Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keep Your Jewels Safe

I used to travel for my previous job quite frequently. One problem I had while traveling was organizing my make-up case. I didn’t have a very good make-up case so most of time, by the time I arrived at my destination, my make-up will all be messed up inside my cosmetic case. The same happened for my jewellery. In fact, I wasn’t able to bring any jewellery as my necklaces and earrings would have probably gotten all mixed up and entangled up in each other.

On one of my trips, however, I noticed a colleague’s unique Jewelery Storage case in which she had brought a whole range of necklaces and earrings for her to match with her clothes during her trip. It was a very innovative storage case which was elegant with the necessary compartments for her different kinds of jewellery. Best of all, it had see-through panels which allowed her to peek at what she brought while deciding what to wear. She was very happy to share where she got it from and told me to check on where I’ll be sure to find something I like. Well, she was right! I’m now loving my new make-up case and jewellery storage case from Yazzii!

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