Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let Your Car Help

Recently, while surfing, I came across a novel way to donate to the favourite charity of your choice. I’m sure many of us, while eager to help the less fortunate, have been put off by the pushy people asking for donations or scam companies purporting to be charitable organizations. Sometimes, trying to help others seem so difficult when you’re not sure if your charitable money would even reach them or whether it would go towards lining the pockets of some fat bureaucrat along the way.

Well, now you don’t have to worry with Car Angel. This innovative site allows you to make used Car Donations in Los Angeles. Imagine, your used car could actually help orphans, widows, single mothers, homeless and others when you drop it off at the L.A. Car Donation. Don’t fret if you wish to donate your car but have trouble getting to the collection point because towing is provided for all Southern California, free of charge! You’ll receive a tax receipt for the full market value of your car, can cancel your insurance on the same day and keep your license plates. It’s a wonderful programme that is a win-win for all. The car seller gets to sell his car for a fair market value and receive free towing charges while knowing that his old car is going towards helping someone get a better chance at life. Choose your favourite charity or leave it to Car Angel to decide, the choice is yours! So if you have an old car in your garage, rusting away, do call Car Angel. I know I’ll definitely Donate My Car in Los Angeles too when it’s on its last legs!

*This is a sponsored review*

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