Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waiting Up

It was such a tiring night last night. I wanted to sleep earlier last night but we got held up clearing up our new place and making it a little more like a home. We then came back and I mistakenly thought that the coach bookings I was waiting for will be open at midnight. I was wrong..its only opening tonight! So I'll need to stay up one more night tonight just to ensure I can get my tickets back during the next long weekend. The speed at which they sell out is just too fast!

Lucrative Insurance

Selling insurance seems to be a highly lucrative thing nowadays. I've had friends who have given up their careers in the corporate world to pursue a self-business venture in insurance, new insurance blogs online promoting all kinds of insurance and insurance agents constantly harrassing me. I guess insurance sells by emphasizing the uncertainty of life and encouraging people to prepare for their loved ones in any unfortunate event. Perhaps I should seriously consider doing a part time job in that too!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rising Costs

Everything costs more these days, from property to food and transportation. Even dying isn't cheap anymore with some private hospitals charging up to $8,000 per day just for some specialist treatment in a private room. Imagine what the funeral costs can come up to! Specialist funeral companies such as Nirvana handle most things for you but present you with a 5-figure bill after that. Is it no wonder then that the aged have actually started preparing for their own funerals through saving a little every month?!

Going To KL

We're going back to KL this coming Thurs night as Friday is a public holiday here. This will be my first time back since moving here a month ago and I can't wait! There's lots to do at home as well with some stuff left in our house and the cleaners coming in on Sat to clean up the place before I put it up for rent. Looks like its going to be a busy weekend ahead! We've already filled most of Friday with all kinds of appointments!

Hassle of Home Insurance

Although SG is said to be a safer place compared to Malaysia, I still read and hear of crime cases. In fact, DH's cousin's place actually got broken into once with his passports stolen. There is no one safe place in this world and I'm beginning to wonder if we should sign up for some home insurance packages to ensure our belongings are reimbursed if stolen. However, it can be quite a pain to go round categorising everything in the house in the inventory list. Then again, no pain no gain!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving Day

We had the movers in last weekend and the place was complete mayhem! I was trying to coordinate all 80 boxes we had and find places for them to be placed. Finally when they left, I spent another 3 hours trying to keep things and find homes for the many odds and ends we have. We're going back there again tonight to try to restore some order to the place. I find that's where both DH's and my characters differ. He's all about procrastination and doing things slowly whilst I would like things all in place by the time I move in. Definitely ingredients for a fight! :P

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Health Treatments

I've very used to seeing weight loss products advertisements in our newspapers back in Malaysia. However when I came down to Singapore, I was surprised to see that the newspapers here focused more on bust enhancement products and treatments instead! Perhaps their women here are slimmer and healthier from all the walking and love of exercise that they have and they are encouraged to seek treatments for other parts of their body instead!

Exercise Lovers

I've noticed that Singaporeans are, in general, a very healthy lot. They seem to enjoy running and walking and make full use of the parks available around the city. Almost every night I see both locals and foreigners alike running along the roads to get their daily exercise fix. I wonder if they ever take performance enhancing drugs such as no xplode bsn to fuel their energy needs but I am truly impressed by their stamina and dedication to exercise!

Dangerous Side Effects

Have you heard of the product called differin which is said to be very effective in fighting acne? I was a little tempted to try it but wasn't sure if it might come with dangerous side effects. I've heard that some of these acne drugs can actually be quite harmful if you are planning to have a child or are expecting. So it will be wise to actually research and read up more on any drug before trying them.

Fat Burning

Burning fat is on everyone's minds right now. I've been getting lots of fat burning advertisements in my emails and one of the top ones I've been seeing is from bestfatburners.org who promote quick solutions for fat burning. It said that you can see guaranteed results in just two weeks! Do you think something that works so fast is good for you? I don't think it can be very good for your health if something works so quickly!

Best Acne Treatment in KL

My skin has improved tremendously since I went to the famous dermatologist in KL. My skin cleared up just after one visit and it has stabilised since with no more breakouts. So now if I have friends asking me where the best acne treatment is in KL, I know exactly where to recommend them to now! Just be sure you can stomach the long queues just to see the famous doctor!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Waiting for GSS

Two weekends ago, sis and some friends were down here for a weekend of fun and shopping. We went to the shopping malls but sadly most weren't on sale. I spotted a pair of really nice Cole Haan shoes that were incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately it cost an arm and a leg! Hopefully it goes on sale during the mid-year Great Singapore Sale and there are sizes left too!

Controlling Spending

I was left puzzling over an RM25 charge on my company credit card just before I cancelled it. I was very sure that I had not incurred any expenses on it recently and in the end, filed a dispute form. Turns out that this charge was the Government's charge for credit card holders as a way to curb overspending on credit cards! It wasn't even tied to credit card processing charges! Ours must be the only country where the Government tries to control spending!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Improving Economy

Last year was a bad year worldwide. People were losing jobs and being laid off almost everyday. However, this year seems a little more optimistic with job recruitment advertisements starting to appear again like the city of philadelphia jobs ads I recently saw online. Hopefully the world economy will improve.

Camera Repairs

I have an Olympus camera that recently spoilt when some water got on it. I'm now wondering if I should throw it away as the hubs recently bought me a DSLR. I did pack it up to be thrown away but my mom suggested trying to repair it or at least salvage the micro sd card inside in case it can be used on a different camera. I think the SD card should fit but I think the cost of repairing might not be worth while.