Friday, August 17, 2007

Forum for Domain Names

When I was contemplating getting my own domain, I was lucky I had sis to help me out with it. Otherwise I had no clue of how to even begin. I had a domain name in mind already so it wasn’t too difficult. However, while in the process of getting my domain name and getting my site set up, I came across a great Domain Name Forum that caters specially for all domain name holders and those who are eager to learn more about the domain industry.

You have to join as a member and sign in to get access to all their boards. However, you will still have limited access to their forum as a guest viewer without posting any comments or questions. I particularly liked their section for Beginners and Newbies which had a tremendous amount of information on domains! It was my answer to understanding the complexities of the domain world and domain speak! There were lots of great tips and tricks I learnt from the forum and it continues to remain the first place I run to for answers when I encounter problems with my site. So if you’ve been contemplating buying your own domain name, read the Domain Name Forum first!

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