Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Say Bye to Balding

A friend of mine was recently undergoing a lot of stress at his workplace. He was in a high powered position that placed a lot of pressure on his performance and ability to meet the tight deadlines set. He was so stressed that his hair started dropping which even made things worse as he was someone who was very particular about his looks.

However, when I met him not too long ago, I noticed that he was sporting a nice full head of hair again. Surprised, I asked if he had changed jobs to something less demanding. He said he was still with the high-pressured job but had recently gone on a much-needed holiday to Florida. While holidaying in the sun, he had come across Dr Larry Shapiro’s clinic and learnt that he was one of the top experts on hair loss in florida. He has more than 17 years of experience in hair transplant with over 10,000 cases performed and he’ll even arrange for any potential clients to speak to his past clients about their experience. His website and clinic provides lots of information on the risks and procedures of getting a hair transplant and client experiences so the potential client will be fully informed to make their decision. It didn’t take long to convince my friend to proceed with the hair transplant procedure and he said he was very happy with the results. He said it was the holiday with the best results he had ever taken! He managed to relax and get his hair problem solved! Well, I’m very happy for him!

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