Friday, July 20, 2007

Hawaiian Holiday

My friend is really lucky! She had a lovely wedding and for her honeymoon, her husband planned a nice getaway to Kona, Hawaii for 2 whole weeks! Imagine 2 weeks of lying on soft powdery beaches, snorkeling and diving in the deep blue seas and indulging in the freshest seafood around. It definitely sounds like paradise! She’s a real planner when it comes to holidays, just like me, and was recently asking me to help her find things to do in Kona.

I surfed around a bit and found an excellent site called Things to do in Kona. It summarises every kind of activity you can indulge in on this paradise island. They suggest to start by exploring the main street called Ali’i Drive where the Ali’i Gardens Marketplace offers the best Hawaiian arts and crafts, the famous Kona coffee and delicious fresh produce for your sampling pleasure. Her husband enjoys fishing and he can rent a boat at Kailua Pier for angling or try his hand at the International Billfish Competition which happens every summer.

There are lots of walking tours all around as well and sometimes the best way to see a place is to explore it on foot. Since they’re divers, they might want to check out Kamakahonu Beach and dive in their crystal clear waters or simply snorkel in the calm waters. Finally, if she just wishes to bum on the beach, Kona is simply made for that with their shallow waters and soft sand. Just bring some sunscreen, a towel and some sunglasses and they could snooze the afternoon away!

It sounds like she’s going to have heaps to do on her honeymoon! I hope she has a great time and brings me back a Kahuna! ;)


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