Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Always Cover Your Boat

A friend’s uncle owns a fishing boat together with some friends and they would go out to sea during the weekends to indulge in one of their favourite hobbies, fishing. He asked us to join him several times but as we were busy, we were not able to join them until a few weekends ago. We managed to squeeze out a weekend to join him and his friends on an overnight fishing trip around the nearby islands. That was my first time on a fishing boat and it was a really new experience! It took me some time to get accustomed to be sea legs and some time to overcome the seasickness.

The boat was a small little boat but with enough space for everyone and adequately equipped for those who might wish to have a rest in between fishing. While chatting to some of them, I learnt that one of the most important things fishermen or boat owners are always most reluctant to buy is boat insurance. According to them, this is the most important thing to buy when you get your boat as out in the open sea; you and your boat are vulnerable to all elements of nature. At least with the insurance, any damage to the boat can be easily repaired without having to fork out a lot of money.

It was a truly fun trip and we did end up with a fantastic haul of fish and I came away with a good lesson on buying boats!

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William Clay Marshall said...

marine insurance is a must. It's protects your boat from damages, the people on your boat from injury, and your and your boat from uninsured sailors. Boat insurance can also cover towing fees if you stall out or become grounded, clean up costs for any fuel spills, and salvage costs. So many things can happen on your boat it's just too risky not to get insurance.