Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Insurance Coverage

A friend has started dabbling in insurance and has been calling me up to go over some buy sell agreements and suggested insurance plans with her. While I would like to support her new career, I do have quite a number of insurance policies already and with my financial status a little uncertain in the long run, I would prefer not to commit to a long-term expenditure such as large annual premiums. However, if you do not have insurance yet, you definitely should consider purchasing a minimal plan to prepare for all unforeseen circumstances.

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Unknown said...

In N.C., my policy on 2 cars went up 17% over 2017 prices. Same cars (a year older and worth less), no accidents, no tickets, no changes in credit rating, lifestyle or coverage. Asked the company why..."We review a variety of things to arrive at the renewal price." Apparently not LOGICAL things like why a car that's now worth less costs more to insure against physical damage. But still cheaper than all except one company who gave me LOUSY service when two not-at-fault claims were filed. Once again, as the essay typer states, a low price is not the only measure of a product's worth.