Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Free Hot Tub!

I recently watched a TV series and it featured a hot tub which I thought was so great! So when I read about Canadian Spa Company that was giving away a free Haliburton Spa valued at US$5,000 I was terribly excited! Maybe this was my chance to own one!

The Haliburton Spa is a self-assembly fully portable spa which can fit 5-6 people comfortably. Wow! Think of all the pool parties I can now have! It’s got amazing features such as a heated air-blower, aromatherapy and a surface-skimmer filter. It’s an extremely durable spa with triple-layer nylon webbing liner and best of all, fully portable! So I can just pack it up and take it along with me to my next trip and have a fantastic spa right in the comfort of my room, complete with sweet smelling aromatherapy! It’s been rated to be the best fully portable hot tub in the market and built to last years and years. Sigh…I’m already starting to imagine coming home from a long hard day at work to immerse myself in a nice hot bubbling spa and watching my troubles float away!

I could be selfish and hold this secret to myself but in the interest of blogging, do check out this offer at http://www.canadianspacompany.com/freespa.php if you want to win a hot spa like me! The draw will be held on 30 September 2007 so quick, quick, quick! Get ready to enter!


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