Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reading E-Books

My iPad seems to be a bit of a white elephant right now. I use it mainly only to watch downloaded movies although I have been told that downloading of electronic book are really easy as well. I have not tried downloading any yet as nothing beats the feel and smell of a physical book for me. I still enjoy turning the pages and taking my time to enjoy the book. Somehow the digital form of an electronic book just doesn't have that same feel. Do you feel the same?


Callie Lorenzo said...

At such times I do start asking myself a question -- Why should we keep libraries? Well, the point of the matter is that libraries contain immense amounts of the nations knowledge just waiting to be learned. There is so much to be learned from libraries that you can’t get learn sitting at home looking at an image on a digital screen.
A recent study shows that as much as thirty percent of Americans have no Internet access at all. According to writers who write my essay for money, kids even adults that don’t have this privilege of being able to access knowledge instantly might crave knowledge and a library is the perfect way for them to gain this knowledge. So to abandon libraries would leave a tremendous impact on the people that use libraries for their everyday life. Such as school, homework, maybe even their job.
Libraries matter and make a difference I many peoples life’s. The Hispanic population is 69% less likely to have Internet. Where could they go to access information for free? Libraries, the knowledge contained here is insane. Why should we discard something so priceless to all races and cultures? Libraries are a place to valuable to loose. There is an enormous potential for knowledge to be shared at anytime. Libraries are our hard copies, libraries cant crash, and libraries can’t get viruses. Libraries are necessary.

Assortlist said...

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