Monday, July 23, 2007

Gorgeous Girly Underwear

We were in Singapore last weekend and since I didn’t have much time to pack, I ended up with mismatched underwear. When I saw my weird underwear combination in the fitting room, I decided that one of the next things I had to look for was womens underwear!

I found this great online Aussie site called Down Under Girls Gear which carries a fantastic array of gorgeous womens underwear from G-strings to thongs and traditional briefs. I used to be quite reluctant to try G-strings as I was half-convinced that they would be uncomfortable. That was until I ordered a pair from this site and found it so amazingly comfortable I couldn’t understand why I didn’t try it earlier! They have an amazing array of brands available including popular ones like Calvin Klein and Kookai so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice! So if you’re looking for sexy or serviceable underwear, you’ll find it all at Down Under Girls Gear!

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