Thursday, August 16, 2007

Furnish in Style

We were recently renovating part of our office to accommodate a new department that had just been set up. Since we were a little on the quiet end where projects were concerned, my colleague and I decided to help with the decorating and renovating. One of our grouses was our office chairs as we often found it hard and uncomfortable. Mine also used tended to be at a wrong angle to my computer which often gave me a sore shoulder from operating the mouse at the end of the day. So since the office was doing some renovation, we quickly took the opportunity to source for some nice office furniture to replace our existing crappy ones.

We found lots of nice office furniture sites all over the net. Some with quality finishing and some with really flimsy looking stuff. However, we were all sold by the high quality and reasonably priced furniture from They had nice swanky and comfortable leather chairs and lovely ergonomic desks which promise less strain when using the computer. The leather chairs didn’t fall within our entitlement allowance but some other nice fabric ones did which we opted for. Can’t wait for my new chair to arrive!


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