Monday, August 13, 2007

Boxing Match Not To Be Missed

My friend is a huge fan of heavyweight boxing tournaments and always tries to catch every match that is played. So when I read online that the famous and undefeated heavyweight boxer Roman Greenburg was going to battle veteran boxer Damon Reed in New York’s Madison Square Gardens, I simply had to tell him not to miss it.

I was quite impressed with the background of Roman Greenburg and did some reading up on him. He has a really interesting history of having been born in Russia, raised in Israel and now training in the UK. I’m sure the tough life he must have had growing up in Israel would well prepare him for any match he faces especially against a tough veteran like Reed. The coming match between these two giants is so popular that it is the headlining event on the pay-per-view channels.

I also found out that has been sponsored by a backgammon online site called Backgammon Masters since the early days of his career. The company must have had a really good eye for Greenburg’s talent to have spotted such a gem in his younger days and to have invested so much money in his training and matches. I was impressed that a backgammon online site would invest in a sport which is totally unrelated to their business. I’m sure, however, the rewards they have received from helping a fledging boxer rise to the fame and popularity has far outweighed the money they have spent on him.

*This is a sponsored review*

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