Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Scanner for My Office

Our office scanner was recently giving a lot of trouble. The documents that we scanned turned out spotty and blur which gave our overseas partners great difficulty in trying to make out what the documents said. In this IT and technological age, it was quite an embarrassing situation and my colleague and I were asked to look for a good scanner to replace the old one.

While I was surfing for scanners, I came across a high-speed portable Duplex scanner called Scanshell 3000DN. It promised simultaneous high image quality for both sides of a document. That was simply fantastic for our purposes as it saved us the trouble and time of having to flip documents over to scan the other side. It comes with a high speed USB 2.0 standard interface which makes connection to our laptops and computers so easy, especially since it requires no external power supply. What we liked best was that it was very light at only 475g and came with very simple connection so we could take it everywhere for our presentations or business trips. We ordered several for our office and our colleagues were really happy with the crystal clear scanning quality and its compactness. Finally, we’re able to send high quality scanned documents all around the world without any qualms!


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