Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bridging Your Paychecks

In my previous job, there were quite a number of clerks in my department. I never thought much about pay day as I didn’t have many financial commitments then but for them who had families to support on a meager pay check, any delays in the payroll was a big deal. I remember when it happened once, just before the festive holidays, many of the clerks resorted to asking for a cash advance from the company. It’s not easy to humble yourself to borrow cash to tide yourself over a difficult period so it’s great that there is now a cash advance site called This site offers pay day loans from the region of $100 to $1,500 which are short-term bridging alternatives in between pay checks to help you cover your commitments or emergencies. As it is over the internet, all applications and transactions can be done anonymously in a secure environment and once approved, the loan amount will be sent overnight, straight into your checking or savings account. They do not even need a credit check unlike banks which can be quite strict with your credit background. They simply base their loan approval criteria on other basic factors which most employed people will meet anyway. The site also had several good links to other cash advance marketing sites of which some are specially tailored to women! These people definitely know how much women love shopping! So if you have some trouble making ends meet but don’t want to resort to borrowing from friends or family, hop over to and your financial troubles will be solved!

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