Thursday, August 30, 2007

Balcony Chairs

Our family loves teak furniture. It gives a nice charm to the house and its sturdiness makes it perfect for the outdoors. So when we moved into our new place with a nice sun drenched balcony, my mom decided to get a pair of Teak Chairs for the balcony. We were intending to buy them from the nearby store but I happened to surf by BeFurnished and saw fantastic deals on their teak chairs! They have a huge variety of chairs and designs ranging in various colours and perfect for the outdoors. They even had a cute little Boston Bar design which came with a little bar table and two high bar chairs which would look really nice if we had a bar counter.

Their prices were reasonable too and we were lucky that they were having some items on sale which was quite a large discount from their original prices. Best of all, they offered free shipping on all their orders. This actually saved us quite a bit as even the local shops charged transportation charges. We ended up getting nice pair of chairs and are really happy with the quality of it now. It sits on the balcony and every now and then, it takes only a polish to have it looking new again!

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