spending time at the football game is cheating. So is listening with only half an ear or not at all while busy texting on your mobile when your partner is talking. Infidelity is a fine line to draw as President Clinton would say but the main point is that research has shown that at least 50% to 60% of attached people will cheat at some point in their relationship. A radical site called The Ashley Madison Agency actually promises to help its members rekindle love and passion with another person. This is done in the strictest confidentiality and it is particularly helpful for women who feel neglected due to their husband's busy lifestyle or who wish to get away from their children. Cheating is nothing to be proud of and definitely not something that should be encouraged. However, for some women who wish to get away from it all, they should should refer to the Ashley Madison Agency.

Teach Them To Read

A friend’s son had a lot of trouble with reading and was later diagnosed with slight dyslexia. However, she did not give up and was determined to give her son as much opportunities as a normal child. She signed him up with Score Learning Center where fantastic reading tutors coached him everyday after school. Amazingly, after a couple of months there, he was soon able to read without his previous problems! She now recommends Score to everyone she knows!


Summer Learning

The summer holidays are here! If you’re a parent who abhors seeing your child waste their summer holidays in mindless activities, then sign them up with Score Learning Center to keep them occupied with interesting and fun lessons! Score is an innovative tutor program designed to help children from ages 4 to 14 improve subjects they’re weak in from Math to reading. So, send then there and give them a headstart to the new school year!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Second Chance

My cousin had some trouble with his undergraduate studies when he was studying in Australia. He returned without having completed his degree, much to the disappointment of his parents. However, recently his dad told us that he has started to show interest in studying again and asked his dad for some financial aid to enroll with capella university, an accredited online university that currently offers 82 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 16 certificate programs. He decided to enroll in a business program as he was previously doing a business degree and felt confident enough to pick it up again. His parents are very happy he has decided to study again and are prepared to give him all the support they can. I wish him all the best and hope he completes successfully this time.

Plastic Holiday

Everyone, from celebrities to normal people, seem to be undergoing some form of plastic surgery or another as the procedures become cheaper, more accessible and better. In fact, a lot of people I know combine their surgery with an extended holiday which gives them time to recover from it too before the return as a brand new person!

A wealthy friend of mine did just that when she jetted off to Beverly Hills to see her Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. She wasn’t very happy with her nose and body and was sure he’ll be able to work wonders. She had done her research and decided that she preferred surgeries in US as opposed to Asia, simply because of their higher technology and professionalism. Usually people are rather secretive about having done surgery but she definitely was not!

In fact when she returned svelte and gorgeous, she couldn’t stop recommending her Beverly Hills plastic surgery clinic to everyone who asked her what she had done to herself! Haha…talk about a great walking advertisement!

Secure Your Belongings

Have you ever considered getting home insurance to secure your house and belongings? I never realized how important this was until someone I know lost a substantial amount of their belongings through a robbery. They lost thousands of dollars worth of electronic equipment and furniture and couldn’t get compensated for it because they didn’t have any home insurance. After I heard about that incident, I started surfing online to find out more about insurance policies for my home and came across a fantastic site called Insurance.com. This site brings together homeowners insurance from top national insurance companies to you to compare and contrast their rates. Through their online form, you can send off your requirements to the various companies and review their offers to decide which the best company for you is. They even have a call center filled with professional staff to walk you through this process if you aren’t comfortable with providing your information online. I received very good rates from the companies and have sent my information on for a comprehensive home insurance. I really like the fact that I was able to purchase my insurance without being hassled by agents and was able to compare and contrast against so many policies. May the best quote win!


Solitary Dinner

I had dinner all alone last night as Bro had gone out with his friends. I don't know about you but sometimes I do enjoy the solitude at home. I've become quite a hermit so I seem to have lost many friends throughout the years which is quite sad, I guess. Anyway, I came home quite late last night and not having much time to cook, turned to my favourite Koka noodles from Singapore! I love them because they're rice noodles as opposed to pre-fried instant noodles. Cooked up a pot, threw in an egg and some dying lettuce in the fridge and voila, I had my dinner! It was pretty good too! :)

Life Insurance is Important

One of my dad’s friends is an insurance agent who lives in Penang. He and his wife are always encouraging us to call them while we’re there so they can wine and dine us, simply to get more insurance business from us! Recently the wife called me to promote this new life insurance policy they were selling. I told her I wasn’t interested as I am already paying for so many policies. However, she was really persistent which got me pretty irritated so I told her to consider selling her insurance online like how Insurance.com does. That way, people who are interested in buying insurance can surf, at their own leisure, the different policies and rates available and make their own judgment instead of constantly having policies shoved in their faces by different agents representing different companies. At the end of the day, it’s a free world of choice and to quote Insurance.com, “May the Best Quote Win”.


