Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Medical Card Scanner

A friend set up his own medical practice several years ago. When he first started out, it was a small practice and he was able to cope with the patients and administrative work with some help from his assistants. However, as his popularity increased, so did his patients and soon something simple as recording his patient’s medical insurance got him and his assistants snowed under as they struggled to cope.

He was looking really haggard when I met him and when I heard about his troubles, I told him to look up medicscan, a great package which allows doctors to easily scan the image of their patient’s medical insurance cards. Another doctor friend had used it before and she was truly impressed with the fully automatic scanning and image processing process. All her staff had to do was to insert the card into the scanner for the image to be processed. The image can then be stored locally on the PC or server or exported through email or other applications. She found that it drastically reduced the paper work for the staff and hence human errors in filling out information. Also, because it was so fast, the patients could get their information recorded quickly which vastly improved customer service and productivity amongst the staff.

When I saw him a few months after that, he was looking much happier and well-rested. He was very happy to tell me that he had tried implementing the system in his clinic and it worked like a charm! I’m very glad he’s a lot less stressed now!


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Kim said...

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