Sunday, August 26, 2007


Today, health is the most important element of people’s lives as the world grows wealthier and more people end up eating processed food. Previously poorer countries such as China used to have very slim and wiry people but in the name of commercialism, China is now fighting a new generation who’s obese due to lack of exercise and overeating of processed fast food such as McDonalds or KFC which are constantly given to the “little emperors” by their doting parents and grandparents. Recently, I met a doctor at a conference who told me that health diseases are on the rise with some people getting heart attacks or strokes from as young as 30 plus, simply due to their unhealthy diets and lack of exercise. Health supplements fly off the shelves everyday and so many people are switching to healthier diets such as organic food or macrobiotic food but is all that enough for us to maintain good health and a trim body?

Not entirely because research has proven that while health supplements and a healthy diet are just part of the equation to good health. The other essential part that so many forget is exercise and training. You need those to improve your circulation, burn those excess calories and to reduce cholestrol and keep heart diseases at bay. Now, there’s revolutionary new way for you to have a Total Body TransFIRMation System with The Firm!

The Firm started off as a studio in North Carolina who discovered that the powerful combination of cardio training plus weight lifting could help people achieve the sculpted and svelte bodies they desired quickly, effectively and safely. The results of their unique training programme was so powerful that they’ve created their own Synergy Training which is their unique Firm training method which promises to help you burn fat and calories while toning and shaping your body in the fastest and most effective way. Why is it so effective? Firstly, it varies in intensity levels throughout the entire programme. This has been proven many times over that this is the most effective way for burning more calories and maintaining your heart rate through different peaks and valleys. Secondly, the FIRM’s programme sequences their exercises between upper and lower body workouts which gives you the most effective workout in the shortest time. Thirdly, through variable resistance, the FIRM method helps you sculpt your muscles with the right weights so you are pushing yourself to your maximum effort.

The FIRM is an all-encompassing exercise programme that encompasses everything so you don’t need to buy anything else! It comes with specially designed FIRM Cardio Weights which come with easily adjustable weights so you can increase your weights to better sculpt your figure as your strength improves. It even comes with music which are perfectly integrated into each cardio move at the right tempo, taking you through the fast and slow movements.

The FIRM is so confident of their method that they guarantee visible results in just 10 workouts! You can now own the Total Body TransFIRMation System which features the uniquely designed Cardio Weights for only 2 payments of $29.95. The FIRM’s affliate programme is also available on the Linkshare method through GoodTimes Entertainment.

So if you want to get serious with exercise and towards building a better body, do it with the TransFIRMation System Multi Pack.

They’re the best in the market with the fastest results! For more information, please view the following video.

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