Thursday, July 05, 2007

Plastic Holiday

Everyone, from celebrities to normal people, seem to be undergoing some form of plastic surgery or another as the procedures become cheaper, more accessible and better. In fact, a lot of people I know combine their surgery with an extended holiday which gives them time to recover from it too before the return as a brand new person!

A wealthy friend of mine did just that when she jetted off to Beverly Hills to see her Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. She wasn’t very happy with her nose and body and was sure he’ll be able to work wonders. She had done her research and decided that she preferred surgeries in US as opposed to Asia, simply because of their higher technology and professionalism. Usually people are rather secretive about having done surgery but she definitely was not!

In fact when she returned svelte and gorgeous, she couldn’t stop recommending her Beverly Hills plastic surgery clinic to everyone who asked her what she had done to herself! Haha…talk about a great walking advertisement!

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