Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End

There's a time when every great show comes to an end, every song trails off into its last notes and every curtain needs to fall.

Funky Cookies was started 2 years ago, a brainchild of 2 friends then, who wanted to chronicle their eating and cooking adventures. Over 2 years, it has changed from a foodblog to a mish-mash blog and so I figured it was probably time for the curtain to fall on Funky Cookies.




And for a new one to rise at:

So hop on your silver jet, your swanky car, bicycle or run, don't walk, and come visit me there! Please also update your links as I'll be blogging from there now! Thank you for your continued visits here and I hope to see you all there soon!

Lots of ♥ ~Pink Elle~

Losing Weight Quickly

My colleagues were talking about a famous local actress over lunch the other day. Ironically she became famous not because of her acting skills but because she had to have a liver donation after she took too many weight loss pill products! Luckily for her, her then fiance and now husband was generous enough to donate part of his liver to help her live. That caused a huge scare over weight loss pills for a while. However, the trend seems to be back now with lots of young girls opting for that quick and fast way to weight loss.

Wild Goose Chase

There's nothing worse than having to fight a fire that you didn't start. I've been swamped for the most of the past few days doing just that and its been really frustrating. Most of the information I need all have to come in from other sources and because I haven't been in the job all that long, I end up asking the wrong questions which don't get me the right answers. It has been a crazy wild goose chase and I'm hoping it can get sorted out before I head off for the long weekend. I don't really want that hanging over my head.

Yummy Mummies

I have been told by so many women that having children at a young age helps them get back into shape relatively quickly compared to those who have children later. I've also noticed that women in my office all come back nice and svelte after their maternity leave and most look like they're not mothers at all! I really wonder how they do it or whether they have any good curvatrim reviews or slimming centre reviews to share. It does make having babies such a daunting task not only for the 9 month ordeal but also for the losing weight ordeal that comes after!

Morning Walk

I tried taking a walk this morning from the nearest MRT station to my office instead of taking the train to the next station and catching the office bus. It took slightly longer, around 15 minutes or so but I found it rather refreshing as my walk took me past a nice park and lots of greenery. Maybe I should start doing this more often if the mornings aren't too hot. I do enjoy the little space of quiet time I have to myself and my thoughts in that few minutes. Hopefully it does something for my unwanted pounds too! :P

Career Change

I recently did an online personality assessment and as I thought, my current job might actually not be the right fit for me as my strengths don't quite fit my job! That's quite a problem, don't you think? Perhaps I should consider a new career or a change in my life direction starting with signing up for some accredited online degree programmes. Although the thought of having to study again and work while doing it is really quite daunting!

Hotel Memberships

It is ironical but there can actually be too much of a good thing sometimes. We used to join the membership of a certain hotel chain when we were back in Malaysia which offered free dining and rooms. It seemed like a good idea then for a short break. However, now with the expiry date looming, it suddenly becomes a pressure to finish those vouchers so they don't go to waste! That becomes doubly hard now since time at home is so limited! I think this is the last time we'll be joining such things!

Home Businesses

I've recently seen a sudden influx of home based business women popping up all over the internet. The most popular choice of business seems to be selling cheap clothes via online boutiques. I've actually seen the source of these clothes and they can be very cheap which does mean a pretty decent profit for the business owners. However, do be careful to only buy from reputable online blogshops as the quality of some can be quite compromised and the end product might not look anything like the one the pretty model is wearing!

Should I Join Lunch?

I'm so glad there's another long weekend to look forward to this coming weekend. I do live for times like this! We'll be heading back tomorrow night after work. I am still wondering if I should join some colleagues for lunch tomorrow as they tend to head out for really long lunches which will leave me with not much time to sort out all my work before I leave on the dot to catch the bus. But not joining will mean being labelled antisocial! Sigh, it is never easy, is it?

Our Small Place

After being Down South for 3 months or so, I've gotten used to the small living area we now have. Cleaning, in fact, has become quite easy which is definitely a good thing that came out of it. We got the place practically fully furnished and one thing I simple cannot understand is why the land lady put in such big and bulky living room furniture when the space is already so tiny! She has a whole set of furniture which is really ugly to me and two contemporary coffee tables which has a moveable glass top! Add our own furniture in and I must say we don't have much floor space left! Well, the only concession is that the rent is cheap and the location incredibly convenient!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Break

We just got back from a short break to Club Med Mauritius. It was a really gorgeous resort and I have to say that we did absolutely nothing but eat (lots!) and sleep! What bliss! This resort was the first one we went to where there were hardly any Asians around. Most of the tourists were European French who spent most of their days next to the pools eating, drinking and smoking cohiba cigars. I must say that these Westerners certainly know how to enjoy themselves!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Staying Healthy

I've been encouraging DH to reduce belly fat for ages as I don't think its healthy to be carrying so much weight around your belly. I've also read that it is bad for health as it means that your organs are likely covered with a layer of fat which is not good for the vital organs. Unfortunately, he loves food and fatty stuff and asking him to cut down on those really kills him! Sigh, I wonder why men have such low focus and willpower. Perhaps because beauty is less important in the male world!

Expats in Asia

I was watching a programme last night about expatriates in Asia. Most of them have made cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong their home and seem to love it there. I found it a little sad though that most of them don't view KL as a dynamic city to be in. I guess many people are worried with the recent political instability and unfair practices. However, I do believe there are still opportunities there if you look hard enough. What do you think?

Controlling Eczema

DH has eczema patches that can become quite bad at times. He sometimes unconsciously scratches at it till it bleeds which can be rather unsightly. We've been trying to look for natural eczema treatments to reduce the amount of steroid creams he's using. My mom recently read about the powers of Olivenol and suggested that he try it. DH is now on it. It isn't cheap but hopefully over time it will reduce the eczema problems he's facing. I believe it will help if he controls his diet. Unfortunately for someone who loves food, its surely asking the impossible!

Chiropractor Care

DH and I went for a chiropractic appointment last Saturday. It was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive. Turns out that the doctor was really friendly so I had nothing to worry about anyway! Based on their initial checks, it does seem like DH and I do need some treatments to correct our posture and spine alignment. Turns out that this is a really common problem too especially amongst office people who sit for extended periods with bad posture.

Trying to Stay Fair

I really need to start seeing my dermatologist in KL again despite the long queues. My skin has started breaking out again with some recent acne problems on my nose and chin. Sigh! I was just starting to enjoy clear skin and not having to deal with adult acne treatments anymore! I think the heat and walking around under the sun here doesn't help that much. I feel like I'm a lot darker already despite some reassurances from my friends. Any tips on how to stay fair in this island country?