Friday, September 18, 2009

Clarins Facial

I recently tried the Clarins facial and came away rather impressed with their skin analysis. They don't use any high tech machines to analyse your skin but use just their bare hands! I was also pleased when the beautician told me that I don't really need wrinkle cream at the moment, just more of hydrating products. I'll definitely be trying their facials gave me nice and glowing skin after that.

Clearing Email Box

I was trying to clear my email box before the long weekend next week. Our online storage for our emails are only 5MB which gets filled up so quickly with all kinds of email messages and attachments and once its full emails will actually stop getting sent to us. I wish there was a way IT would increase our email storage facility but they seem really reluctant to do so. Time to start deleting those mails!

Accessorising Your Car

What do you think of people who put a lot of car accessories on your car? I don't know about you but I tend not to like them. To me, if you want your car to look like a sports car, save up to buy a sports car instead of adding all kinds of modifications to a normal car! Those modifications are not only expensive but can render your car dangerous as you are changing the original design, alignment and weight so I definitely wouldn't advise it!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pressure To Be Slim

I met up with a friend for dinner two nights ago. We had a really wonderful time catching up and chatting. I've always enjoyed dinners with this friend but that night I noticed that she was not eating much. When I probed, she admitted that she thought she should be going on a diet and asked if I knew of any best weight loss supplement she could consider. I was a little surprised as although she's put on some weight, she's still very slim. Hopefully she doesn't lose too much weight as too thin people tend to look older. The pressure women have to stay slim!