Monday, August 27, 2007

Go Paperless

When I first started work, one of my jobs in that company was to create a webpage for our services across the group companies. I was a fresh accounting graduate right out of University with limited computer skills so imagine how much stress I was under to quickly learn up programming and HTML! Too bad we didn’t have BoxesOS by Epazz then because its content management component would have helped me create webpages without having to learn any HTML.

The BoxesOS Content Management Component is a great nifty tool which allows the creation, management and sharing of content across and organization. This allows the dissemination of information through emails, newsletters, RSS feeds and lots more. As long as the user is connected to the internet, they’ll be able to access all the information they need, hence reducing the need for paper memos and printing costs. It is flexible and can be catered for use in almost every industry. A friend in the construction industry found that it was really useful in allowing engineers to share drawings and plans without the need of a paper filing room and document controller. Even conservative industries like banks and financial institutions are starting to migrate to BoxesOS to create a paperless environment which helps them reduce their costs in the long run.

So if you’re still using paper to disseminate your office information, it’s time to switch to BoxesOS!

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