Thursday, August 02, 2007

Moving Pictures

I paid a visit to my friend’s house last weekend and saw a really cool and novel way she had of displaying her photographs. I love the fact that digital cameras allowed me to retake my photos again and again if I wasn’t happy with the result but I used to wonder how much I’ll need to spend on developing costs just to display them. However, when I saw how my friend displayed them using a digital photo frame, I realized that was the exact thing I needed!

All I had to do was to get one of these great frames and hook it up to my camera or computer. I could then choose which photo I wish to display on its LCD type screen or even set it on scroll so I can display several in a moving montage. It’s a truly great way invention and simply perfect for the digital camera age! I can’t wait to get mine and start putting up my photos all over the house!

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