Friday, July 20, 2007

The Rains are Back

The weather has been really cranky recently. First we had really heavy downpours that turned the entire city into a little Venice. Then, after that, we had a spell of dry weather and hints of haze coming from our dear neighbours. And now, the rains seem to be back!

We were having dinner last night at the nearby stalls when we noticed the clouds getting heavy and black. In no time at all, really heavy rain started to pour down mercilessly without even any hint of a drizzle before that! It pounded the roof so tremendously we were quite scared that the zinc roof might give way under the onslaught of the rain! We also got drenched by the rain that came in from all sides. Then strangely, just as suddenly as it had arrived, it stopped which allowed us to run back to our car.

It's really crazy weather and maybe we should all blame ourselves for it!

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