Monday, March 28, 2011

Credit Card Promotions

Singapore's credit card scene is incredibly competitive. Almost every card offers freebies in the form of gift vouchers, meal discount vouchers and free gifts. However, I've found that most of the vouchers are often less useful as they require you to spend some amount of money first or it may simply not fit into your lifestyle. As an example, I received some health vouchers for hgh supplements and upon reading the hgh reviews online, I didn't use them as it didn't fit into my lifestyle. Perhaps, instead of offering useless vouchers, credit card companies should just offer cash back deals.

Health Irony

People nowadays are very concerned with health, judging by the number of health food stores that have sprung up all over the place. They start their days with protein shakes, have a light but protein rich lunch and have healthy snacks like apples throughout the day. Some even read up secratatropin hgh reviews and invest in these expensive supplements to provide them with the health they want. Ironically though, the number of health problems seem to increase amongst the young with incidences of heart attacks and diabetes at an all time high. I wonder what has gone wrong.

Cell Booster

I was in the pharmacy the other day and was really intrigued by a new product called the cellular booster that the sales person was promoting. Basically, it provides a much needed boost to our body's cells which are mainly cellular structures. Perhaps it might help my dropping hair! Have you tried such a product before and did it work for you?

Pishing Sites

Technology is good and it has definitely taken the world over by storm with everyone having smart phones and smart PCs. Because everything is so easily accessible, people actually forget the need for security nowadays is even more important as information is so readily gleaned by pishing sites and other electronic pickpocketing sites. All they need to do is gain access to your account and from there, you can actually end up losing tangible amounts of money. Hence, when doing electronic transactions, especially banking, always do it with care and ensure your passwords and logins are never freely revealed.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Major Changes Ahead

There have been lots of changes in my life recently, hence the temporary disappearance from blogsphere. There will be bigger changes to come as hubs has accepted a new job that will require a relocation to somewhere I never thought we will end up in!

There are a lot of concerns I have as to my own career path and what I should do there if I don't have the necessary language skills. I've even considered a change in career paths, nothing as drastic as dabbling in
micrometers but I was seriously considering teaching English to school children. Unfortunately, most places do want some form of paper qualification to certify you are fit to teach. I really need to seriously start looking at what I should do in that foreign land.

Wooden Feel

I have always personally loved having laminate floor surfaces or wooden floors. I believe it adds a certain warmth and charm to the house and makes it easy to clean as well. An architect once told me nothing beats the feel of timber flooring under your feet but considering the cost and maintenance timber flooring comes with, laminate floors are possibly a better and cheaper suggestion! What do you think?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Online Gambling

I recently read an article in the newspapers that the current Resorts World Casino and Marina Bay Sands Casino were all the casinos Singapore was planning to invest in. They must have realised that their people were still frequenting the casinos despite the steep levies imposed on its citizens. However, do you think this will really reduce the number of gamblers or will people just turn towards online casino games instead which are so easily available online and free of levies!