Friday, July 20, 2007

Daily Dose of Veggies

Are you a mom whose kids simply hate vegetables? I recently met a friend’s little niece who hated vegetables so much that she would not touch any dish that had any form of green or vegetable in it! Her parents were in great despair as they were so worried that their little one wasn’t getting enough fibre, vitamins and minerals or enzymes. Recently, however, when I met the family, both the child and her parents were looking a lot less stressed. The mother whispered to me that things had improved greatly since they tried this new product called My Daily Veggies.

It’s a daily dietary supplement that provides an alternative vegetable supplement to those who dislike eating vegetables or are on the go. Just one box gives you 60 full servings of your daily vegetables requirement and promotes healthy living. My Daily Veggies contain no salt, no sugar and no preservatives which make it an excellent choice for those who have healthy living principles. It’s perfect for camping enthusiasts, sports people and organic food lovers as it provides an excellent camping food and on the go food as well as a great organic food alternative. The advantages it brings are tremendous. You not only get your daily vegetables requirements in a delicious snack that you can either eat from the pack, add to water or add to food but it is only 35 calories for zero guilt snacking! Each pack is not only power-packed with great red, green and yellow orange vegetables to provide all the healthy carotenoids but is also fortified with vegetable nutrient extracts for even higher Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.

It definitely sounds delicious and something I’m even eager to try! What a fast, easy and delicious way for me to get my daily vegetables! I simply need to just Drink My Daily Veggies and I’m good to go! They're giving away thousands of free samples so go give My Daily Veggies a try today!


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