Part-Time Study

I was recently chatting to a secretary at my office and was very surprised to hear that she was doing further studies while juggling her day job. After I graduated, I was doing my professional accountancy course part time while I worked and after that experience, told myself I would never repeat it again. Firstly it was really tiring coming back from work and hitting the books and secondly, my lack of life outside work and study was really quite frustrating! I asked her more about her course and learnt that she was doing a business course with capella university. It’s an accredited online university so she has the flexibility of studying at her preferred times, whether late at night or early in the morning and is assured of help from their professional staff at any time of the day. I wish her all the best and hope this will provide her with an excellent stepping stone to better jobs in the future.

Play Pool

It’s a hectic world we live in today with hardly enough time for ourselves or our families. It’s ironic but it seems that technology has given us less time in our lives as we automatically seek the TV when we return. So, when was the last time you spent some time with your family just enjoying a simple game of pool?

Well, now with Boston Tables, you can look forward to coming home to a pool game every night! They have beautiful pool tables in every colour and design of your choice. Plus, as it is summer now, they’re having sizzling hot discounts on their tables. I particularly loved a Mona Lisa Cherry Pool Table in my favourite colour, pink! So if you’ve been feeling a bit out of touch with your family recently and are looking for ways to reconnect with them, do it through a friendly game of pool!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ace Math

Are you a parent looking to occupy your child’s time productively this summer holidays? If you are, then do seriously consider engaging math tutors from Score Learning center for them. They teach Math in a fun environment and make learning Math something very interesting. Children between ages 4 to 14 have had significant progress already from Score so do help your child ace Math too! He’ll thank you for it!


FBI Excellence

My favourite drama series on Monday nights is Criminal Minds. It never ceases to amaze me how the FBI agents solve a near-impossible case simply by using the most remote links. They have such a deep understanding of how the human mind would work and seem to track down the suspect with such ease. I guess with such intelligent people in the FBI, it was no surprise then when I read a press release about Tammy Alexander; the director for information assurance and cybersecurity training at Fountainhead College of Technology in Knoxville, Tennessee; who recently was awarded the 2006 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award. This amazing lady not only excels in her work but also in her studies where she’s a master’s degree student with capella university. These kind of individuals never cease to amaze me!

New Superfood

Health is becoming the number one priority in peoples’ lives as we move towards being a developed country. I recently went for a health talk and was introduced to Acai Plus and Monavie Juice, a juice which is said to be made from a new superfood Acai! This little known berry growing deep within the Amazon jungle has been found to be one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world! It’s high-energy and it’s royal purple pigment is packed full with antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids! It’s touted to be even better than goji berries or noni fruits! It is said to combat premature aging and studies are currently being done on its effectiveness in combating cancer and Alzheimer’s. It’s so amazing that even Oprah has featured it as the #1 superfood! The natives of the Amazon have been taking it for hundreds of years and now this new superfood has finally come out in the open. I was rather impressed by the testimonials I heard and had a taste of the juice. It tastes similar to blueberries with a hint of dark chocolate, not unpleasant at all! Maybe I should give this superfood a try!

Insurance Shopping

Car insurance is a must have for every car owner but how do you know if the car insurance you have is the best option? Now, have no more worries with Insurance.com. This one-stop car insurance shopping site has quotes from all the nation’s top insurance companies, hence allowing you to quickly and easily compare insurance quotes to ensure that you have the best deal! All you need to do is to simply fill out a form which then gets sent to all the top insurance companies in their database. You will then get a comparison of the rates and you get to choose which suits you best. With a click of your mouse, your car insurance is done! However, if you aren’t comfortable with shopping online, don’t worry as they have a call centre staffed by professionals ready to help you through the process. May you find the best deal!


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fight for your rights

A friend in New York was recently unfairly dismissed by her employer. She was treated so badly by her employer that it left her no other option but to quit. Being in the US where legal rights are very important, her husband encouraged her to take it up with the courts. She agreed and through some research from friends and articles, decided to go with Simmons Jannace & Stagg to fight her case. They are touted to be one of the best legal firms practicing in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey and had achieved the highest peer review rating by Martindale-Hubbell. They’ve represented both large banks and multinationals and are equally professional when attending to small companies, municipalities and individuals. Her trial is scheduled to be heard two months later but she’s been very happy with the service she has been receiving from Simmons Jannace & Stagg. I wish her all the best and hope she wins her case!

