Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pain Relief

It’s tough being a woman sometimes. We have to put up with pregnancies, childbirth but worst of all, monthly period pains! Sometimes guys just don’t understand why we’re doubled up in pain every month or cranky. How not to be when we’re in pain every month? I used to have a friend who had it so bad that she had to be confined to her bed on the first day of her periods and her gynecologist told her that it can only be cured by having a baby! I guess the labour pains probably nullify whatever period pains there are!

The last time I got bad period pains, I went to the doctor and he prescribed Nurofen Plus for me. I found that it gave me almost instant pain relief and I was able to go about my day normally. I found out that it is actually a strong pain relief that combines ibuprofen and codeine. Because of its codeine content, I try not to take it too often and only when the pain is unbearable. I’ve also resorted to taking Evening Primrose Oil to help my pains by using herbs. Hopefully it does work.

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