Saturday, August 25, 2007

Plastic Beauty

It’s a fake world we’re living in today. Everywhere, all over the world, people are succumbing to plastic surgery to help them achieve the perfect flawless look. Plastic surgery has become so common in South Korea that parents actually start saving money from the time their daughters are born so they can afford to give their daughter’s a plastic survery operation when they turn 16. Even in countries like Singapore, I’ve read of how a popular blogger called Dawn Yang was slammed for having gotten her modeling contract after she underwentextensive plastic surgery to correct her looks.Now, she looks like the perfect doe-eyed beauty. Fake as plastic but still beautiful nonetheless. I’ve actually heard of this lady in America who loved her cats so much that she did plastic surgery in a los angeles plastic surgery just to look like her beloved cats. It was scary how she turned out with slanted eyes and a fake orange tan. It’s just totally bizarre how people’s perception of beauty can be so grossly skewed and how they can subject themselves to the knife just to conform to the general perception of beauty.

Someone I know recently went to los angeles tummy tuck clinic just because she wasn’t happy with her figure and felt that two pregnancies had given her a tummy. When I saw her before her surgery, I thought she was looking great and really good for a mother of two. But evidently, she wasn’t happy with her figure and unfortunately, sometimes we can be our worst critic. Her husband actually paid for her procedure simply because he couldn’t take her complaining about her figure. He even sarcastically if she wanted a beverly hills liposuction procedure thrown in together which I thought was a little mean of him. Men sometimes just don’t understand how insecure women can be when they feel they’re no longer as beautiful as before.

Would I subject myself to such procedures? I don’t think I can bring myself to endure the pain of one!

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