Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Combat Hair Loss

They say that if your hair starts to grey early, you shouldn't suffer from falling hair and baldness. However, DH has been getting a little worried of late as he has started sprouting some white hair and also noticed his hair getting thinner! He has even started checking out some best hair loss products in the market to see if it will help! I told him that it is likely due to an unsuitable shampoo or an oily scalp and suggested that he try another shampoo instead. Hopefully it works otherwise he'll have to suffer a double whammy with his hair! :P

Weight Issues

I used to know someone who was really into exercise and body fat. Initially, I found him quite entertaining but after a while, I got really irritated by his complaints over his figure. He used to moan over how his body fat had increased and how his supplements such as tonalin cla no longer worked in helping him reduce body fat and preserve his lean muscle. Despite his exercise, he still continued to indulge in oily and fatty foods. No wonder he wasn't losing weight! Hopefully he has now realised that losing weight is a two pronged approach, not just one!

Fighting Acne

I haven't been back to KL for a while already and hence, haven't been seeing my usual dermatologist for my acne treatment. I stopped the antibiotics he prescribed and my acne did get worse right after that. However, thankfully, it's now been brought under control. My skin is rather sensitive and its hard to know what to use exactly for it. Thank goodness my current skin care regiment seems to be working well. Let's hope it continues to improve my skin!

Breast Feeding All The Way

A friend who managed to get her precious baby after several years of trying is determined to bring up her baby the best she can. She diligently breastfeeds her baby although she's at work and several months later, is still continuing to give her baby 100% of her breast milk. According to her, it works on a supply and demand basis so as long as the baby continues to suckle or one continues to pump milk, there will always be milk production. She also took all kinds of natural herbs and teas to increase breast milk production naturally so her baby can continue to benefit. Its great to see this shift back to breast feeding as I personally think cow's milk may not be the best for our children.

Online Tutoring

Tutoring has become something all too common in Malaysia and Singapore where students are always pushed to excel. Parents spend huge amounts of money sending their children for various tuition classes. However, with technology, there are always great alternatives available. And now, Online tutoring has started to take off. All you need is a good connection and a laptop and your child could have access to some of the best Free math tutoring online or Math answers for their school work. Some of the tutors behind these online services are actually University students from poorer countries such as India who are experts in subjects such as Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. They interact with your child over the computer and patiently provide them with the study help they require, be it Chemistry help or Statistics help. Its great how technology is making everything accessible and affordable, even for students in poorer countries!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I met up with a few friends last weekend on separate occasions. I came away deeply inspired by one of them who set up a blogshop which was different from all other blogsops out there. Her products were high quality merchandise from the US and before she launched her site, spent many days coding and creating a funky website with a managed hosting site. She did all these with a young daughter in tow and a husband who is currently based out of the country. I truly admire her zeal and passion. I should do some soul searching to find out what mine is too.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Scam Calls

I really hate spam calls and I've been getting quite a few of them recently. Someone called the other day to talk about weight loss products. Just the other day, someone else called about this other product and told me to check out their website at for more details. I got rather irritated as the person was very persistent and refused to hang up although I said I was very busy. I wonder where these people are buying our numbers from and which unscrupulous people are selling those numbers!

Horse Riding

DH's eldest niece has taken a keen interest in horse-riding. Out of the many activities she attends, she seems to enjoy that the most and has never once complained about how tedious or boring it is. However, horse-riding is one activity that does not come cheap and her parents have already spent quite a bit on equestrian clothing for her. Then there are the additional things such as the equestrian boots and accessories that constantly change to fit a growing girl. Having children certainly isn't cheap these days!

Dinner & Dance

DH got busy yesterday as he got pulled into a Dinner and Dance meeting. Looks like he has no way to get out of it as all new staff in his company have to help in the organisation of at least one dinner and dance function! He told me they spent most of the time deliberating over where the event should be, the themes and what gifts they should consider - custom mugs, mini plaques or little keychains. From what he mentioned, their budget isn't very high at all so I believe they might have some trouble looking for a nice but affordable venue.

Condo Viewing

Some time last month, DH and I went to view a place not too far from town. We were very impressed with the finishings they had although the place was a tiny little condo. What attracted me most was how well-fitted the whole unit was from complete kitchen cabinets, electrical goods, downlights, airconditioners and Casablanca fans to complete the luxurious feel. Malaysian luxury condomium developers still have a lot to learn especially in their finishings and fixtures.