Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Health Naturally

I’ve been traveling a lot recently and that has taken a toll on my health. I came home from my last trip down with the flu and a cough. However, for once, instead of seeing the doctor, I opted to try natural health products for a change. I’ve been reading a lot about how some doctors are discouraging the use of antibiotics for every little ailment as it suppresses the body’s natural immune system. This could actually be detrimental especially when we age as stronger and stronger antibiotics will be required to fight major diseases we may have in the future.

Many health practitioners now are advocating the use of natural health products instead. They can be used for every aspect of your life, from the sunscreen you use to the supplements you eat. All these are geared towards providing nutrition and nourishment for your body just the way Mother Nature intended, naturally. Some doctors also promote natural health supplements which are prepared in an organic manner from natural preventive plants and herbs. Some of these have been shown to keep diseases such as cancer at bay or prevent any relapse of cancer or tumours. So for a start towards natural health, I’ve tried reducing the amount of antibiotics I’m introducing to my body. That’s my first step towards natural health.

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