Monday, July 09, 2007

Mind Your Language

I’m quite a bad Chinese who was educated in Malay and English so my first language is English and I can barely speak or understand Chinese. I realized my handicap, however, when I had to go to Beijing last year for a conference. Looking Chinese, everyone automatically spoke to my in Chinese and I felt rather embarrassed when I couldn’t reply to them or understand them. China too is coming up as a very strong economic power and many of my friends who can speak Chinese have moved there for fantastic job opportunities with very high earning power. That inspired me to try to learn Chinese again through the Pimsleur Language Audio Books. I like how simple they were and how effective they were in helping me learn Chinese. Within a month of using them I was able to string a basic sentence together and understand quite a number of words. Hopefully I’ll be able to speak good Chinese by the time I finish the course!


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William Smith said...

I also learn mandarin in Beijing Chinese School ( I like to learn Chinese in live class with teachers from Beijing directly. I also like to practice mandarin with volunteers freely everyday. Watching Chinese mandarin learning TV on CLTV is also interesting and helpful to practice listening and learn more about Mandarin