Monday, July 16, 2007

Beautiful Bathrooms

When we were bought our new condo, we decided to do some changes to the master and second bathrooms. My mom decided that she wanted a minimalist look to the place without too much clutter and too many things. We found a gorgeous rain shower head and a nice glass shower enclosure. We were quite spoilt for choice when it came to taps but some beautiful high quality Minimalist Taps we came across on, an online tap shop, bought us over. They had such a huge range of bathroom accessories that we were really at a loss as to what to choose for our bathroom.

Everything they had was high quality stuff to cater to your preference, whether minimalist, modern or traditional. They even had some very uniquely designed showers and taps which came from a wide range of established brands including Mira, Hudson Reed and Amber. When it was done, we were truly impressed with how beautiful the bathrooms looked and so were any guests to our house. Now, every bath time is truly an enjoyable time!

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