Learning to Drive A Truck

I used to work in a construction company which used to be very active in the construction sector. I wasn’t involved much on the construction site but used to accompany my boss down there occasionally to check the on-going progress on site. I used to watch the way the heavy equipment operators managed their heavy equipment, be it cranes or excavators and I used to think that it couldn’t be that difficult as all the controls and levers were quite basic. I thought it was as easy as driving a car till my boss told me that operators had to be specially trained for that job! All operators, upon joining, will first be sent to the Heavy Equipment Operator School, one of the premier schools for heavy equipment operation. They have been training people for over 16 years and have been in operation for over 40 years. There, they will learn a variety of heavy equipment and construction related trucking from backhoe training, bulldozer training and excavator training to front end loader training. I thought it was a great program though as this meant that less educated youths could be taught how to operate heavy machinery and still find employment. Heavy Equipment training should definitely be encouraged, not only to reduce the accident rates but to also open up more opportunities for workers.

Free Hot Tub!

I recently watched a TV series and it featured a hot tub which I thought was so great! So when I read about Canadian Spa Company that was giving away a free Haliburton Spa valued at US$5,000 I was terribly excited! Maybe this was my chance to own one!

The Haliburton Spa is a self-assembly fully portable spa which can fit 5-6 people comfortably. Wow! Think of all the pool parties I can now have! It’s got amazing features such as a heated air-blower, aromatherapy and a surface-skimmer filter. It’s an extremely durable spa with triple-layer nylon webbing liner and best of all, fully portable! So I can just pack it up and take it along with me to my next trip and have a fantastic spa right in the comfort of my room, complete with sweet smelling aromatherapy! It’s been rated to be the best fully portable hot tub in the market and built to last years and years. Sigh…I’m already starting to imagine coming home from a long hard day at work to immerse myself in a nice hot bubbling spa and watching my troubles float away!

I could be selfish and hold this secret to myself but in the interest of blogging, do check out this offer at http://www.canadianspacompany.com/freespa.php if you want to win a hot spa like me! The draw will be held on 30 September 2007 so quick, quick, quick! Get ready to enter!


It's a Global Village

The Internet has been one of my best friends especially where information sharing is concerned. There’s a huge plethora of information out there for us to sift through on every subject imaginable. Sometimes friends wonder how I know so much trivia or general knowledge. Well, I find it all on the Internet! Recently, I was told about a new Social Bookmarking site called EarthFrisk. This site was created for the main purpose of bringing together people of a similar interest from all over the world. There are so many ways you can use EarthFrisk!

Pick a category of interest and be prepared to be exposed to a tremendous store of information, the best the planet has to offer! You’ll also get to debate, discuss and share information with other members whether by posting our own video, article or links or reading up existing ones. You can even create your own little social groups and enjoy participating with other members and make new friends from all around the globe. If you’re an inspiring writer or blogger looking for comments to your articles, post up your pages with links to your sites and you’ll find members coming by to vote on them as well as discuss them. So, do have fun and make new friends. You never know who you might meet through EarthFrisk!

Lifelong Learning

Recently the Chinese association here had a campaign to encourage life-long learning amidst its members. They were surprised by the tremendous response this campaign received. Retired members were still keen to learn and sign up for a college degree and professional course with online universities such as Capella University. Their enthusiasm to learn was very encouraging indeed as they didn’t mind having fellow students who were half their age. It definitely got me thinking too as I recalled my approach to learning when I was in University. Back then, I was interested in absorbing the material just to clear my exams while these senior students were learning for the genuine interest in broadening their knowledge. I hope someday I could be just like them too.

Termite Infested!

Our family home once had a bad experience with termites. My mom discovered it when she took something from our room and was shocked to see sawdust everywhere. Further investigation revealed that termites had chewed through a substantial portion of our wooden furniture, including some of my belongings I kept in the drawers! They quickly called the exterminators to contain this problem and put in further termite control measures. The exterminators also gave advice on how to protect our home from termites and to ensure that we topped up the chemicals every few years to ensure our house will be protected. What an experience! Now, with every new property, we ensure that it has been sufficiently treated against termites.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Expert Software Testing Services For Less

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The top manufacturers all in one place

Why spend your time going from dealer to dealer when you can go to the Hutchinson, Kansas Car Dealer that has vehicles from 10 different manufacturers? There's nothing worse than going to a dealer, not finding anything you like, and then having to leave and go someplace else. With Conklin, if the first car you see isn't what you're looking for, they have hundreds more to choose from. That sounds good to me. You can go to lots of places in Kansas for Used Cars, but when you go to Conklin you're getting quality vehicles and service that no other place can compete with.

Timing is everything

Timing is everything, and now is the perfect time to get a diamond engagement ring from Danforth Diamond. Only you know when the right time to ask that special someone to spend the rest of their life with you is, but with help from Danforth Diamond, you can get the engagement ring that will make the decision easy. Danforth Diamond has the best selection of diamond engagement rings to make sure everything is perfect when you say those special words.