Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Save on Printer Refills

We’ve been doing a lot of heavy duty colour printing in my office recently for various projects and presentations. Our colour cartridge refills were diminishing at a scary rate and it was getting rather expensive to keep replacing them. Luckily a colleague of mine came across an article in his computer magazine that did Atlantic Reviews on Atlantic Inkjets which promised to save up to 75% over expensive brands such as Epson or HP which we were using.

With Atlantic inkjet, we could easily purchase our ink cartridges online at a heavily discounted price compared to what our supplier was giving us. Their site offers a wide range of common cartridge and printer brands ranging from HP to Brother which made our cartridge selection so easy. They had extensive categories of cartridges we could choose from too including recycled and compatible cartridges which were a much cheaper option. They are so confident of their products that they attach a 100% guarantee on all the products they sell and promise that every cartridge and refill kit they have meets the highest quality industry standards. And since we were a corporate buyer interested in large volume sales, we managed to qualify for their corporate sales promotion which gave great discounts for large volume orders. Best of all, they offered free shipping in the US and Canada on their supplies for purchases totaling US$45 and $50 CAN respectively!

So if you’ve been spending lots of money on your printer refills, don’t! Come over to Atlantic Inkjets instead to save!

*This is a sponsored review*

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