Friday, August 17, 2007

Game Tables Galore

A friend of mine is crazy about pool. It’s his favourite hobby and often outings with him will always include a game of pool at his favourite pool centre. When he recently got his own bachelor pad, I wasn’t surprised to see a pool table reigning centre stage in the middle of his living room! I thought Bumper Pool tables such as that were pretty expensive but he told me that he got it at quite a reasonable price from Dazadi, a site that specializes in Game Tables.

Another friend who was at his house-warming party too was very interested to hear about Game Tables as he loves all sorts of board table games too, especially Shuffle Board. So when he heard that he could now get Shuffle Board tables at a reasonable price from Dazadi, he was really pleased and couldn’t wait to get online to order one from them, especially since they had a summer sale ongoing now with great discounts on all their game tables. He found that they provide free ground shipping which made buying his Shuffle Board table a lot more affordable. Now, he can’t wait to get it delivered to his house too. So I guess we’ll now be having lots of pool and shuffle board games at these friends’ houses!

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